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Don’t Cry for me Argentina

Ok, I suppose I could post lots of pics of grown men and women crying after last night’s defeat to the victorious Germans… hmmm, maybe I will, but one thing is for sure… what is trending right now is #2girlsnocup “2 Girls No Cup” (a play on the infamous and rather yukky “2 Girls One Cup” which the less I say about that, the better, lol. The latest trend is due to this crowd fan image in Rio’s famous Maracana Stadium last night – see below:


These 2 accompanied the Argentine team and provided their fans with much eye candy!

Now, I have done some (ahem) investigating seeing as they just looked almost too perfect and of course, I was right, they are famous in Argentina, the Xipolikatis Sisters… who not only sing and model… and of course looks gorgeous…. but they also get naked and love being naughty and showing off their most amazing bodies and toned bottoms… as you will see below.



xipolitakis-3 xipolitakis-4 xipolitakis-5



xipolitakis-f2 xipolitakis-f3 xipolitakis-f4


So with that in mind… I don’t feel remotely sorry for Argentina since they have these 2 beauties to console themselves over! Their grandparents from the beautiful Greek island of Samos would be proud! (See? I did research and stalk them a little, lol!) – oh, and I won’t even go into seeing all the wonderful girls in bizarre 10 pin bowling shows they have in this country… televised, you can look that up for yourselves!!! I promise it’s worth it.


Oh… and a couple of images of distraught fans… hehe! ๐Ÿ˜‰



I’ll be back later with more spanking updates to start your week ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Cute girls ,best,Tim.

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