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Bridesmaid Butts

I saw an article recently about a trend that is probably happening right near you at the moment… it would appear that at weddings the customary photos are also being enhanced with a few fun outtakes with the bridesmaids (and bride if she so wishes) revealing their panties or bare butts underneath their dresses. Now I am not a prude, of course… and so I welcome this trend, especially as outdoor weddings right now are the “in thing” with the weather being so nice… so here are a few images to give you an idea of a great distraction before I get back to the business of scouring the interwebs for more fabulous spanking updates and my own news and such 🙂

These girls all deserve such naughty spankings… don’t they? 🙂










canadian-american-flagHappy Holidays everyone, I won’t mention it tomorrow, as most of those in the USA will be setting off fireworks and roasting hogs or some such nonsense this weekend… and of course happy belated “Canada Day” to my colonial cousins from July 1st 🙂 – I feel I may need to apologize over the last video for our #ifwewon tag to my literal American peeps… it would seem some of you take these things WAY TOO LITERALLY (what did I say??? WHAT…. DID…. I… SAY? ) so here is enchanting all round English hawt MILF, Elizabeth Hurley, to do the apologizing for me (or maybe not, lol) –  Happy Holidays y’all 🙂


  1. Tim Tim

    Beautiful Elizabeth is a very cute English girl .best Tim.

  2. Tim Tim

    Happy Independence Day to all American chums ,from ,Tim.

  3. Tim Tim

    Very cute girls in the photos ,very spankable,best,Tim.

  4. I’d expect nothing less of my bridesmaids if I were to get married… and of course, from the bride!!!

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