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More Spanking GIFs & Updates

tinkerbellspankedHello again. I get so addicted to making Spanking GIFs – I love them. I know that Sarah and I had fun comparing what we made when I showed her how to do them… I think in essence they capture a moment in time and you can see it played out… again and again, like yesterday’s mesmerizing hand spanking of the lovely Audrey Sugarsmak’s bum! Oh my, I really could watch her bare jiggling bottom getting spanked non stop! But I digress… another girl who has an awesome spankable butt is Casey Calvert, and couple that with her dressed as a schoolgirl in a yellow Gingham Dress and it really gets interesting. This is a traditional father/daughter style spanking with just a stern lecture and plenty of spanking including Daddy’s belt which is waiting for her at the end of her punishment. This video is now available as the latest update (I forgot to mention it here before) – there is, of course, another NEW film coming out tomorrow… but you will have to wait and see who it is… it’s of a girl not seen at AAA Spanking for a while and it was one of the older films not put out. I watched it earlier and decided that it *had* to go out sooner rather than wait even longer (it was made over 3 years ago!) – & I digress again… so heeeeeeere’s Casey!

Beyond Disappointmentfeaturing Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert disappoints daddy

Daddy was waiting for his daughter, Casey, to return home from school. She had already been grounded for previous infractions & punished for them so returned home in a timely manner but this day she would find out he knew something far worse which she had been keeping secret. Her mistake of texting Daddy instead of her boyfriend (in error), with highly inappropriate sexual acts she was recalling, meant that this awkward situation required swift & humiliating punishment. This time Casey would get spanked over daddy’s lap without the protection of her panties, with a hairbrush & his belt that he had ready for her! This would be one punishment that Casey wouldn’t forget as you will see how this domestic discipline session brought her close to tears from the pain & sheer humiliation.

beyond002 spanked panties punishment beyond004 pulling down her schoolgirl panties for a spanking knickers down for her spanking otk hand spanking beyond007 beyond008 beyond009 beyond010 hairbrush spanking beyond010a beyond011 beyond012 Casey Calvert belting daddy's belt beyond014 beyond016


This film is also available as a one time download from the Clip Store located HERE



The scene below was taken from a special long play movie (of which there are many) at Girl Spanks Girl – this was in the “Discipline” section of the website and you may recognize the type of storyline as it was a special custom video, made long before custom work became far more prevalent nowadays. This has a great script, storyline and some neat camera work as you’ll see when you’ll feel involved watching as poor Beverly thinks to herself whilst being lectured and you can hear her thoughts. A nice touch!

Punished Schoolgirl – with l-r: Beverly Bacci, Lana Miller & Clare Fonda (below)

Beverly Bacci Lana Miller Clare Fonda

In her last scene as a bottom, Beverly Bacci took a hard spanking from her Principal (Lana Miller), to the point where she was driven to real tears. She was lectured, then spanked long and hard with hand, hairbrush and a heavy, wooden paddle. Finally, she received a spanking at home (a spanking at school would always mean a spanking at home too!) from her mom, played by Clare Fonda… who, at the time, also made one of her last appearances for some time. So this movie was a bit special in that it saw an end of an era with Beverly spanked as a bottom! This movie had also been remastered and enhanced for better viewing quality.

bev001 spanking beverly bacci bev003 bev004 bev005 pulling down her panties bev006 pantyhose spanking spanked and put in the corner bev009 bev010 bev011 spanking and paddling bev012 bev013 bev014 bev015 bev016


 otk hairbrush spanking

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clare fonda pass - spanking site


Finally today, a site I haven’t covered in a while, through sheer volume of work and travel (of course) … but it is definitely NOT forgotten. Check out the newest girl, Tara, who currently features as yet another foul mouthed, bratty model for Bun Beating Fun – You’ll see her get a good old fashioned lesson in discipline and manners!

Tara – now showing at Bun Beating Fun


This is what the good folk at BBF had to say about Tara:
“Not long after prancing through our doorway, Tara’s behavior was such that she found herself unhappily sprawled, bottoms up,
across our man’s lap. Upon taking a firm grip of the young lady’s waist, he then raised his right hand whereupon he focused his
gaze upon the anatomical center of his immediate interest. And oh… what a fine, fine sight it was!”

