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Spanking on Saturday

Yup… it’s Saturday ALL day… I hope you are enjoying yourselves if you’re not working!
Here are a few spanking updates for you all to check out! Enjoy!


A Beating For Harley – from NorthernSpanking.com

harley's beating

Harley’s behavior has been getting worse. She is cheeky, sometimes downright rude and getting beyond the disciplinary control of her mother. Her mother calls an old friend, who she thinks may be able to help correct the wayward girl, or punish her severely at the very least. He, in turn, calls on another old friend to help him in his task, a friend from his days as a schoolmaster. Harley is going to feel the cane across her bottom.

harley spanking harley spanking harley spanking harley spanking harley spanking harley spanking harley spanking HARLEY


harley spanking


A brand new film with a fantastic double hot duo spanking of Christina Carter and Angela Sommers! The first part that you can see right now is Angela getting spanked by Christina… I’ll bring you news of Christina’s spanking when the clips are available to download! This is HOT!


Christina Carter pays a visit to Angela Sommers because Amelea is Christina’s girlfriend and Angela has been messing around with Amelea. Christina puts Angela over her knee to teach her a lesson with a sound spanking. But their is some strange attraction and they end up kissing. Which then gives Angela her opportunity to give Christina a spanking.

GSG-340-006 GSG-340-007 GSG-340-013 GSG-340-015 GSG-340-016 GSG-340-017 GSG-340-018 GSG-340-020 GSG-340-025 GSG-340-026 GSG-340-028 GSG-340-029


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From SarahGregorySpanking.com this week, a double schoolgirl/double male spanking film is available to view and it stars Joelle Barros and Kajira Bound (with her real life husband Ulf as one of the spankers) alongside Robert Shore – this is an all American schoolgirl punishment film!

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 009 010 011 spanking and paddling 013 014 015

Joelle and Kajira are in detention with new teacher Mr. Sayer. They are being extremely rude to him, passing notes, and just being all around brats. Mr. Sayer doesn’t know how to deal with them so he brings in principal Shore. The principal teaches and shows this new teacher how effective corporal punishment can be when used on naughty, bratty schoolgirls. The girls are spanked over the knee of both of them as well as given the wooden ruler on their bare behinds.




Rosie Ann spanking

I just wanted to remind you of a film that Rosie Ann (featured above) starred in, it was her fantasy to carry this out. She played a schoolgirl in 3 scenarios, the 1st two were in her imagination as she fantasizes about what her punishment would be… she wonders if it will it be sexy? (highly unlikely but she thinks about it anyway). Then her worst fear, what if she is paddled hard on her bare bottom, she HATES paddles. In the end, she is brought back to reality with a more realistic 6 of the best caning, in this authentic setting, over her panties. All in all, it has something for everyone and was dreamt up by the spanking starlet taking part… it’s a great little movie. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! First set of images are from the film…

001 (1) 002 (1) AAA spanking 006 (1) 008 (1) 009 (1) 010 (1) 011 (1) 012 (1)

Check out some Images that accompany the film too for members!

014 (1) 015 (1) 016 (1) spanking


Rosie’s Most Humiliating Spanking

ballgagged and given a spankingFilmed about a year ago, Rosie wanted to appear in a film at AAA Spanking that was both edgy and unexpected… playing a foul mouthed and unruly schoolgirl. So we came up with an idea and something she never dared dream would happen – as the title of this film suggests. “The Ballgagged Schoolgirl”. Add to that a rather hard and humiliating spanking punishment there was also an added twist when a smoking infraction earned her a painful hand punishment she hadn’t thought was possible.
Ever been whacked with a wooden ruler? (we’re talking an old school heavy ruler that stings like a “mother”). Well, she got that too and she took this punishment as best she could. Looking your tormentor in the eye is rather more intimate and added to the whole submissive humiliating suspense of her punishment early on!
So here is the latest schoolgirl film, a detention punishment setting, an austere office and some traditional implements of correction including a heavy double sided leather strap that had all the thud and force of a school paddle. This is a great film, check out the images (they are reduced in size here, of course) which are both taken directly from the film and stills images that members get to download along with the video.

Rosie Ann – The Ballgagged Schoolgirl


Rosie Ann faced her most humiliating detention punishment to date when her potty mouth got her into trouble. Mr Osborne wasn’t going to listen to anymore of her “F Bombs” and shut her up immediately by ballgagging her. This shocked schoolgirl then went through the rest of her punishment muted except for the muffled sounds of her cries of pain. He punished her for the other misdemeanors such as smoking, for which she received a hard and painful wooden ruler first on on her hands then later on her bare bottom! A hard OTK bare bottom spanking and a double thick heavy leather strap ensured this foul mouthed young lady learnt her lesson thoroughly in her after school detention. This was by far Rosie Ann’s most humiliating spanking punishment to date!

