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The Geeks, A Cheerleader & The Head Girl

Here’s an early sneak preview of what members can download this week at – It was going to be called the title of this post today… but it was too long and wouldn’t fit in the text box on the site too easily, so it was renamed “Multiple Detentions” … however  I think the title of  “The Geeks, A Cheerleader & The Head Girl” is quite cool which is based on an idea from a much loved independent film which I highly recommend from director Peter Greenaway. The film ” The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover” from 1989 (the French) poster below, was on my bedroom wall when I used to live in Paris many many years ago and I actually saw this film in an independent cinema in the 14th Arrondisement where I used to live… ah the memories! I loved this poster (and it has some great scenes with Helen Mirren & Michael Gambon in it too!)


Anyway, it’s not related to the spanking film shown here, just a loose title idea… hope you like the poster 🙂

This latest release from has 4 girls in it which are all punished at various stages of the film with a great finale where they are all lined up and given the hairbrush next to each other. You will no doubt recognize all the American adult/fetish stars, Ashley Graham, Nyssa Nevers, Joelle Barros and Carissa Montgomery. A great combo of ladies in various school/cheer uniforms for our veritable delectation!


Nyssa & Joelle are the “geeks” in this film!


Ashley plays the naughty cheerleader & Carissa seems to think it is highly amusing that she is the Head Girl who never gets into trouble (hmmm!) – there’s a nice twist to ensure she gets spanked too!!! Images below are from the stills gallery and there are also over 120 screen images that are with this film (a few samples also shown here) which is all out soon this week!

4girls006 4girls027 4girls071 4girls100

Four girls are given a detention punishment together at the same time. They are the most unlikely collection of naughty reprobates to ever appear together. Two bookworm types (Joelle Barros & Nyssa Nevers) who have committed infractions in the School Library, a slutty cheergirl (Ashley Graham) due yet another discipline session and the Head Girl (Carissa Montgomery) who also has good reason to be there and give a full report on these girls – but she also gets a surprise punishment too for some poor behavior not befitting a girl of her status! This is the one and only time all four of these girls have ever appeared together for this rare multiple punishment.

  4_girls013 4_girls015 4_girls016 4_girls020 4_girls023 4_girls025 4_girls029 4_girls030

4girls111 4girls114

You can check out MORE of this film and over 230 more at


This site comes with a unique chance to grab a real value Loyalty Membership rather than something like the terrible “Black Friday” deals I had first hand to see in America last week where lower spec TV’s etc are sold as something you should buy as some sort of bargain and such. Pity that the British don’t see this scam too…. but they’ll learn in time. However, my deal is the real thing, full access to the sites, no restrictions and it genuinely REWARDS your loyalty by giving you the best value if you remain a member… check it out!



click here for the latest clips

I also wanted to let you know that the film will be appearing as a one time download at the Clips Store as usual if you prefer to download using this option as well with all formats of your choice becoming available over the next couple of days. Click the animated image below and check when it is available! Thanks, and goodnight from America once more!



Nominations for the Spanking Awards are now in and will be looked at (I have to be honest and say I haven’t put them together yet, it’s a daunting task) but the first round of voting will begin shortly!!!

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