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More Spankings for You!

Updates in 8 images or less today… you should get the gist of what these new films are about – and they are good, as always. I wouldn’t want to feature anything “not good” would I? I have also come up with a great blog post which I’m working on which is a sort of behind the scenes look at a typical filmshoot… but I will elaborate on that more once I have a little more time. So for today, all these updates are taken from the official sites and the descriptors that accompany them to help you follow what is going on!

From – Step Daughter Spanked

momma-150-002 momma-150-004 momma-150-005 momma-150-011 momma-150-013 momma-150-017 momma-150-018 momma-150-020

Step Mom Sarah is not happy when her step daughter is brought up from the casino to their hotel room. She has been gambling and is under age. Daddy has given Sarah full permission to punish this naughty girl as she sees fit. Stevie is taken OTK and give a spanking over her tight shorts and then on the bare bottom before ending with a hard hairbrush spanking.

Stars Sarah Gregory & Stevie Rose – See the full film here


A new girl at – check out Luna

Sadly, care workers in the UK aren’t that well paid and it actually requires a lot of training to be any good, there are lots that do it for vocational reasons but there are plenty that are just really not up to, or care enough about, “caring” for those most vulnerable. This is an interesting film as these girls have decided that is exactly what they want to do!

npp7114003 npp7114011 npp7114026 npp7114038 npp7114046 npp7114047 npp7114049 npp7114053

This is what Sarah has to say: Another new girl and the start of a new series of films where we give our girls the chance to be whatever they want in the case of Belle & Luna they are attending their first day as trainee care workers, sent here for special measures training because of their unruly behavior and the reluctance to accept work when offered to them and a general attitude that the world owes them a living. I soon put them right on that and waste no time in introducing them to my very own methods of instilling a work ethic in young ladies by way of their bare bottoms. A sound spanking first of all for new girl Luna.

See more new girls getting spanked by Sarah Stern HERE


Next, I’m a big big fan of Satine Spark… and with other commitments aside, I will finally get to work with her at some point this year – which I’m rather excited about. It won’t be for a while yet as I am probably going to be doing the busiest filming schedule over the next few months in America and I will be exhausted… then it all starts again in May and June.

Satine Spark slippered at

npp7092009 npp7092024 npp7092026 npp7092028 npp7092035 npp7092036 npp7092041 npp7092043

Satine came home with a puppy without a thought as to its welfare or how it would be looked after. After a good spanking she was told to return it but failed to do so. She has to change into her short y pyjamas and report back for further punishment, this time she is asked to kneel on the settee her bottom bare and in the air to await a good hard slippering. This is long and hard and has her in tears.

See all of Satine’s films with English Spankers HERE


From – Anna the teacher is spanked like a slut

002 004 005 006 007 010 011 012

Young teacher, Anna, was called to the Principal’s Office and was severely reprimanded for teasing the boys in class by allowing them to look right up her skirt and view her skimpy sexy lingerie. This caused mayhem and now the principal (as they apparently do in Russia) decides to do a bit of slut shaming and spanking – is this what she really wants? Is it? The principal is shocked at how far he has to go as you’ll see in this edgy movie!

See this full shocking movie HERE


Sorority visit from Missy Martinez –

This is an “uber hot” spanking girl/girl film – watch Veronica relish the chance to spank gorgeous sorority sister, Missy, from this most recent film! I’ve only shown the part where Veronica does the spanking as I wanted 8 images focussing on naughty Missy since I haven’t seen her before (but isn’t she hot?)

001 006 (1) 007 (1) 008 012 (1) 013 014 015

Veronica is tasked with giving Missy Martinez, who is visiting from a rival school, a tour of the sorority. Well of course that means Veronica must show Missy all about the spankings that take place their regularly, and even demonstrates the pledge paddle on Missy’s bottom. Missy agrees not to report Veronica if she can spank her,too. And does so while Veronica crawls up the stairs and bends over the railing for a taste of the paddle.

MORE spankings featuring Veronica Ricci can be found HERE


Finally today since I fear there won’t be much more of Clare Fonda being spanked or doing the spanking anymore (yes , she is quitting the scene again for good this time – I won’t divulge why… (it’s pointless discussing it further so let’s just enjoy what we can of Clare right now!). Seriously, this is a big loss, no other woman her age has a spankable ass like hers, or the wit and humor. I’m hoping I catch up with her when I am in LA late next month as she is so much fun to be around! Kade is usually one of the fall guys at Clare Spanks Men so it’s good to see he gets one over on Clare before she leaves!

Kade spanks madam Clare in her Office
taken from – Spanked callgirls

002 003 009 010 011 012 015 016

Kade, Lana’s brother, visits her in her office. Kade is trying to get Lana back in the straight life and he decides to teach the madam a lesson with a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. Clare is left in pain and total humiliation.

See Clare Fonda’s farewell spanking film as a floozy hooker boss at what she has always insisted was her favorite site to work on (and mine) from this network of sites –

Or view either site from this network via the CLARE FONDA PASS for a fraction of up to 5 sites combined costings – this really is an amazing multi site deal!


Back soon y’all! Be good! Be sure not to freak out fellow passengers on your commute!


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