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Fetishcon Spanking Shenanigans

Hi everyone… this is just a quick update (as I always make promises about when I attend an event to post pics or let you know what we got up to with friends and the like). Well, Sarah had so many good pictures taken of the event that I chose just a small sample to let you know what went on behind the scenes including a few spanking shoots I was lucky enough to be a part of that went on for the SG Group of sites including Sarah Gregory Spanking & AAA Spanking – I’m sure you’ll like what went on with a real surprise at the end of someone I never thought Sarah would ever pull off filming (but she did with the right good people who must remain nameless, sadly!)


Sarah Gregory at the Fetishcon – Poolside

Fetishcon changed venue this year and so it moved across the bay from Tampa to St Petersburg (St Pete to the locals). The pool was larger, the hotel rooms smaller and the A/C much colder. This was my second Fetishcon and I recognized many faces and we had some fun at the Meet & Greet and Red Carpet events including a sumptuous buffet banquet laid on by Clips 4 Sale which we were lucky enough to attend (I enjoyed this part immensely… stuffing myself on good food!) Check out some pics below, I have tried to name the girls (from memory) where possible.

DSC_5037 DSC_5059


Angela Sommers with Sarah Gregory
Angela performed 2 stunning shows at the Sunday Fetishcon Ball

DSC_5069 DSC_5073

Sarah with Jacquelyn Velvets (right) – we were due to film with her but will arrange something for another time (at my insistence… she is hot and we got to at least spank her booty at the Pool Party!!!)


Bedroom shenanigans with friends old and new!


Sarah & I love watching Saharra Huxly perform her stuff… her whole troupe are kinky as hell and put a heck of a lot of work into their productions – we really admire their work!

DSC_5095 DSC_5124

More pics of Sarah at the pool and for various other events!

Below we have a few choice images taken from a few spanking shoots… the Fetishcon is a great place to meet other models and producers but for spanking it is always a little harder… filming, if any, tends to take place on the last day as the girls are not so bothered about getting marked if they are involved in other more “glam” orientated fetish work or rope and feet etc… because, as you’ll see, we ensured these ladies got a good bottom reddening. I was impressed, I think you will be too!

Whitney Morgan will appear at both sites and our good friend Johnny Lake spent a lot of time with us so he helped in many productions too! I have become a big fan of Whitney… she was a lot of fun to film and took some pretty hard spankings too!

DSC_5176 DSC_5201

Johnny Lake appeared for both sites and I did one film with Whitney… she and Sarah know each other well, and the AAA storyline came from seeing poor Whitney staggering along our corridor the night before, having drunk a few too many and partying hard… she got a reminder the next day about this sort of poor behavior! She was actually fine and we laughed about it… she is one of the most professional models I have had the pleasure to work with! 🙂

Next was a real surprise! Zooey Zara (pronounced Zoe or Zo-ee… you know) was new to us and a real pain slut! She demanded we cane and thrash her severely… I think from the next 2 images you’ll see we did just that… including a double caning at AAA and a great “On all 4’s” secretary scolding and severe caning for the Sarah Gregory Spanking website

DSC_5232 DSC_5236

Zooey Zara was also over 6 ft tall so we had to get some storylines in that had her horizontal in no time at all, LOL! Trust me when I say this will NOT be the last you hear of this amazing find for both sites, she will be making a return in more films for both! Those long legs and thighs took a hell of a caning as well as her butt…

This was not the only surprise for both sites as somehow, we got Christina Carter… who is famed for playing the kinkiest Wonder Woman. (I was genuinely star struck!!!) – Sarah and Christina knew each other and had played at a spanking party in the past… I can’t say how this happened that I helped to film her, but schedules and timing coincided so Sarah got her and she took a really sexy naked switch spanking with Sarah and then had a fantastic Wonder Woman-esque style cosplay spanking storyline with Johnny Lake in a wonderful red hot OTK spanking film I can’t wait to see! You can of course see her at her own fantastic site

DSC_5257 DSC_5259 DSC_5274

So that was Fetishcon for us… there are plenty more stories and plenty more images from the shows that were shown on Sunday including the always unmissable Reverend B Dangerous – just Google him, I don’t have images of his show but they are always “entertaining”!!

Sarah is still updating the sites and I will assist her too but we are currently on vacation though we both have excellent access online everyday so any support/sign up issues etc are dealt with as normal. Back later with a full update post for the SG Group with 3 new films updates for you, these are all worth checking out!


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