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Impossibly Cute Spankees!

Just a couple of updates but these needed posting as Adrienne Black is back at Firm Hand Spanking and in possibly her sexiest brattiest role yet, she is spanked and paddled with a wooden spoon completely in the buff, the added bonus of this is she is spanked in front of strategically placed bathroom mirrors giving us a glimpse of her trim body and tight buttocks with 3 angles shown at once! I have a short clip below which I implore you to check out and some HQ images that members can download now! Enough of my waffle, just enjoy this amazing new update!

The final part of this movie contains a great scene of the camera following young college brat, Adrienne, back to her bedroom as you can see her sore, red jiggling cheeks – it’s a great end to this most painful of short sharp shock punishments for the beyond cute Adrienne Black!

FULL Movie & full archives of Adrienne Black available HERE


BadTushy has been updating some really HOT F/f spanking movies recently and this recent Mom/Daughter spanking is no exception as slutty Jennifer is caught red handed flirting with boys on a webcam (the beginning of the movie you get the webcam perspective!) and there’s no escape or explanation that Jennifer can make – so she is taken over the knee for a hard embarrassing spanking to teach her a lesson and when she complains that this isn’t right & “she’s too old for this shit” she’s placed over the table and her bare bottom is reddened further with more stern spanking. Jennifer is wonderfully sexy, the sort of daughter you’d be dead scared to leave out of your sight if she was under your roof… there are plenty of nasty men out there (yeah, like me) that would *love* to show them what happens when you flirt online!!!

Oh my goodness, Jennifer’s bottom really does turn a beautiful shade of red by the end of this!

You can also check out all the most recent movie updates at the extensive tour pages HERE


Finally today a couple of updates from NorthernSpanking – I was going to do a classic with Kami Robertson which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy, but when I went into the members area I see the pesky folk of Northern have been messing with me with a brand new update today starring the gorgeous Irelynn Logeen and lovers of naughty girls wearing skimpy dresses and tights/stockings (getting spanked over these first then having them and the knickers yanked down… well, you’re in for a treat with Miss Irelynn!)

But 1st… to Kami who is simply “oh so cute” in this classic, an inspiration to the title of today’s post… enough of me gushing on, please see what I mean below!  I wish I had a little “treat” like this today! (England easily beating Wales in the Euro qualifiers today doesn’t count!)

Kami presented herself to boyfriend Stephen in this movie as his “Birthday Treat” – If you haven’t seen this before then you are yourselves in for a treat as she dressed up in his favorite fantasy uniform as a nurse and allowed him to spank and caress her warmed bare bottom before allowing him to strap and crop her delicious tushy! This is NOT a punishment spanking, of course… so contains plenty of gratuitous scenes of bottom rubbing and a huge smug grin across the face of Stephen Lewis! Trouser arousal settings are, naturally, at maximum!

OK, if that wasn’t hot & cute enough from the vast NorthernSpanking archives… then the very latest update which again has lucky Mr Lewis this time paired with the adorable Irelynn Logeen who caters to gentlemen like myself who like seeing girls punished for staying out waaaaaay too late in their clubbing gear… Irelynn’s short dress, stockings and panties are no match for Stephen as he confronts her over her unavailability when he wondered where the hell she was! She’s drunk and abusive and past caring… but I think she’ll have other things on her mind in a few moments to worry about! See the 1st teaser images I have for you… members will be able to see much more of this unfold over the coming days!

Yikes! That telltale redness is creeping through her frilly knickers! Want to see more?

Have a good rest of weekend – don’t go far as I have news more updates coming and a great new blog which I aim to update daily to get the content posts up and make it a worthwhile place to visit for FemDom lovers (it’s open but I’m just finishing off the boring crap to make it look nicer, like the sidebars and stuff – as these are a pain and I’d rather make some of my own banners to make it a little more unique, something which I will be doing here soon as well… ok, I’m waffling… yadda yadda yadda!)


Something Old, Something New & Something Coming!

