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How to respond to the age verification consultation

There is now LESS than 24 hours remaining for you to fill out an online form regarding Age Verification consultation in the UK. If you think this is a bad idea, please respond to the consultation by midday (London time GMT) on 12 April 2016 – that’s tomorrow!

First, you need to fill out the online multiple-choice survey HERE:

No personal information is taken but please do fill it in. I have linked this to Pandora’s blog so you can better understand what is happening in the UK. She explains it far more eloquently than I could… Frankly it is appalling and misguided at best what they are trying to push through and will affect not just what’s left of the British online website scene but they would want to encroach on foreign based “pornographers” and attack the billing companies that fund them! Deluded, I know… all in the name of “think of the children” – which is a total nonsense. Personally, if I were the UK regulators I’d be sampling 1000’s of kids thoughts in a survey to find out what and how they look at porn, it would shock them!!! & niche sites and the world of fetish would NOT be high on most of their agendas!

Anyway – please do fill out the form as best you can… Pandora explains what YOU can do!
Please don’t ignore this… it could affect everyone globally in the long run!