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Apologies for not being here!

I am around, I have had a few stressful days with family, I won’t go into it here as I don’t want to bore you with it all, but I am MASSIVELY behind, as I type this I am supposed to be getting ready to go meet Sarah who is arriving from America today! I have been updating the site in advance so I don’t have to transfer data from various hotels and such where I am at (just simple things like making stuff active) – the joys of being a webmaster, eh?

So if I don’t get a chance to let you know what is coming, do check out the front of my site later this week as there will be a free preview of the latest film starring Dutch beauty, Leandra… as a very naughty misbehaved Girl Scout.

I only have the screen grabs for now but you will be able to see some stills images soon as well as me updating the site with stills images of Joelle’s amazing French maid film… and a set I missed with Erica Scott which looks awesome too… I have added a few teasers of these so you can see what is already in the members area today.

Leandra is the “Naughty Dutch Girl Scout”

leandra_gg003 leandra_gg007

Beautiful Leandra was an exchange student over from Holland and she was in England to learn how girls at her new school behaved. Many of the pupils were members of the school’s Girl Guide organization and Leandra had been enrolled in that as well to experience what her fellow guiders did out of school hours. Unfortunately, Leandra had been so badly behaved in this uniform that it had been brought to the attention of Mr Osborne who then showed her what happened to naughty girls that disgraced the uniform they represented, in or out of school. Leandra was an arrogant young madam that soon learnt that manners and humility would go a long way in avoiding such embarrassing bare bottomed correction. Fortunately for us we get to see her punished and shamed with a good solid red bottom spanking that soon put her in her place!

leandra_gg009 leandra_gg016

leandra_gg019 leandra_gg028

leandra_gg043 leandra_gg055

leandra_gg062 leandra_gg075

leandra_gg086 leandra_gg091

leandra_gg101 leandra_gg106

This film will be also available in both WMV and MP$ (in full) at the Clips Store later this week!




there’s plenty more new and remastered HD films I have uploaded at the AAA Clips Store too
Go check it out as I know at some point during the weekend there’s a massive film not shown in full before!


Talking of which, I have also uploaded a fantastic actual POV style WHEELBARROW film
This stars Casey Calvert at the store

I promise you it’s worth it… check out these teaser images below of spanking Casey in that most revealing and embarrassing of all positions, this is purely done as a POV from YOUR perspective, no roving cameras or different angles… they are your eyes as she is over your lap… this is already selling well (surprise surprise!) as well as the lovely schoolgirl tease with Chessie Kay… seems some of you like that humiliation from your past? We may do some more of these in future… just leave feedback here or at the feedback button on the clips store. thanks!


caseyWB001 caseyWB003

caseyWB004 caseyWB005


Check out this and all the other POV style spankings HERE


& as promised, a couple of actual size shots (click on the images for full size) of additional updates  in the stills photos folder that I sent up earlier at

Erica Scott – The Bartender Incident



& Joelle Barros in “Disorderly Maid”





I hope to update here when I can… I have access to my laptop most of the time and all support and other issues are answered/monitored as normal in a very timely manner, so I hope to be back here soon, and with a copy of my account of BBW… which I have yet to do as I need to collate the photos which takes time! Time, I don’t currently have for that, sorry!


  1. Rick Rick

    Lovely….smacking naughty little bottoms! If the girls have “smelly bottoms”, I’d add a few more smacks! Every punishment by me would include a bottom inspection, and if there was binse on their bottoms,or T.P., the punishment would be much worse! LOL!

  2. Tim Tim

    Not hey are clean girls ,.Yes young Leandra is a lovely girl ,best,Tim.

  3. Rick Rick

    Chief, I’ve got to say, as a drummer in a rock band, I’ve seen a lot of girls’ bottoms, but your job takes the cake! You get to smack them, and fondle them as well. Not that I don’t smack them as well if I get the opportunity! LOL!

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