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Spanking in the Lunge Position

I have seen this position a few times and I haven’t seen it performed at FirmHandSpanking.com in a while – but I am glad they decided to choose stunning Kylee Anders to take this humiliating position as she is beyond cute and adorable. This brat gets a good spanking in a position that leaves her feeling vulnerable and exposed when she is stripped and told to bend over. Check it out below… this is utterly HOT!

Topless stunner Kylee Anders spanked & strapped for snooping on her boss

Kylee Anders

This beautiful teen Au Pair is a provocative brat in need of real discipline!

aupair003 aupair004 aupair005 aupair006 spanked and strapped aupair009 aupair010 lunge position spanking

Bent over, exposed and shaking in this position… Kylee felt aware that he could see everything from behind as her parts jiggled each time he placed that strap hard on her bare teenage bottom!

aupair014 aupair015 aupair016 aupair017 aupair018 aupair021 aupair022 bare ass spanking

Bare bottom bouncing as much as her naked breasts, Kylee Anders looks perfect in the lunge position as Jonny Stockton uses a strap and his hand to punish her for listening to private calls. He starts on her tight jeans, but swiftly has her ass bare for a good hot spanking in Au Pair. “The strap stung so bad on my skin,” she admits.



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