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A Look at the Spanking Films I have been watching!

Despite it being rather warm and unseasonally good weather, I am one of those that suffer and react badly to pollen… and this being about the peak time of my infliction it is far worse with little or no rain for a while the pollen count has gone mental, especially as I am nowhere near the coast… I have had to retire indoors into my darkened study, close all windows, grab some ice cold comfort beers and recover from my sneezing, sniffling and eye rubbing/watering… feeling low, I then turned on my PC and decided to check out a few films I hadn’t seen in a while… you can see what I was watching below… and these are great films… just the sort of thing I needed to “cheer” me up – seeing those less fortunate than myself getting an unwanted and humiliating punishment…

It didn’t help that at work today I was treated like a f*cking 5 year old and had to put up with one of my boss’ rantings… I just bit my lip, quietly clenched my fists as Greg the Mystery Spanker does (more on him later this week) when he is irked… and let her get on with it as I imagined her taking a well deserved thrashing across my lap – by jingo I’d ensure she blubbered incessantly if I had the chance! Anyway, below is the 1st film series I enjoyed watching again with an ice cold beer (I’m on number 5 already, lol) … First up: see the perverted punishments of Matron at Bars-and-Stripes.com as she takes advantage of her latest victim Sarah Collins. I loved these films when they came out and I know that all F/F lovers and fans of Lucy Maclean and Sarah Collins will be very pleased that I am showing you this today! Please do enjoy!

Inmate: Sarah Collins – Sentence: 15 years for poisoning


Background Information: Sarah grew up in the beau colic town of Winchester, where she attended private school and enjoyed a privileged childhood. She went to Oxford University and studied Classics, graduating with a first class honours degree. At university she met the love of her life. They married and enjoyed a great marriage and social life. However, disaster struck one day when Mr Collins died suddenly, much to Sarah’s shock. Post Mortem results revealed he had been poisoned and that put Sarah in as the prime suspect. However, Sarah never committed the crime and was sentenced protesting her innocence. The family and her friends would be shocked to know the real perpetrator and their reasons.

Inside prison, Sarah still continues to protest her innocence and through such actions makes an unusual friend of the Matron, who offers her protection and friendship in exchange for information on Mrs Woods and her cronies. This however is a dangerous path to take, because if Mrs Woods finds out…







The powerplay that goes on in this film is amazing and you sense the perversion of (in)justice and the satisfaction that Matron takes from using Sarah for her own selfish ends… to help gather information on the prison troublemakers via this new inmate… and to also help herself to innocent Sarah’s more than obvious submissive nature to control and punish her as and when she sees fit. Of course, members will be able to see what happens when Sarah displeases Matron even more so… or when the girls find out what she is doing… as no one likes a “grass” in prison, do they?

See the fantastic prison punishments & lesbian powerplays behind the walls of Bars-and-Stripes.com


A more recent film that is out at SpankedSweeties.com stars a scorching new redhead model that Clare Fonda filmed in one of her many memorable “Mom” roles as this girl, Phoenix, re enacts one of her many spankings she endured growing up! Just the sight of her red speckled ass should be enough for me to warn those with ill timed premature trouser triggers to pay attention as I have to say this is just so damned erotic for me… Phoenix is that perfect red headed girl next door … I’d find ANY excuse to spank her sweet l’il ass all day long! Fact!





A tall red-headed beauty, adult model Phoenix Askani has many interesting stories about how she was spanked by her mother and father while growing up. Her porcelain skin turned bright red and speckled while she took very hard re-enactment spankings from mom (Clare Fonda’s last scene playing the mom) and from dad.

See this movie in full only from SpankedSweeties.com

You can also view this site by the kick ass 5 Site ClareFondaPass.com network – which now includes the option of the very latest site SpankingSororitygirls.com which stars another beautiful redhead (well, one of the hottest flame haired beauties to spank and get spanked out there, one Miss Veronica Ricci) – a couple of sample images from her latest film are below:




View Veronica and her fellow sorority girls at this NEW site HERE

Or click on the banner below for access to this site and 4 more with one set of codes & costing far less than the collective cost of these top rated sites… your choice, my fellow spankos!


OK… here’s an olden goldie (not the actress, for she’d kill me if I was insinuating anything about her age, ha!) no not at all… here is Leia Ann Woods in one of my all time fave films she co-starred alongside Andi Switch (who I would LOVE to have at my site too, if she still switches… even for one scene… oh my) anyway… digressing already… as I was saying, you simply MUST check out this film from NorthernSpanking.com when Leia and Andi fall foul of immigration in a foreign country when drugs are discovered on their person. All manner of Judicial canings and severe bastinado punishments are carried out bringing Leia to real tears as her bare feet and butt are thrashed hard for concealing more illegal drugs than Andi! Part of the infamous SSS (Short sharp shock series) – This is one film you can easily identify with the girls and feel some sympathy as they face their nonetheless deserved punishments! Reminder images are below:





Do NOT miss this amazing film – you know it’s special when it strikes a chord with those that take part in it! Download the full film only from NorthernSpanking.com


& that is it for this evening… but before I go, do remember that at my own site there is a little promotion going on, it’s pretty low key, and is based more at those who have never joined up at the site before. Go take a look, and if you’re unsure, then check out these image galleries taken from some of the 90 odd films we now have (I can’t believe it’s grown so quickly!) Click any image below for a free gallery, and they also include a couple with Leia from the many films she did with us that I added (featured above) – who I loved working with.




