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Monday’s Spank Related Gossip

The start of another week, as we hurtle towards Xmas… at work we have started taking sweepstakes on whether the Euro will collapse by then, or not. My date is 19th December. The prize? 30 Euros (lol) – this lack of respect for what was and is supposed to be a decent currency stems from the fact many of us feel resentful how the rest of Europe treats our island nation. I remember the shameful day Britain was knocked out of the exchange rate mechanism (the ERM as it was called) in the early 1990’s when the major European currencies were trying to stay within a narrow band to see if the forebearer of the Euro could actually work. Of course, George Soros made $2 Bn Dollars off our country in a day (when $2Bn really was a lot of money then) when he forced the Pound out of the system when the markets sensed a killing.

It caused untold havoc with employment and national shame as our currency devalued nearly 20% overnight! I’m sure the Germans and French are secretly printing their previously precious Marks and Francs as I just don’t see how the industrial stable economies of northern Europe or the peoples of these nations can sustain the wasteful “Mediterrean economies” that have recklessly borrowed beyond their means for years and whose countrymen list pastimes as “Tax Evasion” as a way of life! Why should the hard taxed Germans pay for all those lazy, tax avoiding Med types chilling out beside the beach? I resent the fact Britain has had to indirectly bail out these basket cases via the IMF (yes I haven’t forgotten the 1970’s when our country humbly went cap in hand to the IMF, but that’s another story). So here we are, Europe really is on the brink, the markets are closing in for the kill, like wolves circling a wounded Bison, it’s far from over… but one wrong move now and the wolves will tear the beast apart…

The Euro may well go down the crapper just as Sterling was kicked out of the ERM all those years ago, and for once, I won’t gloat or be smug as Europe is our largest trading partner… to put it in terms here, European customers will not be thinking about renewing their memberships or buying new ones as they wonder what the hell has happened to their savings and pensions and earning power outside their country! So, I actually hope I lose my bet, not because my prize would become even more worthless overnight, but because this is something the world just can not take anymore, we’ve had years of hardship (well, I have) – it won’t get any better and of course what does that mean for producers of our fave subject? It’s a disaster too, as people have less money to spend… more sites may cut back or close altogether as the margins to continue are at breaking point for many already!

So on that happy note, why don’t I just get on with what is out there and let you decide what to maybe purchase to escape from all this financial doom and gloom as some sites nowadays are better value than ever, but you have to watch out for those that promise a ton of sites for little – as that is the sort of updates you will get – little overall – and I don’t actively showcase any sites with these policies here so fear not as I take you to Dallas and his punishment of one gorgeous Samantha Woodley!

Seeing her latest punishment right now – her first genuine comeback to the scene after a few years out (yes she is still showing as new updates as she had filmed a lot of stuff years back) but to see her with Dallas again, I will show you some scenes of her 1st day from the movie as her facial expressions show off perfectly what she goes through with her paddling and hand spankings!


I hope Dallas doesn’t mind this clip I cut as it is a small part of what I hope will be enough to capture the respect and friendship between these 2 as Dallas gives her a punishment that it sppeared she badly needed! Below is the description of the series of films to come from the man himself!



This is what Dallas had to say about this outstanding return punishment: Now regardless what some will say, this is the first on camera spanking she has received in two years. She exited from the scene for her own personal reasons. When she called requesting a spanking where she could not run away, I felt I owed it to her… and you.

This was a spanking punishment that took place over a two day period. I started with an over the knee hand, hairbrush & paddles. You will love the way she squirms and eventually cries from this very real punishment. Anyone knowing Samantha also knows that tears are few and far between with her and spanking. She felt jaded and wondering if she was even into punishment spankings still. I guess she found out. Sent to the corner (which she hates), Samantha was MADE to say ‘Sir’ (which she also hates). There she was MADE to relinquish control.

She spent the night in handcuffs and was awakeded to continue her punishment fully nude the next morning. I clear wrapped her to the bench to really make the ‘running away’ message loud and clear.


