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Brazilian Girls – Spankings & Canings – Thongs and Cute CUTE Asses!

I didn’t know this would get approved so quickly but NAUGHTYBOTTOM.com have the amazing series of spanking and discipline films done in Brazil have now been remastered and re-edited with EXTRA film footage, never before seen out takes and scenes with 100s of pics to compliment the Hi Res playback of the movies. There are 4 films in total, over 1 hour’s worth of cute girls in thongs, bikinis, school uniforms (and less) -lol all├é┬áreceiving a shock as we went to Brazil to discipline these wayward but very cute girlies!
Anyway, enough waffle, there’s a special promotional page that explains everything and includes a long play special promotional free clip from the first film.

Special new Brazilian Girl Discipline package

This is a unique Brazilian Discipline Package only available in FULL from NAUGHTYBOTTOM.com

As a real treat I have also managed to get you an EXCLUSIVE first play of this promotional Clip from the last film.
See watch weep and then be prepared to want this very naughty latino spectacular!

click here to play

FULL MOVIES can be downloaded HERE

Cold Shower anyone?????
Regards, Chief.