Spanking Blogg Model Profile - EMILY

The below scenes were taken from both SpankingOnline and SpankingDigital
You can see which by the file name I have assigned (sol or digi to each pic)

However I have linked these to the SPANKPASS which covers both these sites and if you ever wanted to see ALL of Emily's work, I would recommend without hesitation to purchase the SpankPass as it offers these 2 sites plus 2 more for a fraction of the cost!

Anyway, this is about EMILY. She has featured at these sites for nearly 3 years at the time of writing and has been fantastic at each shoot, a great girl, a real lifestyler who enjoys her work. She may feature at other sites outside the Xerotics network, but I seriously believe they have the best content of her ANYWHERE on the Net!
A wonderful actress, keen to improvise where needed to bring across the punishment situation clearly. She has featured in far too many productions for me to name here, some have crazy story lines or some element of a model's past so they can act better following what they believe in. She is testament that I certainly hope we see her again before the year is out as I am always impressed by her professionalism and workrate. Plus she has one of the cutest bottoms in the business, just look at how it glows red, you can almost feel the heat coming off her poor battered buttocks! See the pics below

digi01.jpg digi02.jpg digi03.jpg digi04.jpg
digi05.jpg digi06.jpg digi07.jpg digi08.jpg
digi09.jpg digi10.jpg sol01.jpg sol02.jpg
sol03.jpg sol04.jpg sol05.jpg sol06.jpg
sol07.jpg sol08.jpg sol09.jpg sol10.jpg

ssg01.jpg ssg02.jpg ssg03.jpg ssg04.jpg
ssg05.jpg ssg06.jpg ssg07.jpg ssg08.jpg
ssg09.jpg ssg10.jpg ssg11.jpg ssg12.jpg