Next, she is given a riding crop whipping, the belt, a long severe strapping and a super hard hand spanking that she admitted was the worst over the two day period). YOU WILL LOVE THIS SPANKING BECAUSE IT WAS REAL! See it all exclusively from Dallas Spanks Hard


 Ok… and onto my friends in Euroland and beyond as I took out a membership to Girls Boarding School again recently to see what Headmaster Tom has been up to… and “boy” has he been busy! You’ll be seeing a lot more of their stuff here as his site gets back to basics as only Herr Headmaster knows how… severely! Witness the state of Elin’s bottom (below) afte a rather severe bedroon dorm style strapping and some excellent snivelling cornertime! Now if only he’d find Micaela and tharsh her (it was one of Michael’s finest triumphs, for me, but alas… I think beautiful Micaela may not be back but as a member you can download her films she did make and this was possibly one of the best looking girls to have been given the GBS treatment… still Elin’s trim scholastic figure (below) is a visual treat for those that like to see their naughty girls given a proper hiding!



You can much more of Headmaster Tom’s craftmanship with hand, cane and tawse HERE


In Russia, no one hears the schoolgirls scream anymore, or at least, I don’t think anyone cares if the latest tear jerking thrashings  are anything to go by! I used to avoid this site like the plague, but since their excellent makeover a few years ago and the better quality films and editing, this site is one of those I try to keep to myself, if you know what I mean…. some of their punishments are very severe, but they are in no way as brutal as some I won’t mention here (which I just don’t get, to be honest. ) Me? I like to see pretty girls on the internet getting realistic punishments, if that involves shame, humiliation, nudity, very red and sore red bottoms and some simple storyline I can get and be taken into, then… *sigh* – so be it 🙂 I’m a simple man with simple tastes… but only taste the good stuff *wink* (Didn’t Winston Churchill say something similar once?)


& if the girls ever thought safety in numbers was preferable, they could be right – as some of the detentions like this one featured below are to be avoided at all costs, hard no nonsense discipline at lunchtime then sent back to class without anything to eat to reflect what a thoroughly miserable afternoon in class this girl would endure trying to sit comfortably! Ouch!




Tears, nervous girls & very hard punishments from Russia – Click HERE for the full previews


OK, onto something a little lighter as I bring you one of my fave models from Punishedbrats.com -another of my must see sites that you always see me harping on about! Lorraine Little, ever since she burst onto our screens courtesy of PB some 18 or so months ago (possibly longer as my abillity to tell time is appalling) she was bratty, pouty, cried and complained a lot… and of course, that butt of hers, O-M-G! So perky, so spankable, just aching to be tanned as she wiggled and squirmed over whoever was punishing her (usually sister Beverly if it wasn’t Aunt Veronica or Uncle David) – well, feast your eyes on her most recent film, her hair is still short, I have gotten used to it now, but that pout, that ass, that sassy bratty behavior, it’s still there…. begging for her to get punished!

Lorraine pouts and brats – but she still gets a spanking!




Check out MORE of pouty Lorraine’s brattiest movies alongside her tormentor Beverly Bacci HERE


A brat film with a different perspective? Well, check out Brandi’s humiliating punishment as she is stripped and made to kneel on a stool whilst she is spanked and strapped from behind!

Such was the force of the strapping and the sheer shame of knowing there were others peeping at her discipline session, tears ran down her cheeks! See what I mean from a few images cut from the movie below, Brandi’s pert trim body is timeless thanks to film… forever one of my fave spankees from the past, captured on film for all (internet and domain name) eternity 🙂





See the vast archive of teen Brandi’s many severe and excluisve spanking punishments HERE

You can also check her out at the sites below where she also featured quite heavily, especially with her fellow naughty girl at the time, redhead Jessica who was my first redhead spanking crush online many moons ago!



& of course let’s not ignore Jessica paddled on her own, she had the tightest perkiest ass that could take a hell of a wooden paddling, seeing her punished still like that I just find an awesome sight to watch! (Especially in her uniforms!!!)


Check out Teen Jessica’s equally alluring site – STILL updating with new content and images like these above!


