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Ass Grabbing Collection – part 2

Some of you will love this, some will probably want me hanged, drawn and quartered, as I bring you some more images from the interwebs (most notably Tumblr and Google name tag searches) – copyrights are kept where there are some and I’m afraid the tumblr blogs have reblogged and shared the images it’s impossible to credit anyone originally… so if you haven’t seen any of these, enjoy! I will be back later with a hot girl on girl and domestic spanking update that you shouldn’t miss!






grabbing her ass

ass grab and grabbing fun

Ass Grabbing Bonus!

Hello there… before I bring you today’s 3rd Halloween post of the week, for one individual that so loves me, please do enjoy this post! All images found courtesy of Googling “Ass Grabbing and or Grab/Grabber.” heh heh – childish I know, but so much fun when you see what fun people have with statues and the like, cool eh?


 I don’t know why… but this pic just brings out a big smile in me too, LOL! 🙂



This image makes me laugh even louder… Oh those Japanese!!!


& of course there’s fun with statues… the whole point is not to take ourselves too seriously, as these gorgeous fun loving folk demonstrate! I will also be reviewing my latest POV film at some point since the images there or clips seems to have offended one person deeply, yes, it contains a scene of ass grabbing, about 2-3 seconds on probably 2 occasions (from memory). It’s a film about spanking beautiful Casey Calvert from your perspective over your lap, or as close to your lap in real life as we could get her since it’s on film *sigh*






This post is dedicated to all those fearless anonymous internet warriors “out there!” – We salute you!

April Ass Grabbers

Don’t worry, I won’t pull some lame April Fool’s joke on you all… I find the prospect of looking through newspapers and online news agencies later today with some shitty made up story unbearably tedious… then again, I can be a right moody bastard at times. I had been intending to do a nice big blog post but instead got waylaid with other work, so I am sorry, but as a quick reminder to make it a worthwhile but brief visit, why not enjoy these ass grabbing images I found on my hard drive? What’s there not to like… I call this spanking foreplay! I love grabbing me some piece of ass *wink*

Images are taken from non spanking sites and copyrights are kept where possible.







I’ll be back later (I hope) with news of what’s out later this week!!!