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Miss Kane’s School of Manners

Sarah has recently uploaded a fantastic remastered film which is  now available in full HD1080. It was from an old film featuring her being an “uber brat”, sent to Miss Dana Kane’s “School of Manners”. I loved this film, and told Sarah I liked her “bangs” (fringe) – she looks cute. However, Sarah loves to brat in real life and that cuteness didn’t go far with such poor behavior… as you’ll see. I always thought it was disappointing that this film was never made available in full HD. Luckily she had found the original tapes (now that much more difficult to edit) as she had to convert them to digital format then re-edit the film as you will now see it. However the effort clearly shows and the end result is fantastic. Anyone that knows Miss Dana Kane will know she spanks hard… trust me, Sarah’s bratty behavior got her into much trouble in this long play movie.

It is split into 3 stories and covers 3 areas of her bratty behavior. At the end of this review post there is a direct play video preview which you can view on any medium.


Miss Kane’s School of Manners

Now see Sarah’s FIRST ever age play spanking film re-edited and remastered into FULL HD1080 – In this long play film, Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Dana Kane for a week to learn how to behave like a proper young lady. Sarah is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of school. This is her parent’s last resort for their bratty little girl. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Sarah learns some very important lessons, which also include getting a spanking when she is disrespectful, sassy, and childish.

1 – Disrespect

momma-232-020 momma-232-024 momma-232-033 momma-232-040 momma-232-041 momma-232-050 momma-232-053

2 – Sassy

momma-232-060 momma-232-062 momma-232-069 momma-232-070 momma-232-073 momma-232-074 momma-232-085 momma-232-087 momma-232-092 momma-232-096 momma-232-098 momma-232-104 momma-232-113

3 – Childish

momma-232-124 momma-232-127 momma-232-134 momma-232-139 momma-232-143 momma-232-146 momma-232-148 spanking momma-232-155 momma-232-156 momma-232-159


[jwplayer mediaid=”50560″]

On this website you can watch videos that include real punishments as well as fun mommy/daughter role plays. Updated 3 times a week with videos and/or photo galleries. New additionS to the site are other mommy/daughter themed videos with Sarah playing “mommy” along with other scene celebs playing her mom too.




  1. patrick patrick

    boring- hand spankings of F/F bore me

  2. Thank you for your comment. What bores you excites many others. No doubt some of what you find exciting would bore the pants off other people… but it’s what makes our fetish wonderfully diverse.

  3. Rick Rick

    Nice echo on the smacks! A very smackable bottom indeed, that young Sarah!

  4. Tim Tim

    Yes i remember this one with Sarah having deportment classes now in a n hd format ,best from Tim to both of you from Tim .

  5. Yes, she completely re edited it from scratch so it’s a little different and also in the best possible playback now from the original raw data. I love it 🙂

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