& finally today, as promised, I got my act together and have been uploading a film to our Clips Store HERE whilst writing this (yes, men can multi task… sort of) and it’s a great bratty film with Sarah Gregory, not seen anywhere and I doubt it will be shown at the main site in all its HD glory for a while so this is a great preview for anyone obsessed with all things “Sarah G”… and who wouldn’t be? I re ran this film earlier and it made me smile so much, she was just so sassy and gave me “lip” at every chance, mocking my accent, our chocolate, being a complete Diva… hence the name of this film “Diva Spanking” (yes, boring title, I know… yawn!) What isn’t boring is the hard stinging paddling I gave her with our very stinging composite paddle that Sarah later confirmed in her best “Queen’s English” … “Hurt like buggery!”

Click image below to access this latest film



Tearful Punishments

Tears can come at any time during a punishment, however, spanking isn’t just about “punishing” – for many it’s a form of expression in sexual play and that submissive/dominant role that plays a huge part in a fulfilling sexual relationship. Point in case being Amber and as I had the good luck to check her site earlier today I saw that her Daddy is once again taking a dominant role with a strong sexual element… well, if you call seeing Amber getting fucked from behind (including a rather convenient butt plug parked deep up her anus for that wholesome full feeling as well) then, “Yes”, I’d say that’s probably quite sexual!!!

So it is to Amber we go first as she brats to the camera, jiggling her pert breast and playing the loveable cam whore she professes to be (and she is) until Daddy takes off his belt and lashes her behind which soon wipes the smile off her face and only then does he take her roughly from behind. The movie shows the full pleasure and pain of this taking of Amber, it may not look like a lot is on her terms, but you know it is, it is what she wants too… and “boy” does she get it! Images below are taken from the movie!





You can see MORE of this provocative and sexually explicit spanking session HERE


I must admit that I do get turned on seeing girls spanked or punished to tears (I think there’s a term for that, isn’t there?). Anyway, one such site that regularly has girls blubbing is a site that I find hard to ignore, that is Spanked Coeds – and these girls really get a nasty spanking punishment off the old Principal who just doesn’t take any shit off them… they know they are in trouble when they’re alone with him. Imagine the girl below (Bridget) who took a ride with him to a deserted parking lot to get punished? What *was* she thinking??? This is the persuasive power of this guy, he’s mean as hell, as you’ll see below!




Bridget’s smoking habit has got her into trouble for the last time as she is sent inside the car to be punished there and then… this will be in addition to the punishment she’ll receive when she gets back to the academy! Displeased with her answers, the principal slaps her face a few times to remind her how serious this is, it soon brings tears along with the dreaded hairbrush on her bare backside, as you’ll see in the free clip below!

You can see more uncompromising hard discipline of girls HERE


Next is an homage to one of my all time favorite girls from Headmaster Tom’s Girls-Boarding-School and that is the beautiful pert Linda. This wa sa girl that could take virtually anything, and she often did, especially the cane or wooden paddle, often leaving her tearful and with a very sore bruised bottom!



Because you have taken the time to read my blog I thought it only fair to reward you with these amazing aftermath cane shots of Linda (above). But there’s more, I also have some rare OTK images of Linda which I am sure you will all love too (see below). Linda is by far one of the prettiest girls to ever have been punished (severely) at Girls Boarding School – it’s something I think even Headmaster Tom now laments but fortunately she was featured a lot during her tenure and so members have a vast range of images and films to download of this blonde schoolgirl.



Linda’s perfect rump are a real visual treat, especially in the scene below where she is spanked in the bath tub! Imagine the joy of the teaching staff at this famous institution when presented with an awesome sight like her magnificent rump? I’d find any excuse to punish that, I really would! (ahem) See bent over while sitting in the bathtub. She is almost completely naked, except for her knickers which are pulled down and don’t really hide anything from the naked eye. Linda’s head is bowed down with shame. The cane whacks down onto her naked moistened buttocks making that sting all the worse! Result? One completely obedient, if somewhat tearful teenage girl!



Now that Headmaster Tom is back in full control – We can enjoy MORE harsh punishments like this!