OK, I’m preparing to travel any time now for our next film shoot at AAAspanking and I’m really looking forward to it! It’s the fun part of owning your own little spanking site, the actual day of filming! I’ll let you all know how it went on Sunday or Monday latest as I have promised to also let members have a peek at behind the scenes and what they can expect as we edit whatever films we make! The girls have said they’re coming, I’m getting this post out then that will be it until I come back from the Shoot on Sunday!


Something Old: No it’s not “Leia-Ann Woods” – (awww, you know I’m kidding and have a spanko crush on you anyway, Leia!) - No, it’s this classic set of images and clip that I’ve got from Peter Schoober’s SpankingServer as I take you on a quest to marvel at the sight of Regina, one of the prettiest girls there to have been subjected to their various famous implements including the dreaded Gyno Chair as Regina took a pussy strapping, fully exposed, and possibly got me all hot and bothered for wearing those insanely cute Girl Scout and Snow White-esque costumes – oh my! Take a look below and I have got you a free clip courtesy of SpankingServer as well!

Hi Res images of Regina are below of her in the chair and also legs hoisted up as her exposed bottom is mercilessly strapped!



As promised some incredibly cute images of Regina in her girl scout uniform.


You can see these classic sets & movies from the permanent section of SpankingServer’s member area.


Below is something NEW with Amelia Jane Rutherford in a delightful film as this series continues at FirmHandSpanking.com – I have also got a small clip showing you a side cam angle with her facial reactions – the full movie, which I’ve seen, contains the carpet beater close up and focussed on Amelia’s amazing bottom as well!




Amelia Rutherford discovers that a rattan carpet beater can deliver a blistering tanning to a bare bottom – hers! An investigation of corporal punishment takes her into the realms of domestic servant discipline. What to do if a maid is stealing expensive perfume? Thrash her! Amelia finds out first hand what 12 strokes with a carpet beater feels like!

There are plenty more angles to view this beating, one is below as I show you some of Amelia’s facial reactions which are a peach! Members can view the full unrestricted movie in this Definitive Guide Series…

The full movie can be viewed HERE (check out the tour pages as there’s an additional rear view short clip you might want to see!)


& for something coming up, I haven’t quite decided yet what movie we should show, but I do know that a movie with Kami Robertson is due and I hadn’t actually seen the movie below until yesterday when I was reviewing what had been edited, but I quite like this film as it has me spanking and slippering Kami’s bare cheeks whilst she was in this Flamenco costume – it was the 1st time she had used this and wanted to be spanked in it, so we duly obliged (with a cheesy storyline) and me attempting to be camp at the start but I soon lost track of what I was doing and just got into the flow of thrashing Kami’s beautiful bare rump instead! These images have never been shown anywhere, as this film is not out yet… so enjoy what is coming very soon to AAAspanking and remember the 3 and 6 month options I have on the sign up pages HERE are basically giving you access to my site from just $12.50!!! bargain! 😀


OK, I’m off now, will let you all know very soon how the Film Shoot went. Chief.

The things women do!

Girls spanking girls, women punishing other women, ladies thrashed by ladyfolk – I think you will get the gist of my little update today as I bring you what’s new and hot and what’s been on my media player in the last 24 hours since I was last waffling here! It promises to be a Female spanking Festival of Fun – if you’re into that. Otherwise go check my other blog at TEEN-SPANKINGS when I will be updating that later today with some good hard male dominated spankings of young ladies!

So onto my 1st update, I had been watching this again earlier, it was the last of about 7 or 8 films from the “Houseguest from Hell” series with Michaela McGowen at FirmHandspanking (last year) and this caught my eye as me and “Er Indoors” are planning a quick ski break very soon… seeing Michaela in her Snowboarding gear just infuriated me as I am an “old skool” skier who can’t abide these grunge kids and their fashions on the ski slopes, so seeing Miss McGowen thrashed by Aunt Cindy for slacking off with her snowboard instead of working at home was extremely satisfying to watch!