If you want to see the full HD movie previews – click banner below for the tour pages


& don’t forget that we have a decent Clips Store too for those that only want to download the odd film or 7 🙂

Click the banner below to see which films we have, including a few EXCLUSIVES there

Beautiful F/F & Discipline Spankings

To be honest, any movie starring Jadie Reece will always grab my attention, she is just so naughty! But play her alongside Andi Switch who plays the older very attractive woman who is having an affair with Jadie (who could resist such female temptation?) then add this to the mix when the girls are caught making out in Andi’s bed by her actual girlfriend, Alina, who arrived home early to find this going on… then , ladies and gentlemen… we have a spanking film you mustn’t miss!

Alina is a well known disciplinarian anyway, she’ll thrash anything… man or woman that crosses her and this sexy Swedish lady takes no crap from Andi and the bit on the side that is the scrumptious Jadie!  To be honest, it’s an excuse to see some hot female making out action, naked bottoms shown and spanked for the cameras in the bedroom… and guess what, I’m not complaining!

One of the many MUST SEE movies currently available for download at SpankedCheeks.com – see the images from the movie below and decide for yourself if this is hot… or not!







See MORE of this hot movie HERE and what is on offer at SpankedCheeks.com


So from pure naughtiness to more traditional discipline – this time in Army Uniform as one of the very latest updates from the aptly named Spanked-in-Uniform.com has new recruits Amelia Jane & Pandora getting themselves into a whole heap of spanking trouble… as you’ll see below! Attennnnn….. Shun! 🙂

Two new girls arrived at the academy. Amelia and Pandora were sent to the academy by their parents because they were kicked out of 3 schools and they had become uncontrolable. Their disrespectful attitude became quite obvious to their commanding officer who soon had his cane across their bottoms. After they changed into their uniforms, both cadets were taken over the knee for a hard military style hand spanking! Hup! Hup! Hup! Bend over ladies…. this is gonna hurt!






You can see all the military style & institutional punishments from this site HERE


& talking of uniforms! The latest movie from SpankingSarah.com is both hilarious and frightening as Sarah hits new femdom highs punishing this cracking new “girl next door” type called Honey (I bet she is…)

but hang on… Sarah is dressed as a nun, but dressed in a fetish black rubber/latex nun’s uniform? (ahem!) & with her forlorn maid, Katie, looking on in the background? This sounds corny, but it’s a hell of a visual treat as you’ll see below and Sarah is awesome as a fearsome Domme… she is mean as hell when she wants to be! “Blessed be the poor innocents that cross her path!”






& finally, check out the relative newcomer to Firmhandspanking.com – Alisha Strauss, who looks stunning and is very well endowed up front, so to speak… and with this womanly curvature comes a very shapely spankable bottom… (OMG it really is!!!) and she wears glasses which appeals to my pervy side as I love to see these book wormish types receive a good thrashing! Which is what you can see below from her latest installent.





As well as new girls like Alisha you can see free movie previews of some of my all time faves like Adrienne Black or Samantha Woodley in brand new films just released as well (which I shall no doubt be availing to you in due course) So you can cruise on over to Firm Hand’s preview pages and see for yourself  – CLICK HERE for their extensive tour pages!

Hope you all had a good weekend, I’ll be back tomorrow with a spanking movie review and will be updating my other blogs.
Have a good ‘un. Chief.

Good Hard Spankings!

Ok, I’m starting with an update fresh from FirmHandspanking that features Alison Miller, this time on the receiving end of a punishment from Allaura Shane in the continuing series of Sorority Sisters! There is something about the sight of Miss Miller’s “jiggling butt” as it was described by Allaura previously – and although I find Allaura to be a little bit annoying (sorry) when she punishes Alison in this series, it’s great when the tables are turned as she’s got an ass to die for when it’s getting thrashed as well… but as usual, I digress and this update features a bathbrush, Allaura’s damned wittering (get on with thrashing Alison, girl!) and most importantly…Alison’s bubble butt which actually, fair play to Miss Shane, gets a damned hard “th-wacking” off this brush and is the reason I have chosen this for you all as you’ll see below – VERY SATISFYING and well worth viewing, the full length movie is actually very good despite my misgivings about Allaura as there is some nice banter between the girls (but perhaps I should write in to the folks at FirmHandSpanking to see if they can have her punished with her mouth taped up, heh heh!)



Sorority Sisters know how to paddle! So when Alison Miller and Allaura Shane get together, sparks are bound to fly. Alison is told to lie over a stool, her shorts and thong pulled down. Her totally bare bubble-butt feels the full burn of 40 tough swats with a long-handled wooden bathbrush, with its distinctive bulls-eye marks as a reminder!!

Check out the latest updates including the very latest movie update with Alison dishing out the punishment back to Allaura (I’m about to download and view this myself!) CLICK HERE FOR MORE


There is currently a really good HD Movie from NorthernSpanking that is jokingly called “British Bitches” and it was taken from the Shadowlane event in Las Vegas a few months back. This stars regulars to Northern Spanking – Amy Hunter, Leia-Ann Woods & Andi Switch who pick on one of America’s biggest spanking stars… Sarah Gregory! 

Sarah Gregory cost the Northern Spanking team valuable DVD sales when she pulled customers away from their stall by flaunting herself and her bottom! Paul & Lucy were miffed and so were the girls that had travelled there but the girls plot revenge on the sassy buxom American lassie as you’ll see below in the hotel room!!!




If you liked that (it’s a really good romp!!!) then there is a new update with the grand old lady herself, Leia-Ann Woods… ha! Only kidding Leia, you’re gorgeous and these images are living proof (they weren’t taken 6 years ago, now…were they? LOL) Anyway…I fear ’tis…ahem, “Trouser Arousal” alert time again…so enjoy some early intro images of Leia-Ann in the latest NorthernSpanking update below!



Click here to see the latest review & updates at NORTHERNSPANKING.com