CLICK HERE for the full extensive previews and extra images you can view from all the latest film updates now showing at the one and only Girls-Boarding-School.com


Finally, as I have ended on a schoolgirl theme, the next update to come out at the Triple A Spanking Clips Store will be the long play movie which members at AAAspanking will know as “Car Scratch” starring Leia-Ann Woods & Pandora Blake who are spanked and whacked by Headmistress, Jean Bradley, and a rather pervy looking janitor played (rather too well) by Paul Kennedy (lol). The girls thought they were keying the car of the janitor when in fact it was Miss Bradley’s… and once she finds out why they decided to vandalize a member of staff’s car, she brings in the janitor to help punish the girls as well – much to the disgust of them both as they found him “creepy”, making up excuses of “spillages” near the girls changing rooms and so on… so to be spanked with their pants down by him was the ultimate humiliation! You can choose any part of this special abridged Clips Versions as I had removed the 1st part which contained the build up dialog so in each of the 4 parts on offer there will be plenty of schoolgirl spanking and humiliation action. If you want to see the double punishment of the girls by both Miss Bradley and Mr Kennedy then I would recommend part 4 😉

Images are below and these movies will go live at 5pm GMT (or midday US East Coast time) – Each part is around 80-90mb each and plays in Wmv format (we alternate between the MP4 and Wmv formats but it seems other producers have been ignoring the strict 10mb/minute guidelines, so we thought we would too this time for these 6 minute clips and we’re still not abusing the limits… unlike some that I have seen!

Spanking Inquisition – part 1


Spanking Inquisition part 2


Spanking Inquisition part 3


Spanking Inquisition part 4


Don’t forget that you can view the full uncut version of this 30 minute film as part of a membership package at AAAspanking and we now have several NON recurring options as well as the Special 1 Year membership that works out at just $8.50 a month which is am amazing deal for our exclusive content! Back soon with more worldwide updates and news of another exclusive film coming to our clips store too 😉

Blistering Spankings to start off the week

Sarah probably thought our usual “summer weather” was abysmal (it usually is), however, the last couple of days has seen pretty much a fantastic mini heatwave that reminds me that summer could be on its way again… I know it’s too hot when I find it uncomfortable to drink red wine during the day and turn to chilled white or rose, lol! & as I suffer over what replacement car to purchase (spending hours on the Net searching for suitable ones) I haven’t neglected my spanking updates here and I thought you’d like this bumper set of varied sites to kick start off our week! Updates are both new and what I have been watching so you know exactly where to find anything you liked 😉

I haven’t featured BadTushy.com for a while and I have been currently updating my external hard drive as I lost some of their older films so am replacing these at the mo… one film I particularly enjoyed is below and from what you’ll see, I think you’ll understand why!

This is an amazing visual treat that should cover many of our favorite niches! Miss Law is always so strict and nasty never taking any crap from the girls in her charge so it is no surprise when she hears this foolish girl swearing, using foul suggestive language on the phone… smoking and dressed wholly inappropriately in those very tight jeans highlighting the shape of her fantastic bubble butt, that it’s not long before this young madam is given a spanking & a belting! her rump is first thrashed over her jeans, then her gorgeous bottom is accentuated by her tight panties until she cusses and swears, calling Miss law a “bitch” (big mistake!) and is given a bar of soap to suck on instead. The muffled noises and the bare bottom punishment that follows is indeed worth the entrance fee alone and this punishment continues until she is close to tears! I have got some images that accompany this film which should also give you a better idea of just how amazing this girl’s rear looked in and out of her clothing!

See more from this site HERE includng the latest new movie starring Madison Martin (below)


Back to England for the next couple of updates as I first give you the low down on this hot new girl called Aleesha Foxx. As I was present at Paul’s last shoot (with Leia) so I asked them about Aleesha and they were both full of praise for her and Paul promised me there were some great films coming up! Leia admitted to being naughty again… “the resident NS lesbian” she joked… you can see her get her claws into Aleesha’s rump below… here is the description by Paul of Aleesha, “She is gorgeous, a true spankette and a delight to be around. You will be seeing much more of Aleesha. Here we can see her being thoroughly enjoyed by the wicked Miss Woods!” Images below for your perusal.

There are plenty of other updates going up all the time here, including a new film (again with Leia… but I can write what I want inside brackets as she informed us all she usually disregards anything written inside such nonsense!!!) starring Lottie Kinsade, an amazing bottom and such a sullen lassie that could always take a hard spanking… and 2 great images I’ve got from other updates this week which I shall write about later at one of my other blogs… these star Rosie and Clover!



