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More Spanking News

Hello there… I have plenty of news today as I bring you some great spanking clips and pics to keep you all amused and entertained. Firstly, from my own site, a brand new film (which members can download in full right now) stars Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson getting spanked hard on their bare red bottoms in their dropseat pyjamas! I know there are a load of you that dig this type of thing, I know I do… so check out this latest offering from AAAspanking.com – this really is the Triple A rated stuff you have to be viewing!!! *wink*

Check out Jenna and Taylor getting a good hard hand whacking!


With their bottoms poking out like that, I felt that only a hand spanking would do, 2 pairs of burning cheeks got the personal touch as the girls got a rather harder than expected spanking. I remember this scene like it was yesterday, and considering it was filmed about 9 months ago… says a lot for me as I rather enjoyed this plot of a twisted bitter teacher fantasizing about how he’d treat the girls the way he could if it wasn’t for today’s overly zealous PC bigots! I hope you enjoy seeing some images from this movie, members get to see the improved larger images as well as a forthcoming HQ image set (I haven’t actually edited those yet but they will appear on one of next week’s regular updates and I’m sure you will be seeing a few example then!









Staying with Jenna for a bit, seems that Sarah has just uploaded a great film of her too, so you’re spoilt for choice, “Jenna fans” as she is further treated unfairly in the “Unladylike manor” series where I think you get to see sarah rather enjoying herself a little too much… I can’t blame her one little bit and of course it’s yet another excuse to see this jenna punished in the buff, I particularly like the scene where her tights were ripped off before she was made to stand there bared and subdued (rather difficult, I might add as this is one madam that likes to quip back!)

Check out Jenna’s latest film from SpankingSarah.com (images below)



Poor Jenna, when she applied for the post as housekeeper at Unladylike Manor she knew there would be a fair amount of discipline and punishments when she did not do her job to the satisfaction of Sarah the lady of the Manor but, she did not think her life would be one round of harsh punishment. Her tights are ripped from her and she is whipped and paddled. No sooner does this end than Sarah and Katie Didit produce two wicked canes and after bending her over the punishment stool they beat her bottom without mercy. A real hard double caning for Jenna Jay.



What’s new at Mike’s 50’s Diner? More naughty waitresses getting a good hard OTK spanking, that’s what! I love the idea of Burgers, Shakes & Sore Bottoms as Mike so gleefully advertises this section of his infamous Spanked in Uniform site!

Check out the latest episode: the Part Time Waitress

Amy, one of the regular waitresses and no stranger to a good spanking, showed up with one her friends. Chef immediatelly recognised her as the girl whom he spanked not so long ago. She wanted a part time job so he gave her one. Amy was told if Monique slipped up in any way, she would also be spanked and she agreed. After diner that night Monique was ordered to sweep the restaurant and Chef caught her sweeping the dust under the carpet. After a good scolding she went over his knee for a long, hard spanking and Amy got exactly the same!





If you liked this then you’ll love the latest Naval uniform spanking movie too! With the added bonus that these 2 Dutch girls have cute accents and very cute bottoms… I just LOVE those uniforms, don’t you? Check out the images below and the latest storyline where Commander Johnson finds an excuse to thrash his cadets!






Cleaning day at the Academy. Cadets Jolene and Scarlett were put on window duty and they had to clean all the windows in the Academy. Soon the sounds of other cadets being caned and spanked reverberated around the corridors. Cadets Jolene and Scarlett didn’t escape their officers cane either. They got a special caning for not cleaning fast enough. At the end of the day, all windows were inspected, and a few were not cleaned properly so the cadets had to bend over in the corridor and they both got a sound strapping. Then they had to hand in their knickers and clean the windows properly with their well strapped bottoms on dispay for all to see.


OK, that’s it from me for now but I will be back with some kick ass spanking films that not all of you will have seen, so don’t be a stranger and pop back soon for more of what you come here for! Cheers…


You say Pajamas & I say “Pyjamas”…

PJ’s – jim-jams or jimmie-jammies… I never quite know which way to spell the actual word or present it on this site (since 70% of my readership is American I hope you guys appreciate that I am trying to accommodate you all where possible since spelling “color” or “labor” is odd to me (instead of my preferred “olde english” way of colour or labour)… now, I seem to recall that many American websites spell this word as  “pajamas” and over here in England we usually spell it as “pyjamas” (I think, am I confused? Yup!). So whatever way (maybe both are correct) I decided to call our latest movie – which has just been released at AAAspanking.com as “Pajamarama Jamboree” in celebration of this visual PJ feast and the fact that we used Dropseat “jammies” for the 1st time (which were great!). Yes, a nonsense title but full of PJ related jinx including a stern new Top who some of you will know as Mr Paul Down (a PJ enthusiast!)… so who better to have slipper and punish the girls (and he’s a leftie… not politically, like some darned commie pinko – yes, I’m joking before you humorless socialists write in… & yes, that was another jape again for goodness sake!) He’s naturally left handed which helped when we did a movie together punishing the girls with canes at the same time… but that’s another film and for another day!

Click on the image below – it leads to a special extended preview as well as the massive free tour pages!

A Special schoolgirl pajama punishment with 3 naughty girls who should be in their dorms but instead were ransacking the House Master’s office whilst he was away. The girls had found the keys to his liquor cupboard & his desk where he had stashed away spanking magazines & his implements like the slipper & hairbrush he had often used on many a naughty girl! However, he had returned early & the tipsy girls were punished on the spot in front of each other without mercy as he lowered the dropseats of their pajamas for a bare bottom spanking, slippering & a nasty scene of heavy hairbrushing at the end on their bared bottoms for their insolence! An additional punishment for Sara was given for not wearing the regulation dropseats in favor of her own satin nightwear! Mr Down was far from impressed as you will discover in this special pajamarama jamboree celebration. One not to miss for those that love to see very naughty girls punished in their PJ’s!

No doubt you’ll want to see some images taken from the movie, I have some additional images that I took but will save those for another time… check out the storyline in images and check out Sara’s facial reactions which I’ve saved ’til last, these are actual screen images and are superb! That coupled with the Dropseat PJ’s used makes this a proper visual treat, I hope those who are members will appreciate this one as it’s out now!

The girls are larking about, drinking Mr Down’s booze & reading his hidden spanking mags when he returns early to discover this outrage in his own Office! Below scenes are the spanking, slippering & hairbrush punishments they got for daring to disrespect his privacy in this way!

& as promised some superb facial cam shots of Sara as she winces in real pain!

If seeing schoolgirls thrashed in their PJ’s is your thing, you’ll be happy to know that there are a whole series of films covering this subject at AAAspanking – I hope you enjoyed viewing this as much as we did making the film! & don’t forget that we have held down the pricing for this site even though one whole movie is uploaded at least once a week (without fail) & with a glut of updates and more… longer term memberships have proved very popular, especially the low priced 3 month non recurring option but I see there are those that now enjoy the lower recurring price too… (Actual pricing is HERE) so a big thank you to those that continue to support us, as without you, we can not make any new films!

Inside info: Our next film shoot is with Sarah Gregory (her site is HERE if you didn’t already know! If you have any requests (I WILL get her in dropseats PJ’s by the way) but we are going to ensure she receives a very British welcome and there’s a nasty cold old school room & Dunce’s Hat waiting for her (oh my!) … but please leave suggestions, you never know, a fantasy to see Sarah punished the way you’d like could come true!