Tara is earpulled for her spanking 02 05 06 07 09 impact hand spanking 14 OTK spanking tara spanked at BBF 23 30 36 painful hair brush spanking 37 spanked hard hairbrush otk discipline


See MORE of bad girl Tara at Bun Beating Fun


Animated GIFs are fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Sunday spanking Gossip & “Stuff”

Those of you that do not know what “Movember” is – the  current result is on the left hand side of this page *eek* – I have the dubious pleasure of participating in it, all for a really good cause as it is a cancer charity based around helping those that suffer from the 2 most common and curable male cancers, that of the prostate and testicles… many men are embarrassed to get themselves examined and this embarrassment can often be a killer… so to my fellow mankind, got jet your nuts checked out if you feel any lumps “down there” and do go see your doctor if there is any blood in your pee or poo immediately!!! So my moustache is going well, here we are on the 18th day and this is how it’s coming along (image is probably making your eyes hurt on the left!) – the poor girls, Molly & Amelia had to ensure my “growth” on day 13. It seriously needs some sort of trim, damned thing takes longer to groom! Grrr! Role on December 1st when I will shave it off!!!

You might also have seen that it’s the build up to Xmas and I have decided to offer this deal for one last time at this mad price, our best ever ANNUAL LOYALTY Membership – I won’t go on about it, but it’s a fantastic deal if you work out the Math! This offer is only available via our main billing processor CCBill, so I hope your cards are OK 😉


& so onto some other spanking updates of note this past week with am all black girl cast, and a FIRST as it’s a genuine all real Miller family spanking as Lana disciplines her own real life nieces, Mandy & Michelle, as bad hoes at one of my favourite sites, the always excellent spankedcallgirls.com





Lana spanks her real life relatives Michelle and Mandee Miller as they play sassy call girls with major attitude. When Lana is finished with them they are wailing and repentantYou can see the full unique film HERE


There’s also a special featuring Lana Miller (and Clare Fonda in her last domme role at the next site) both these great dames are spanking and punishing Beverly Bacci, in what must be her last role as a sub so this long play epic film just starting out at Girl Spanks Girl is a bit special as you’ll see from the special preview images below! I so miss not seeing Clare spank her girls and I absolutely “loved” seeing Beverly’s gorgeous derriere spanked again in a new film… so this is a MUST SEE in my book!





In her last scene as a bottom, Beverly Bacci takes a hard spanking from her Principal (Lana Miller), to the point she is driven to real tears. She is lectured, then spanked long and hard with hand, hairbrush and wooden paddle. Finally, she receives a spanking at home from her mom (played by Clare Fonda who is appearing in her last new scene on this site).





You can see more of Clare, Lana and Beverly in this final unique film HERE


Finally from this great network of sites, you may remember Rihanna getting spanked by Lana Miller… well there’s a nice role reversal that happens as young Rihanna gets to spank “mommy” Lana, so this is another rare chance to see this often feared “top” get a not too often “comeuppance” – I liked this as Lana doesn’t easily switch for any girl so Rihanna must have charmed her off set… not hard to see why though, eh?

This was Rihanna spanked by Lana previously shown on this blog…

Now see the role reversal (below)




Rihanna is a new Nubian Goddess who was spanked by her mother and father growing up. Her mother is played by Lana Miller (a friend to Rihanna’s real mom). Rihanna enjoys a little light spanking play in her personal life, but she wasn’t prepared for the level of spanking Lana delivers for these re-enactments. Her skin turns red and she had trouble sitting long after the cameras stopped recording. After the last scene, Rihanna was begging to spank Lana, to experience being a top. Lana let her do it and gave her some tips. And probably taught her too well. This is her first ever spanking shoot and you can see it all IN FULL HERE

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Asian Spanking Special

So how are things, my fellow spanking fiends? I’m on another terrible week of early starts and hopeless deadlines that won’t be met… as well as trying to run my own sites and blogs, it’s pretty full on and I have to sort out my tax affairs soon enough as well, which I’m absolutely dreading! Well, at least I won’t be ripping off creditors and such (unless it’s the pesky banks that refuse to lend to anyone or the heartless taxman who – to me at least – seems like some sort of apparition that I can feel stalking me – yikes!)

