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EE9 – Cheerleader Camp


I may have been a  little slower to report on the news of the latest Exclusive Education series (now in its’ ninth year so will be called EE9 from now on) and this one features 8 girls in their cheer uniforms who arrive at a special cheer camp. The Camp Coach this year is Snow Mercy and the other topping action you’ll see (so far from what I have viewed) is from Christy Cutie… but she is far from being a top… she gets it good from both the other girls AND Miss Mercy. Below you will see the line up of girls featured this year, most you will know, a couple are newbies and it makes for an interesting line up… which is precisely what was wanted.

alex-reynolds chanell-heart christy-cutie
Alex Reynolds – – – – – – Chanell Heart – – – – – – Christy Cutie

koko-kitten lana-lopez lilly
Koko Kitten – – – – – – Lana Lopez – – – – – –  Lilly

willow yasmine-deleon snow-mercy
Willow Lynn – – – – – – Yasmine DeLeon – – – – – – Snow Mercy


Let’s catch up on the action so far as the girls arrive at Cheer camp… Christy is in charge in the absence of Miss Mercy but she soon starts to pick on them and tries to bully the girls but they turn on her and take turns to spank her. When Coach Snow mercy arrives she learns of what had happened and then spanks the girls one by one as a smirking Christy looks on…

002 003 (1) 004

Below are the scenes of spanking by Coach Snow Mercy… the girls get a good hard OTK spanking one by one in front of each other and these scenes are hot… as you know, I adore seeing girls getting spanked in cheer uniforms, it’s one of my main driving fetishes within spanking, so to see that the entire EE9 series is devoted to this genre… well, oh my, it’s a real visual treat and needless to say carries a maximum #TrouserArousal rating 🙂

002 (1) 003 (2)

006 (1) 007

006 008 (1)

009 010

012 014

015 016

EE9, like all the other EE series which you can view in the Disciplinary section of in FULL – are long films so although there’s a good portion of it out already, there is still some fantastic action to come as Christy is allowed to spank the girls next, as well as the more traditional OTK scenes with the chairs and double spankings (performed this year by Christy and Snow) – and of course a hard caning finale with Christy – when it is discovered that she instigated the mayhem in the first place!

001 (1)

I say this each year, but this series of EE get better and better, the episodes really do have you wanting more and more as they are released alongside all the other regular updates at this fantastic site! What’s more, the casting this year went relatively smoothly, even with last minute withdrawals, replacement girls such as Yasmine DeLeon more than made up for any inconvenience and in the end proved perfect as it would appear all the girls got along behind the scenes, no divas or tantrums and many are good friends, such as Alex and Christy… which was a fun dynamic since they were cast to loathe each other in the films 🙂 – Below is a taster of what is to come and I shall be reporting on more of this as and when the updates roll out…


015 (1)

016 (1)


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  1. Tim Tim

    John a nice new series running on Girl Spanks Girl with Snow spanking the group of cuties and even little Christy is helping Snow byspanking too ,best,Tim.

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