See MORE of Michaela’s movies only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Elizabeth simpson crops up from time to time at SlutSpanking.com as this is an F/F dedicated site and I just noticed that there is a new full screen movie update there which has her caught out slacking (I sense a theme here) where she claimed to be too ill to turn up to a film shoot only for Miss Baxter (played by the infamous Miss Bradley) to give her a piece of her mind and a darned good OTK thrashing in full screen glory – F/F lovers will love this site as it has a massive archive of content all with Hi Res movies and HD wmv playback!



If you haven’t already, see the FREE Clip of Elizabeth spanked on the home page HERE


2 New girls are currently on show at Punishedbrats and feature the 1st and 2nd showing of these girls they’re that new… newcomer Becca goes over the knee of relative newbie Dia, so it’s refreshing to see these 2 at Punishedbrats giving us some excellent variety of the latest F/F themed punishment spanking! Exclusive images from this film “Sorority Vote ” below:



Becca refused to vote for Dia as sorority president. Bully Dia is going to make the underclassman change her mind by warming her bottom and making her comply with her every demand!

See more of cute new girl Becca & her amazing smooth butt only at PunishedBrats.com


Want to know why I love Japanese spankings? Well just check out some images taken from my own personal archives of Cutiespankee and I think these bikini spankings images taken from a great movie I had watched again earlier this morning will better explain why I consistently rate this site HOT HOT HOT!!! Dang!





Cute butts, squealing girls, real tears & some truly hard wooden paddlings – welcome to the whacky world of spanking in Japan – CLICK HERE to see the very latest updates as well as free movie previews!


Sarah Gregory has been busy and in these 2 very recent movie updates you’ll see Sarah spanked by the fearsome Dana Specht (mental note to Sarah: avoid titles with seasons like Summer and spring otherwise Miss Specht will appear like a wicked witch to spank your botty!) – then sarah gets to take it out on one of her girlfriends, Ashley, who many of you will know has appeared at Punishedbrats in the past!

SPRING BREAK: Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this 2 part long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment.



FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Ashley and her girlfriend Sarah are having a private and sexy evening in until Sarah notices that they are being streamed live from Ashley’s laptop. No way is Sarah okay with her sex life being put out for others to watch. She takes her girlfriend over the knee for some hard bare bottom spanking to teach her how to respect someone’s privacy.



Click here to see ALL the very latest movies out now only from SarahGregorySpanking.com


Tomorrow I’m going to do a full review of what is available across the entire network of Clare Fonda’s great sites but until then, perhaps you might be tempted by this naughty film taken from Episode 49 of MySpankingRoomMate.com which has one of my favorite stars, Kay Richards, once again getting a much deserved spanking… & I NEVER tire of seeing her spanked! (Which is why I was catching up on some lost episodes) This one has a pissed off Make Up Artist, Nikki, turning up for an appointment only for kay to blow her out as she has just agreed to go work instead for time & a half pay instead! Wrong! You made the agreement, Miss Richards… now you must pay the price for being so selfish! Love it! & I have cut you an exclusive free preview clip with some images taken directly from the movie! Enjoy!!! (I most certainly did!)





This site is part of the famous Clare Fonda Pass network (see below)


Say “Aloha” to Amber’s latest girl, Kay, from Hawaii!

Finally here is a special “What’s Coming ” at Amber’s great sites as she proudly informs her blog readers of her recent film shoot with her first beautiful black girl and judging by the images which Amber kindly showed at her blog (I have them here too!) these are courtesy of her iPhone at the time of the shoot! This ebony honey gets the full treatment that Amber has become so adept at – giving and receiving spankings! She admitted that Kay spanked her harder than any other girl & of course Amber knows just how to get the most out of her newbies so always treats us to some of the most erotic spanking visual treats (check out kay’s oiled reddened bottom below, and you’ll see what I mean!)


My pants are going to be in some serious trouble when Kay’s films with Amber come online very soon at the banners below! Nice one, Amber!

