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Another busy week’s Spanking

clapperboardSorry I haven’t been on here as often as I’d like, I didn’t want to say anything until after the event as both Sarah & I were involved in our biggest custom film shoot ever. 8 Girls and 3 female tops in a smart location filmed over a long weekend. The plot? A specialist school for wayward young ladies set in the 1950’s. We will both blog on this when we come back down to earth… and it highlights some of the custom work we have been commisioned to do nowadays on a far more regular basis from simple one girl 10 minute clips to something as big and as expensive as this! Thanks to prolific piracy of content throughout digital media, more discerning individuals now want their own thing, their own ideas placed on video and to keep for themselves – I get and understand that and I think this is the way forward to beat those that share for the hell of it or for profit at the expense of those filming content – this was a stressful shoot (for us both) but rewarding in the end as we made something very special.

Sometimes, those who commission detailed customs like this allow us to publish it… or, as I said, if they are willing to pay for total exclusivity… then they can enjoy their work EXACTLY as they had planned (like a recent 4 girl caning shoot which was probably the most intense I had ever filmed and it will never be seen… I know that customer LOVED what we did and wants more). So as I said, I will be posting about how this work behind the scenes is taking more of our time, and I suppose the good news is that the one you see of the schoolgirls WILL be made available at some point later this year – most probably on Sarah Gregory Spanking as that seems the most logical site for this work… so for now, just check out this image I took with my cameraphone… it’s an all star stellar spanking cast and the instense storyline was followed exactly to script! We will also be making a dedicated Film Customs Page very soon on every site as a few have asked rather than contacting Sarah or myself via email.



& so to some catch up spanking updates that I may have missed over the past week or so including some very latest films just showing! Please enjoy the GIFs and images where shown. Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful Spring weather like we are here in New England!

Bianca interviewed and caned at RSI


Bianca had asked to be caned on her second shoot for RSI. She was first interviewed and then caned 12 times on her bare bottom for her very first time in school uniform!

13423_002 13423_004 13423_006 13423_007 13423_011 bianca1 13423_012 13423_014




This is the 4th and excellent part of the new series starring Lily White at – check out what happens to her this week, this was released earlier today! “Causing problems on her parents’ movie set gives Lily another sore bottom.”


Lilian White is meant to be at home studying with tutor Patrick Bateman, but decides to visit the film set where her parents are working – and it’s not long before she causes problems. A Celebrity Brat can still be spanked: Patrick uses a stinging leather paddle on Lily’s jiggling tush, spanking her cheeks ruby red. Check out his high-speed finale!

celebrity_d004 celebrity_d005 celebrity_d010 celebrity_d012 celebrity_d015 celebrity_d016 celebrity_d017 celebrity_d021




From comes the full film which was available not too long ago co starring Adriana Evans in one of her first appearances at this site alongside Paul Kennedy. It was called “The runaway daughter”

adriana evans

Kennedy the unscrupulous but effective private detective has found his latest runaway in record time. Rather than hand her over to her poor parents, whom he feels deserve the break, he finds a way to vastly increase his fee and give the sexy little minx the many spankings she undoubtedly deserves and which he will thoroughly enjoy!

spanking Adriana spanking Adriana spanking Adriana spanking Adriana spanking Adriana spanking Adriana spanking Adriana spanking Adriana



stars - Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Bare bottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping paddling and all the best in adult spanking from the Clare Fonda Network and starring the hottest spanking models on t’interwebz. You’ll get to see girls spanking girls, men spanking naughty prostitutes in fun and quite edgy spanking porn.

Check out the latest film with Celeste Star & 18 year old Jamie Hendrix

callgirl spanking

Barely 18 years old… Jamie Hendrix comes to the “cat house” dressed as a clown. Literally! Is this any way for a girl to dress for her potential clients? Veteran Celeste Star is there to show her the ropes, starting with a spanking over her knee and some more training that leads to yet more spankings for this cute teenager.

004 005 006 handprint spanking 008 010 012 013 014 016



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Finally for today… I hadn’t covered this from – it’s an awesome classic mother/daughter film between Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory – I helped film this about a month ago and as you’ll see, Sarah had a very real tearful spanking and hairbrush punishment. Those into tears and seeing Sarah get a proper good old fashioned no nonsense punishment will enjoy this film immensely!

Not Home Alone – now showing at


Sarah has lied and Mommy is angry. Momma Dana goes away for the weekend and tells Sarah she is NOT to have company. So, what does Sarah do? She has her boyfriend over for the weekend, only she is really bad about hiding it and mom knows right away when she returns home. Sarah tries to lie about it, which only makes things worse for her poor bottom. Momma knows! And Momma is very disappointed in her little girl for disobeying her and lying about it. After a proper scolding, Sarah is taken right over the knee for a hard hand spanking over her tight leggings, over her panties, and then on the bare bottom. Sarah wiggles in pain as Momma’s strong hand comes down on her bare flesh. Her bottom turns bright pink, but that is not good enough. A properly spanked bottom is red, so poor and now contrite Sarah is told to fetch the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Oh no! She begs not to be spanked with mommy’s hairbrush as it hurts to much, but it falls on deaf ears. Once Momma has made up her mind to spank her naughty girl with a hairbrush there is no going back. Sarah is taken back over the knee for a very hard hairbrush spanking on her already very sore bottom. Sarah cries very real tears of remorse until Momma finally forgives her very sorry and sad little girl.

momma-216-029 momma-216-038 momma-216-043 momma-215-004 momma-216-066 momma-216-078 spanked by mommy real tears spanking momma-216-123 not-home-alone NOT1 momma-216-133 momma-216-143


spanking with a hairbrush

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Sarah Gregory Pass


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  1. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi the 50s school theme looks great John, just hoping there will be something of interest to you know who( in case you don’t, Me lol) Any hints /clues would be great too.

    regards Paul

  2. This was a custom so there ARE PJ scenes filmed in bedrooms etc but it would be with panties underneath. Nevertheless this is a fantastic film which I think will be about 2 hours in length when it gets edited!!!

  3. Paul Down Paul Down

    Ah Shame about the knickers. i thought when I saw Dana Specht leading the line that it would be like that. Unfortunately will not be for me but wish you every success with it.

    regards Paul

  4. Paul Down Paul Down

    Ah Shame about the knickers. i thought when I saw Dana Specht leading the line that it would be like that. Unfortunately will not be for me but wish you every success with it.
    No disrespect inteded btw
    regards Paul

  5. Don’t worry, I shot one with Jordana Leigh (new to AAA coming soon) spanked by older sister Sarah Gregory “AAA stylee” in PJs and it’s going to be AWESOME 🙂

  6. Tim Tim

    John and Sarah I hope the s.g. themed custom one is going to be featured later on Sarah s spanking sites as it looks great with lovely girls smart uniforms ,best from Tim .

  7. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi and thanks for that piece of info John. Can always rely on AAA to get it right lol

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