Next up is a site I haven’t featured much of… I must have been mad but it’s no use keeping these things to yourself and as it’s part of the English Spankers stable of sites, you know EXACTLY what you’ll be getting as this site features just about anything going that happens behind closed doors in Britain when it comes to spanking punishments of wives, girlfriends or schoolgirls… and of course there is also some naughty films included too where domestic discipline with sex and spanking are involved… covering women of every age, size, shape and color… this is a site that marvels in the spanking of women and they are proud to make their films a celebration of that fact! Some images below and a brief description should give you an idea of what Redstripe Films are all about, these are selected from me of some interesting movies shown recently!

Spanked & Fucked: When the wife’s away, well Dani Loveday took advantage of poor Karl and persuaded him to let her suck his cock, he agreed and she did and what a blow job! He then tried out his new spanking paddle an Dani’s beautiful firm bottom and turned it a bright red before bending her over and giving her the hard pounding fucking of her life with her sore red cheeks on full display.

Party Girl caned: Returning in the early hours of the morning Natasha is surprised to find a welcoming committee waiting for her. She is not so happy when after a telling off she is told she will be paddled and caned there and then. Her dress comes up and her skimpy panties come down as both aunt and uncle take it in turns to give this naughty girl a real tearful punishment she won’t forget!

Hairbrush Punishment: Schoolgirl Lotty has had a severe slippering but her Guardian is still not happy that she has got the message about behavior. More strict discipline is called for and a large hairbrush was used much to Lotty’s obvious dismay! Bent over, school knickers down… the heavy hairbrush beats down on her bare bottom and it has to be said Lotty did not like this beating one little bit and it shows in the full movie!

You can see the above free movie previews and dozens more from the extensive tour pages of Red Stripe Films


Regular readers to this blog will know my affection for one Miss Michaela McGowen who is only found at FirmHandSpanking.com – both she and Samantha Woodley were the 2 main players at this site several years ago that drew me to my continued membership and they are still featured regularly such as this very latest film now showing in the ongoing series… “College Discipline”. Michaela… as always, never disappoints! Her puppy dog eyes and pleading go unnoticed as she is given a thoroughly humiliating leather paddling punishment by Mr Ryan.

Michaela McGowen pays the penalty after Spring Break in College Discipline. Mr Ryan discovers she hasn’t registered for all her classes. It’s an excuse to punish her jutting bare bottom with 21 licks of a leather tawse. Great reactions from Michaela & slow-mo cheek-rippling replays!

This site would be worth every penny just downloading Michaela’s many many films alone, but of course, it offers so much more as it stars a vast collection of some of the hottest girls in spanking, and of course, this is at a usual membership fee making it a site difficult to ignore! You can see the extensive tour pages and the FREE Movie Clip of Michaela (featured above) direct from Firm Hand Spanking HERE


Girls-Boarding-School.com have become VERY interesting recently withthe news that awful Michael had been fired… to be replaced by Headmaster Tom again (yay!) – You can almost sense the groans of the girls already caught inside the Boarding School as we see in the latest installment of Tom’s first film back when he shows this insolent schoolgirl that bedtime will be a time NOT to look forward to over the next coming days!

The films updates have already begun and there is a promotional trailer which I’be added here along with some fantastic original images that members can view which also help promote this momentous occasion!

Tom is back & I can heartily recommend this film and all future updates! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


It’s been a short while since everyone reading this blog had their Japanese spanking fix… I get more searches for this type of spanking on my blog (even more than pajama/pyjama punishments!)… so to give what some of you have searched for, here are the latest (stunning) Japanese girl spanking updates which you have come to expect on here! I start with probably the cutest girl currently on the books of CutieSpankee, called Shizuku… she’s  finding out just what a spanko perv her nasty step mother, old Mrs Kanga, can be!

& as a special feature today I have made a comic strip from another most recent update where I used a little artistic license, OK, in the actual film, it wasn’t a “Rear of the Year” award… but looking at this cute office girl’s behind, I couldn’t resist! The actual movie is available from inside the member’s area now to download! Click on the comic strip below to enlarge fully!

More from CutieSpankee including free previews of the cutest girls can be seen HERE

Back soon with more news and arsing about… I’m off to update my other sites
Chief 🙂

Big Butts & Bubble Butt Spankings!