Cream Horn Spankings

Sorry about the absence! As I said I’ve been busy away from the blog so once again “Sorry!” My humble apologies if I seem somewhat tardy in updating nearly everyday to just 3 or so times a week but what I will update I hope you all love! better late than never and just released at SpankedCallgirls.com is my long standing favorite spankee, Kay Richards who looks super slutty and amazingly “dee-lish” in that outfit with her dress showing off all her natural curves… She gets properly “man spanked” by Double Dan… and I gotta say, if ever I make it over to LA (which I hope to much later this year) I will be looking up Kay for some man spanking of my own… and that’s a promise! Find out why she gives ol’ Chiefy his trusted “Cream Horn” Award!

Today’s Cream Horn Award goes to Kay Richards at Spankedcallgirls.com




This is something we should see more of, Kay getting MAN spanked! I love Kay’s husky accent and the way she moans and complains, it’s just so sexy! In this episode, you’ll see Kay getting some hot OTK action from her client which is one of the hardest thrashings she has had in a long time. Kay always gets very red and sore, vulnerable and weepy as we all know! Mmm!! See more of Kay HERE


Another of my real faves is the lucious Michaela mcGowen, another who easily earns the Cream Horn from me everytime, again it’s her cute accent, the way she whines and complains when things go against her like this wonderful scene from the infamous “Houseguest from Hell” series just over a year ago at Firmhandspanking.com – yeah, I know it’s old but it’s worth posting, and bear with me as I’ll update with a brand new honey from there afterwards!




OMG she’s incredible, isn’t she? I have gone Michaela mental recently, check out how Aunt Cindy disapproves of Michaela’s short skirt then chases and spanks this gorgeous brat in the long play streaming clip below: Enjoy!

& as promised some short clips of a newbie and some images too which I’m sure will have already been circulated, but this new girl has the look of Ann Hathaway about her, don’t you think? I kind of want to see the actress spanked for making some criminal films like that awful princess one (can’t remember the title) oh hang on, I’ll go Google her film biography…. one sec!

tum tee tum…. just looking

still looking her up… *sigh*

Ah yes… “The Princess Diaries” (d’oh!) and I think they made a sequel too (WTF?) Anyway, as I said, new girl Carey Brooks has the touch of Ann hathaway about her…. and I’m sticking with that as it does it for me!


Yes! Those buns ARE real, carey is the possessor of a fantastic bubble butt!!!




Newbies & Stunners Spanking Festival

It’s late here in the UK, I have basically lied to “er indoors” and told her I’d be off to bed early tonight yet here I am perusing t’Internet for some amazing stuff (there wasn’t anything on the TV worth watching tonight) and I have to get up early tomorrow and do my own Christmas shopping – I haven’t got a damned thing! Nothing… nada! Should I buy her those leather slippers or that fine looking hairbrush I saw the other day? Perhaps a bath brush, they are always useful! Decisions Decisions! 😀

Now what I hope you don’t mind me shoiwng you, as I’m well aware some of these girls might have been shown elsewhere, is some amazing video footage and also some additional images you might not have seen from this kick ass site – FirmHandSpanking.com

I have the real hots for Adrienne Black, she’s about 6 foot tall and towers over her dad’s lawyer, Earl Grey, who is entrusted with her continuing discipline program only this time she’s lied again and the “fender bender” minor accident she said happened was in fact a “Write Off” – now you know she’s been bad when she has to be punished completely in the buff, catching a sight of those oh so long legs, her perky tits and very slim trim waist as she sticks out her bottom for a heavy wooden paddling is something NO ONE should miss! Check out my free preview and images below! Needless to say – she and all the girls featured today come with the Chief’s highest “Trouser Arousal Alert” – be warned!

OK, the above clip was streaming but that was because it was a long one at over a minute, this girl is one of my favorites and I think you can see why with that trim body, her gorgeous looks, her tamed attitude and a beautiful reddening tight butt!


