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Cheerleader Spankings

cheerleader spankings hereA new spanking site has just opened, catering to the fetish of seeing girls in authentic cheer uniforms, who, in some cases checked off their bucket list by getting spanked in such a uniform or just fulfilling their fantasy. Either way, this is a hot concept and this site has been in the making for well over 9 months. How do I know? Well… It is the brainchild of Sarah Gregory who so LOVES seeing girls in these uniforms that she genuinely has a vast collection of them and she decided to put them to good use! You’ll see amazing girls spanked, paddled, strapped hard or playing with each other before or after cheer practice and so the site features a lot of F/F content. At least half of all future updates will always be dedicated to F/F spankings. It also will feature some of the heaviest caning scenes around, I should know… as I did help film some of these and they are just awesome! I believe one such film will be coming soon after the opening date and I will, of course, report on this when it is released!

cheerleader spankings

So just because the girls look cute in those uniforms, don’t let this new site fool you into seeing them all get off lightly… oh no! Check out a couple of films, I apologize if I am in one scene to start with featured below, but it was pretty hard with Melody Nore… and in the other film featured (the most recent film on the tour page) Sarah Gregory punishes and humiliates Adriana Evans as only she knows how!

The site is designed for easy viewing and has 2 downloadable options of HD1080 in MP4 and HD720 in WMV as well as an HTML5 streaming option on every full film update and the new films will come out every week without fail, updates are 3 times a week and the Members Area Landing Page is designed with the most recent updates showing from the last few months for your convenience: THE menu bar options have the following:

cheerleader members area spanking


So you can pretty much find what you are looking for! The EPISODES section leads to the full movie description with the streaming option (if available) including the clips and MP4/Wmv options as well as the photo/screen grab gallery links… and all image galleries contain a zip file option which I know is popular.

Okay… enough of the introduction… here is Sarah doing what she does best, spanking and humiliating cheerleader, Adriana Evans in the most recent update to feature on the home tour page HERE


Hungover & Humiliatedfeaturing Adriana Evans & Sarah Gregory

spanking news

Adriana had gone AWOL and missed the game because she had been partying the night before. Coach Gregory eventually found the sleeping brat nursing a huge hangover in a random hotel room and was so angry that she started spanking her really hard! Adriana was close in shock and close to tears but Miss Gregory hadn’t finished with her yet as she had let the squad down so badly that she decided to humiliate her too. She used a wooden paddle on her bare exposed bottom, making her “ask” for the paddling. She knew that this would humiliate Adriana further, as was very stubborn. Then Miss Gregory informed her that she would investigate rumors about her lesbian activities that were distracting the squad! It was not a good day for Adriana to cross her tough female coach!

CLS-43-012 CLS-43-017 CLS-45-001 CLS-43-020 CLS-43-023 cheerleader spanking CLS-43-033 CLS-43-058 CLS-43-078
“Do I see a little glisten in there?” Sarah sneers at a humiliated Adriana! Poor A is speechless!
CLS-43-083 cheergirl paddling CLS-43-100 CLS-43-104 CLS-45-015 CLS-45-020



Melody’s Initiationfeaturing Melody Nore & John Osborne


Melody had just joined one of the best All Star cheerleading squads, there was a reason why it was one of the best squads and she was about to find out why! All the girls went through the same initiation where they got a bare bottom spanking. Her coach also showed her what could happen if she fell foul of their strict rules with various other punishments including a leather strapping and some swats with a wooden paddle.

CLS-47-005 CLS-47-016 panties down spanking CLS-47-022 CLS-47-037 CLS-47-042 CLS-47-050 OTK spanking CLS-47-054 CLS-47-063 CLS-47-078 CLS-47-088 CLS-46-024



This site is new and all future updates will be 100% exclusively produced for it. As it is a new site, there is an archive of approx 10 films taken from some of Sarah’s other sites which feature some of the hottest cheerleader scenarios but that was to make the whole new site experience a little nicer with more content, especially for those that have not been a member of Sarah’s sites and want only to download films of this genre! For almost the last year, she has been filming cheergirl scenarios to add to this site and only this site and there are multiple girl shoots planned right now to ensure there will always be regular fresh and different updates not seen anywhere else! You’ll be hearing more on this site over the coming weeks… check it out HERE!

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  1. Sarah I shall have a think about joining your new site might there be a special price for members like me of your other 3 great sites ,best from Tim to you two .

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