Time for a wobblesome bottom thrashing update as I delve into what’s available… past and present… at some selected sites here for showing you their fantastic wibbly-wobbly derriere explosive spankings! I thought I’d leave you with something you could literally get your teeth into for a few days showing you some girls with real meat on their tushies as I shall be away filming and mainly offline for a couple of days! However, I hope what I have here for you  is of some interest as seeing a girl’s bottom heave and sway under a ferocious or sustained spanking punishment is a little bit special for me, and I hope for you guys too!

Sophie has always been a firm fave of mine over the years, although I haven’t often shown you some of her films, perhaps because I like to think I could keep her to myself (without stalking, of course!)… however, having one of the sexiest chubbiest butts made for spanking is one reason Headmaster Tom keeps her close to him as you’ll see why below in this classic! Check out her amazing rounded bubble butt able to take some of the hardest punishments around like this nasty belting she got!!! Oh boy!

See more of Sophie and the hard punishments you have come to expect from Girls Boarding School HERE


I have a treat for you now… Chelsea Pfeiffer has spanked some of the sexiest girls and in this very latest film update, one of the girls I really admire at the moment is Ten… so this is why I’m showing you her excellent films she did with Chelsea at Good Spanking (where you can see Chelsea’s latest stuff and also purchase all her fantastic remastered stuff from the Classics website too at one convenient place!

“Ten Amorette” willingly climbed over Chelsea’s knee for the start of her spanking, she was still clad in her tight jeans and Chelsea warmed her bottom through that tight material, but the fun really began for Chelsea when she had Ten remove those tight jeans, losing the panties and then takings a long, harder hand spanking. Still not even near the end of her ordeal…Ten was rubbing her sore butt before Chelsea took up a hairbrush on her hot, oh so spankable, meaty bottom making sure that her amazing cheeks burned a flaming red!

From the Classics side of things, check out a rather younger Chelsea here dishing out yet more deserved discipline when one of her employees (who just happens to have a big ripe bum) fails to update her site on time and misses her dealine… hmmm, this girl should’ve known what was coming… even back in the late 90’s when the internet was only then just starting to really kick off! See some images below taken from the old remastered film!



Remember I was raving about beautiful redhead Amber spanking her first black girl? Amber had a real crush on Serena Williams, actually, so do I… so with Wimbledon (and the usual rain) starting today… and in honor of Serena, an Amazonian goddess… what better than to find Kay, a real naughty girl who resembles Serena… only of course, Kay is her own unique self and I thank Amber for finding her… Kay’s cheeks are heavy and can jiggle and jive when they shake like no other…. this is the ultimate “Booty Shake Spanking” and you’ll see why Amber got so turned on spanking, oiling, flogging and playing with her new girl inclusing Kay turning it on for us… the full movie is now available to download at AmberSpanks.com – these are just images taken from the film…. I dare not show any jiggling and spanking action for fear of causing too much trouser arousal 🙂

OMG! Kay is a whole lotta woman and Amber gets to spank her in her own unique way! Unmissable!!!

You can see more of what Amber has been getting up to at  her sites below!

Don’t forget to check out Amber’s generous offer of joing BOTH her sites for $10/month less (that works out at just under $15 a month for both her spanking sites with access to 100’s of exclusive and unique films since 2007!)


I will be offline for a few days as I am away filming for 2 days… yes, & it includes you know who… “Sarah Gregory” – I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow and start filming very soon! We have some great ideas and thanks to those that mailed me with some too, rather than leave a comment… I will try my best to accommodate where possible!!! Best regards, Chief.

Tom Fires Michael & other Spanking News

I could hardly believe it, I knew there was unrest with members at Girls-Boarding-School.com – comments left by disgruntled folk wanting to see more of Headmaster Tom doing what he did perfectly… but they had endured Michael for too long. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I liked seeing Michael punishing the girls, I had featured his paddling & spanking of the very tearful (and absolutely stunning) Micaela… a fellow Swede, as I recall – he actually got some praise in this one, although there were the voices against him who didn’t care what he did, he would always be wrong… but if you have forgotten, take a look at the posts I wrote about her punishment HERE and decide for yourself if Michael did a good job!