Another of the sassy gorgeous brats that FirmhandSpanking have been lucky enough to obtain is Annabelle vanderwood! She has the looks of a catwalk model and the manners and aloofness that cries out for some discipline and her parents know this and have entrusted life coach Mr Reed to sort out this haughty, sniffy madam! Filmed in one of daddy’s plush apartments in Vegas, you’ll get to see Annabelle cuss, swear and answer back as her tight bubble butt takes a pounding from Mr Reed’s leather paddle! Once again, as with ALL of Annabelle’s films, she is a highly addictive spankable that requires to be viewed often!

When Mr Reed overhears plans for clubbing on a college night, Annabelle is ordered to bend over for a dose of his leather paddle. “You think this is fun and games?” he asks. “Maybe,” she sasses – as her dress is raised to bare that smooth, round booty! Any excuse and as you’ll have heard, Annabelle has quite a “potty mouth” to match her arrogant attitude!

Ok, these were some very recent updates from the new breed of girl (but Firm Hand have got some BRAND NEW girls in as you probably know by now!) The first of these is teenager Carly Russell. She has such a spankable cute butt that cries out to be thrashed red raw and luckily her behavior easily justifies this excuse as she joins the Boot Camp and it’s not long before she’s got her very first OTK spanking! I love these first timers… they react so beautifully and complain that little bit more, don’t you think?

Carly Russell is sent to Boot Camp for shoplifting, truancy and vandalism. This young tearaway thinks she’s immune to rules and consequences. But Mr Strickman is about to set her straight! Carly is shocked to learn that corporal punishment is used, and she’s about to get it. Her tight jeans and then her delicate panties are pulled down in stages, and remember this is her very first spanking at just 18 years of age!


Finally today from me, another new recruit to life coach Mr Reed at Reform School. This is the very alluring and pouty Monica Bouget. She is petite at under 5 feet but what an attitude on her! Seriously, this girl has issues and it’s pretty clear within a couple of minutes of talking to Mr Reed that he has his work cut out with this brat… luckily you know that means she’s gonna be around getting her just desserts and boy, does she get them as her feisty attitude and “smart alec” replies earn her a place over his lap with her knickers down getting her bottom spanked for the first time which she finds rather humiliating!

How did she end up at Reform School? Exotic senior Monica Bouget was in so much trouble at her regular school and at home. Having driven her parents crazy, she was sent to Frank Reed at his Reform School to see if her attitude could be changed with varied corporal punishment! This little miss has a mouth she can’t control, but as you’ll see – Mr Reed will straighten her out, laid over his knee with her panties pulled down from the start!

I’m looking forward to seeing Monica’s next punishment, this is one girl I will enjoy seeing being tamed at Reform School! Check out all the girls above with yet more reviews from the home page HERE

Massive Weekend Spankings

I have a real treat for you all today, some of the biggest names in the spanking world bent over and getting very naughty with their oh so cute pert butts thrashed for our viewing pleasure! & where to start? Well, first of all, I just wanted to post a pic of our 1st snowfall this winter, it’s largely melted from last night as I’m in the “milder” south west of England… but there’s still some White Stuff about and loads more on it’s way along with blizzard predictions for next week (oh f*cking great!)

Yes, I’m sure readers in the southern hemisphere are giggling as they chill out on the beach!

OK, so onto some spankings which will surely warm us all up and I have to warn you watching Amber in this series from her latest update with an old favorite “Ambere“, another natural redhead who makes a very welcome return giving us 2 red haired beauties for the price of 1 which gets the Chief’s HIGHEST Trouser Arousal ratings – seeing these 2 together will have you drained dry in minutes if you’re not careful… so proceed with caution 🙂

I have a whole series of goodies (below) from her 1st update and this is what Amber excitedly had to say about her time again with Ambere:

“Cute, young fit bubble butted Ambere comes over as her boyfriend watches. She’s mad at him because the night before she gave him head and passed out without getting her off. She said originally that I could spank her but not use my vibe on her. But she was so horny when she got there that when I asked if I could hold the magic wand on her pussy, she’s like “hell, yeah! I don’t care who holds it, I wanna cum!” I enjoyed spanking her and getting her off as her bf watched… I was showing him and teaching him how to fuck his girl, I’m hoping next time she comes back I’ll get to use my strap-on on her as he watches and I’ll make her say “Amber you fuck me better than my man!” I love how the young girls like Ambere get so wet and cum so easy. I knew Ambere would be back when she first came with Jessika about a year earlier. She seemed to really enjoy being spanked and genuinely likes girls and was very attracted to me, as I was to her. She’s open and free and gave herself up, a fully surrendered little pain slut, all tight and toned for me!”

