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Sarah Gregory website Spanking News

As promised… and without any waffle on my part, here are the latest spanking film updates from some of the Sarah Gregory network of sites. I’m starting with real life couple, Kajira Bound and her husband, Ulf Sayer. This is “aboot” a Canadian lumberjack who disciplines a bratty American girl littering his property, and country… eh?

An Old Fashioned Lumberjack Lickin’

See the new debut of Kajira & Ulf – exclusive to Sarah Gregory Spanking

Kajira is on vacation in Canada. One day while taking a walk she comes across a lumberjack. She is very rude to him, makes fun of his “old fashioned” ways, and litters on his land. He grabs this american brat by the arm and drags her into his cabin to give her some good old fashioned discipline. Anyone who makes a mockery of him and his culture will get a very sore bottom.

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sarah Gregory Spanking


There’s another double debut at Momma Spankings with stern and mean looking Zooey Zara, playing the perfect mean “Mommy” to a cute looking Harley Havik. This is a real maternal punishment treat for fans of this genre, check out more images and GIFs below.

A Spanking from Mommy

Full title: A Spanking from daddy means a spanking from Mommy


Mommy is very disappointed to get a call from daddy that Harley had to be spanked for being rude to her step-mom. When Harley gets home from the week with her dad, Mommy has her sit on the bed to scold her before taking her over the knee for a spanking and hairbrushing on her bare bottom. Harley knows that a spanking from daddy also means a spanking from mommy.

cute Jarley over mommy's lap spanked momma-212-006 momma-212-010 momma-212-019 spanking by mommy bare bottomspanking momma-212-037 momma-211-009 momma-212-044 momma-212-045 momma-212-051 momma-212-054


Momma Spankings

Both sites above can be viewed as part of the better valued Sarah Gregory Pass

Sarah Gregory Pass


Finally from Cheerleader Spankings a thieving cheer girl gets a just punishment from her coach for causing an issue at the hotel they are staying at… more is explained below.


panties down spanking

Melody was the treasurer of the Squad and had been summoned to Coach Osborne’s hotel room to explain why he couldn’t pay for the team’s rooms. She quickly admitted to “borrowing” some of the funds but could have them back in an online transfer. That didn’t entirely satisfy the coach who was so disappointed with her that he felt she needed a damned good spanking like the little thief she was and he gave her a hard embarrassing, panties down, punishment. Then he used the wooden paddle on her aching behind until she could hardly sit down. Melody was genuinely remorseful and took her severe punishment before being told to get that money back in time.

CLS-51-008 CLS-51-015 CLS-51-024 CLS-51-027 CLS-50-018 CLS-51-041 otk spanking exposed and spanked cheerleader paddling wooden paddling CLS-51-071 CLS-51-083




That’s it for now… later I will get you the latest update news of the F/F spanking film starring Alex Reynolds and Chelsea Pfeiffer which will be showing at AAA Spanking (see the preview image below)

coming soon to AAA

aaa spanking


  1. Sarah is a busy young lady working on her great sites .All cute girls including new girl Kajira who mis a cute young spankee girl and young Harley spanked by young Zoey and many more cuties ,best from Tim .

  2. Rick Rick

    Bet you like spanking those gingers, eh? Nice soft white wobbly bottoms!

  3. I make no secret that I find redheads incredibly alluring, and I love the color of their hair against pale skin.
    Watching a pale bottom quickly changing red is an awesome sight!

  4. Rick Rick

    Wow that Harley is a really good crier! I love that, it’s so innocent! I find it quite arousing in a sadistic way! But then, I’m the DEVIL! LOL!

  5. lawrence malloy lawrence malloy

    sarah gregory is amazing making great sites for us to see thank u pretty lady

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