This Hentai image below I have inspired me today… thank God for Japanese artistic imagination 🙂

So I thought I’d cheer myself up with some long awaited cute asian girls, most notably the lovelies from Japan but also a few from America that I remember well and would absolutely LOVE to see in a spanking film again… but more of that later. This blog had become known for highlighting Japanese spankings, so I want to make a return to my old values and highlight what is essentially some damned good spanking cinema from Japan and will appeal to those that love mother/daughter and schoolteacher scenarios! Combine this with their last 2 films at CutieSpankee and you get old Mrs Kanga, fearsome teacher… and strict mom, all rolled into one, so watch out girls… oh, and her poor daughter cops it too at home!

 Mrs Kanga – fearsome teacher and stern mother with the paddle she loves to use at will!

There are 2 constants in (my) universe when it comes to Japanese ladies… for some delightful reason, they have the silkiest softest “lady gardens” down there, and often don’t shave it all off, which I absolutely adore, and for some reason… most Japanese girls cry pitifully, they also sound like this in orgasm too, so I never know whether the girls are in ecstasy or agony 🙂

However, one thing is certain (oops, does that make 3 things I’m saying are “constants?”) … their use of the paddle or hairbrush is firm and unyielding… and in this film where the daughter gets a wake up reminder, her bottom is pummelled until the tears flow and her cheeks are a shameful burning red! There is also a freeview Wmv clip (below) I’ve hosted at this blog – I suggest you take a look 🙂



Enough teasing withthose beautiful white panties!
See the daughter spanked and given the hairbrush across her tight bare bottom (below)

& remember at school the girls, including her daughter, if she misbehaves, get punished without mercy! As you’ll see below, Mrs Kanga is of the “Old Guard” that believe in severe discipline to better educate her girls!



You can find much more with a ton of preview stuff from the excellent CutieSpankee.com


The inspiration behind this next Hentai image will become apparently clear as I searched my drive for this film after seeing thsi awesome naughty image of a maid bent over clearing up with all her lady bits shamefully on display! I totally get the runaway imagination of Hentai… I hope you appreciate these too in the context of the spanking film that follows…

My next visit is to Hand-Spanking.com – Japan’s specialist all female spanking site, no implements, just some damned hot spanking films in all the situations we expect from this country, domestic and school classrooms are regularly featured… like this pitiful maid who is thrashed by this angry housewife who is far from happy with her shoddy, lazy cleaning and falling asleep on the job whilst, she, the mistress is out! Enjoy the images, these accompany the full file Wmv-HQ film located HERE.





Check out the very latest movie updates & FREE movie previews only at Hand-Spanking.com


& so America and Punishedbrats.com – of all places. Why? Well, do you remember 2 actresses by the names of Helen Lei and Nyssa Nevers? Well, I do, and both girls made a significant impact for me when they appeared at the time. So much so, that if and when I ever do make it to America (well, I know I will definitely be there next year anyway), I will make it my mission to spank Nyssa over my knee… come hell or high water 🙂

See why below in my screen grabs that I took from one of her many films she made, this alongside Beverly Bacci, who I can never make up my mind if I prefer as a top or a bottom (she is equally good in both roles!). Nyssa allows a computer virus to mess up beverly’s PC…hmmm, I wonder how this is gonna end?





Do NOT miss any of Nyssa’s great movies – which you can be able to view HERE

… & before I go, I wanted to show you some images, a reminder if you like, of Helen Lei, equally pretty and with an equally spankable bottom, she could also brat with the best of them and whine and complain when she was getting spanked (just how I like to see it!) – So without further waffle, check out these stills images taken from one of her films… enjoy! I most certainly did 🙂




Need I say more? Well, you can see MORE of Helen and her fellow brats getting what they deserve right here


“Chief! I’ve been such a naughty girl, won’t you spank me?”