So, back to the momentous occasion, whether it’s a publicity stunt, or what… we will see, but Tom is back! Watch out girls! (No, seriously…. watch out, he’s mean!) So to mark this occasion, my tube site at Teen Spankings has the full movie of Michael’s dismissal (or you can view it right now below), it’s both humorous and has a final bitter bath brush punishment from Michael on one smirking girl who says “Goodbye” to him as he is packing his bags! Don’t miss it… it’s a good way to spend 8-9 minutes whilst having your morning cup of coffee! I’ve included a couple of scenes of Michael taking it out on one of the gloating schoolgirls as well! 🙂

See who Headmaster Tom has punished since Michael’s firing – CLICK HERE


OK, next up is a post I was going to do yesterday but I had so many issues with a failing power supply due to excessive thunder that I cut the post short (which annoyed me somewhat) still, today it’s back to normal so here is the little homage to Sarah at SpankingSarah.com where I attempted to and am now writing about her various roles at her site: From spankee to spanker and a very naughty girl that just can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy ?(often trimmed NOT shaven, which I like), or in fact embraces all manner of sexual activity included in her spanking punishments… if you like to see sex AND spankings, then this is one site you should bookmark! Check out some varied content I found to showcase what I’m blabbering on about, these are just some of the High Quality images taken from the films (they are not screen grabs but represent what’s in the films!)

Sarah is a keen photographer and takes no crap from her models that mess her around!

Sarah caught playing with herself whilst camping by the grumpy farmer who has other ideas!!!

Sarah’s 1st ever bare bottom birching – these are HD screen images from her groundbreaking atmospheric movie!

There are some great free preview clips and I still think the one with the birch is available on Sarah’s tour pages HERE


Now I love Clare to bits… so if I get my act together and can afford to go to the Shadowlane Party in September, I shall be sure to look out for “Momma”… even if it’s just to say “hello, and spank you very much!” – Well, here’s a little taster of what Clare has been filming recently and also a wee little delve into her archives at her gorgeous GirlSpanksGirl.com website for which I am always hovering in and around for my fix! Check out these little gems and treats I have for you today!

1st up: From GirlSpanksGirl.com – a classic girl bottom spanking and temperature taking in and around the time she shot one of her Exclusive Education series of films, I think this was from the 2nd… and of course, I love temp takings mixed with the spankings! A very short clip and some images are below, enjoy!

Check out the 3 sections of Erotic, Sensual & Discipline that make up GirlSpankedGirl.com HERE

I had mentioned before that Snow Mercy had brought in one of her real life friends, Sophia Locke… who was kind of new to all the online spanking stuff, but she is a genuine looker that has that girl next door feel about her which is such a seller and of course with Snow being there, she was at ease to recall her spanking stories as she grew up and here we see Snow playing her Mom in a classic “get out of bed” spanking that so many naughty girls received! For me, it’s an excuse to show you in & out of her bed getting an OTK spanking, mmm!

I also had a little delve into the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com earlier today and since I was writing about temperature takings, I thought I’d share this little beauty of a film with you starring Clare and a hot girl I’d never seen before (how did I miss this?) called Makenzie! The californian surfer chick look and tanned , toned skin couldn’t stop Momma Clare from checking this naughty girl’s temperature… rectally and giving her a chastising spanking for her troubles! Check out the images below and then the news I have for you which I’m excited about!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Clare once again meets her match with Miss Chris making a welcome return!

This movie has just been released at Spankedcallgirls.com and is a classic role reversal as Miss Chris confronts Clare about the treatment in the past (again) of her daughter, who is now well out of Clare’s clutches… and also she knows about some of the other girls under Clare’s control so gives this Momma a real hard nasty spanking of her own… which looks awesome and I can’t wait to see more but I’m out of time to write here today, but you can view this movie now online at SpankedCallgirls.com

Two years ago Chris found out her daughter (played by Jenni Mack) was dabbling in prostituion. She spanked Jenni and her friend Sarah Gregory very hard and made Clare take a thrashing right next to them. This was very humiliating for Clare. She has never forgotten it and she is horrified to find Miss Chris waiting for her in her living room for a little catch-up visit which includes a slut spanking to die for!