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New Spanking Site News!

As I promised yesterday… I am getting back to you but only with one site update as I have run out of time (working all bloody day!!!) so here are some catch up images from a new fave site that I know will do well even if it isn’t in English… it is rather promising – it really doesn’t matter too much as you’ll see 🙂

I really think you should take a look at it… mainly because I have been in touch with the guys that run the humiliation and examination sites I have shown in the past… so when I saw this they let me take a quick nose around! They film out of Russia… which means the girls are NOT seen anywhere else on spanking sites… and unlike some Russian sites I could mention, they are far from brutal… instead concentrating on a sexual and humiliation angle with some good decent spanking action that leaves every girls/ladies bottom perfectly tanned and reddened… they have concentrated on their niche that they already know so well and got in some nice ladies that I’m sure you will approve of… so let’s take a quick peek at the new site SpankingThem.com (from the makers of Special Examinations that I shall remind you all of in a mo).

I will introduce you to 2 of my fave girls from this site today that I have enjoyed watching… and if you stay tuned you can see more or take a peek on their home page (links coming up)

The 1st is college girl Tanya… who faces a rather humiliating session with her professor who has ways of ensuring his girls never fail in exams again by stripping, cuffing, whipping and spanking them naked over his knee followed by some toy play for his viewing pleasure… and in case Tanya should say anything, he takes some images to ensure she’s a good little girl! This is hot humiliation and discipline, it’s Russian… and best of all, it ain’t nasty or brutal!!! Check out gorgeous 18 year old Tanya first of all!

tanya0 tanya1 tanya2

tanya3 tanya4



tanya7 tanya8

tanya9 tanya10 tanya11

[jwplayer mediaid=”27225″]

CLICK HERE to view more downloads of beautiful embarrassed student, Tanya!

There are also femdom and lezdom humiliation spankings with a frightening dyke type ma’am (I don’t know her name, it isn’t mentioned) who really gets off punishing her girls for her own wicked self gratification… but as you’ll see, I don’t blame her for getting unsuspecting Ester’s kit off too when she goes in for a routine examination on yet another trumped up excuse and is subjected to all sorts of unfair discipline… “Spanking Them” style! Ester has the most amazing pair of jiggling natural large breast! So refreshing… and a spankable ass to die for!!!

ester0 ester1 ester2

ester3 ester3a



ester6 ester7

ester6a ester8 ester9

Check out the free clip of Ester’s humiliating punishment – that also involves some forced toy play!!!

[jwplayer mediaid=”27240″]

To see more girls like the 2 above, check out new site Spankingthem.com


This new site is from the makers of Special Examination!
click the links and images below for special preview gallery pages

The below galleries courtesy of SPECIAL EXAMINATION






Nom Nom Nom! 🙂


Mega Redhead Spankathon!

It’s been some time since I devoted a post to just about my favourite subject, seeing naughty real redhead girls spanked – and I have gone long and far for this update, which also brings you news of a great offer at the first set of site/sites that these 2 girl next door types hail from! The 1st section is devoted to Spanking-Experience, it’s not a site I have really promoted, though I’ve been a member and been impressed with their content, you can check out these 2 redheads amongst shed loads of girls getting the spanking treatment in Eastern Europe and Russia. Their subtitles aren’t too bad either, but you get the action and I’ve got you some bumper images from Baby (below) and Livia afterwards.


Check out both girls from these vid grabs, they receive a good all round punishment across their bare backsides with the cane, slipper, hairbrush and of course, the hand! My Trouser Arousal Alert went flying off the chart, of course…so be warned 😀



From super slinky Natasha to the perky pink nipples and delicious rounded rump of Oksana


OK, these are just 2 girls who happen to be redheads featured at Spanking-Experience and if you check out this site you will see it has probably one of the BEST tour pages I’ve ever come across. Simply check out the model index and you’ll get to see more of the girls and the films they’ve been in and there’s 100s of free images like the ones I briefly let you in on above and also Free clips from each of their movies, that’s a great intro and there’s more!!! (Chief’s tip, also check out brunette Monique – real trouser arousal entertainment!!!)
They, along with a multitude of girl next door types of all shapes ages and tolerances to punishment are shown here, along with 2 other sites which have now become a special 3 SITE SPANKING-PASS

Here are the options, for if you visit, say…SPANKING-EXPERIENCE  )I urge you to check it out because of the amount of content to free view…truly phenomenal!) they currently have a SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER saving you HALF the regular price whilst giving you a decent 2 week trial! Or, you can also be a member of THE SPANKING-PASS which gives access to everything including specialist spank castings of new girls, interviews and suchlike to the newish site they created called Spanking-Family – you can see them all with the pass and at a greatly reduced price (of course).


OK, that’s my first update and I urge you to really check out that site, the freeview stuff is amazing! Another amazing redhead is of course Amber Dawn of SpankAmber and AmberSpanks and she’s been a busy painslut this week as you’ll see below. Consistently one of the horniest redheads in spanking, you’d be a fool never to have checked out either of Amber’s sites (or both with her special joint offer making access even chesaper and more enjoyable!)

This week at SpankAmber – “Red lips red ass” Amber wears her red lipstick smearing it on making her look even sluttier to grab her man’s attention! he sure does and in no time her ass is wiggling provocatively as he slaps it almost as red as her tarty lipstick!




below from AmberSpanks you’ll see Amber has picked up a new girl to play with as she tries out this very cute newbie!

This gorgeous new girl is called Star, and she sure is! Just check out her fresh girl next door looks and those long slinky legs and tight pussy and buns…Amber sure had fun playing with this delicious fresh piece of meat even though she’s a vegan, lol! 😀




You can see more of how Star got on over Amber’s knee HERE


Finally I couldn’t do a redhead update without the lovely Justine from Norway, I thought I’d find a couple of galleries of her that I don’t think I had promoted so these are new here. they’re from GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL  so you know Justine takes a damned hard thrashing, and by the sounds of it, she needs a good spanking as she has been dodging her partner Arnold’s hard spanking hand for far too long now!!! Check out gorgeous girl next door Justine get a good classic dose of discipline at the hands of GBS below!


MORE hard punishments of Justine found HERE

Have a good weekend, back soon with tons more stuff from all over the spanking world! have a good one. Chief

Oh, before I go, anyone who reads The Times, did you notice the below author of this unfortunate news item about the Vienna Boys Choir scandal? Hmmmm 😉