Now check out some of these red hot scenes, this is just the start!!!

& Ambere is brought off by Amber…but members will be able to see this in full, of course!

Click here to see more of Amber and friends incl your chance to purchase access to BOTH of her spanking sites for a very generous $10 monthly reduction (this is seriously HOT stuff!!!)


Another hot cutie I have a thing for is one Miss Kailee Robinson, you’re really spoilt for choice when you want to check out her stuff, she has basically worked for all the major spanking producers in the USA and a few in Europe but some of her best girl girl stuff (since I’m on this theme at the moment – hell, it sells as it caters to ol’ pervs like me!!! heh heh) look no further than Clare’s group of sites from the CLAREFONDAPASS Network and in particular I have this little gem where Clare loses it totally with a very tired over sleeping hooker that is Kailee – check out the special long play free clip I have had made and also some images you might like to peruse over! All courtesy of Spankedcallgirls.com – Clare Fonda’s hooker babes spanking site!

You can see more of this movie and check out the latest updates that are out at SpankedCallgirls HERE – I have also got you the very latest update in images below from Clare’s latest exclusive hot model Mary Jane (who is just adorable!) and wouldn’t you think about shelling out to spend some “quality time” with her for a couple of hours? Ahem! An innocent looking spanking hooker chick, who looks so filthy and slutty in these pics below that could drain the juice of mere mortal men from 100 yards!

O-M-G… was that hot, eh? You can see why Clare has got Mary Jane in an exclusive deal! See what happens to her when one of Clare’s clients pays top Dollar to have a go on her ass and avail themselves to using this innocent looking thing as they wished (click the large image of MJ in the crucifix position below)

I’m sure many of you will know I also have the hots for Snow Mercy, whether as a spanker or as a spankee… and she’s back in her Aunt Bella role looking so darned hot, this 5′ 11″ beauty really does it for me, hell, I was even scoping her out at ClareSpanksMen.com recently, LOL! Seriously if you want a peek at something different, check out how darned awesome she looks as she spanks poor kade over her knees! CLICK HERE – I reckon I could even take a spanking over her lap (well, maybe it’s a fantasy, not sure I could go through with it, but she’d be the “one to turn me” if there was a chance… heh heh! Oops as usual I am digressing, please just click on the 2 images below for the latest updates to come out of GirlSpanksGirl.com in the Aunt Bella series, there’s a full explanation and tons of free images taken from the movie for you to check out!

Check out more of Aunt Bella and other girl on girl spankings including, of course, the complete series of Excluisve Education (all 5) HERE

All of Clare’s site featured above can be viewed as part of a 3, 4 or 5 site deal on a monthly or even cheaper quarterly basis and the BEST way to view clare’s sites at the CLAREFONDAPASS


Finally from Firmhandspanking there is the latest movie of Kayla Apple, I’m starting to really like this new girl’s spankings, she has some amazing facial reactions and whimpers in a most magnificent manner – Now check out Kayla getting paddled with a HUGE wooden instrument of destruction (lol), click the image below which gives you an exclusive FREE view of this wmv clip from the latest full length movie.

“Couldn’t you spank me instead?” asks pretty Kayla Apple, “or swats?” She’s in trouble for stealing another student’s purse. The resource officer at her Private School would send her to court. But the principal offers ten swats with his wooden paddle. The catch is they’re given totally bare bottom, bent over his desk. “That was one heck of a paddling!” she said (and you’ve now seen the proof of this in the clip above!)

Check out the full length movie of Kayla Apple HERE