rosie_gagged003 spanking rosie_gagged004 rosie_gagged005 rosie_gagged006 rosie_gagged007 rosie_gagged008 rosie_gagged009 rosie_gagged010 spanking wooden ruler spanking rosie_gagged012 rosie_gagged013 rosie_gagged014 spanking and strapping rosie_gagged016 rosie_gagged017 strapping rosie_gagged018 rosie_gagged020 rosie_gagged022 rosie_gagged021 rosie_gagged023


OTK spanking



This film is also available to download at the clips store in full HD HERE

ballgagged and spanked

Rosie Ann Given a Strapping & Spanking

The latest video from AAAspanking.com features an all girl spanking and strapping-fest featuring lovely young Rosie Ann with Sarah Gregory (doing the strapping/spanking action). This was filmed last year in the UK… Sarah had been asking me for ages when she could meet up with Rosie Ann as she had a ton of ideas she wanted to run with Rosie… you can see her at both of sarah’s main sites via the Sarah Gregory Pass

This film was near the end of the day and Rosie had taken a fair amount of punishment… she has an amazing butt and fantastic recovery between films (seriously scary!!!) but of course the spankings and various implement whackings were still very painful! This video had no build up, it did EXACTLY what it said… Rosie was naked on the bed and Sarah. dressed in a smart “toppy” outfit was already wielding the 1st of 2 leather straps she loved using.
It is a 10 minute non stop roller coaster of spanking and strapping of Rosie splayed out on the bed, bottom flat… then, with the aid of pillows, bottom stuck out so she was virtually on all fours! This is a hot girl on girl spanking/strapping video you shouldn’t miss! I have some images from both the film and some additional stills that AAA Members can all view right now!

Rosie’s Naked strapping – starring Rosie Ann & Sarah Gregory

Rosie Ann spanks

Gorgeous Rosie Ann was still only just 19 years old when this was filmed!

rosie001 rosie002 strapped and spanked rosie004

Sarah Gregory had been wanting to meet Rosie for quite a while after seeing what had been filmed at Triple A previously! This was a memorable encounter as Rosie had seen Sarah’s strapping techniques and had asked her off camera if she could demonstrate to her what she did best! Sarah couldn’t wait, but insisted on having the lovely Rosie naked on the bed. What you will see are two fabulous ladies doing what they do best as Top and Bottom. This is fine spanking erotica at its best starring two very sexy ladies!

ass spanking rosie006 rosie007 following through with the strap

There are also some stills (like these below)
reduced in size from the Members area –

Rosie given a spanking by Sarah Gregory rosie010 rosie011 bare exposed bottom

This was Rosie’s 1st film with her new look red hair at AAA … all previous films with her as a brunette had been uploaded. There are some amazing videos coming up in the next few months showing more of just how much Rosie can take! So members on a longer term “Rewards membership” can look forward to some great content coming their way soon! back to this film… more images from the video AND some additional bonus stills.

strapping Rosie Ann girl girl spanking rosie015 leather strapping rosie017 rosie018






Spanking Library AAA Clips 4 sale



Direct links to the videos here > Clips4sale or SpankingLibrary (you decide)

Spanking to end this weekend

Hi there! As promised… MORE spanking site updates from this past week, now that I am fully caught up! The first is from Northern Spanking in a classic home schoolgirl punishment film with Rosie Ann in a delightfully authentic gingham school dress and matching bow, over the lap of a strict but very appealing Miss Jessica Wood!

Monty’s Missing Dinner starring Rosie Ann & Jessica Wood

otk spanking

Rosie Ann has the mother from hell. More concerned with the impact on her social diary than Rosie or her little brother Monty’s welfare, Jessica shows her frustration by smacking Rosie’s bottom, followed by an application of the hairbrush in an embarassing legs-up position. Rosie wishes she were an orphan.

VIDNSI117701-003 VIDNSI117701-008 panties down spanking VIDNSI117701-018 VIDNSI117701-020 VIDNSI117702-001 VIDNSI117702-006 diaper position spanking VIDNSI117702-011 VIDNSI117702-012 VIDNSI117702-018 VIDNSI117702-021 Rosie Ann spanking


after her spanking


Another all girl domestic discipline (at home) video, this time from Punished Brats  -and this is super hot with Audrey Sugarsmak spanking the fullsome rounded cheeks of new girl Ami Mercury. I really liked this!

caughtvg1-17 caughtvg1-31

Ami was found with a gentleman in her room in a somewhat compromising position by her rival and stepmother, Audrey. Soon she found herself in another position, that being over Audrey’s lap for a spanking. Her punishment started over her tight stretch pants, then proceeded to her panties and then, much to Ami’s distress, her bare bottom.


After a hard hand spanking, Audrey made her stepdaughter lie on the bed with her bottom raised for a punishment with the wooden paddle. Afterwards, Ami stood and tried to rub the pain out while acknowledging that this round went to Audrey.

caught1-31 caught1-41 caught1-61 wooden paddling on her bare bottom caught1-71 caught2-9 caught2-11 spanking caught2-31 caught2-51 caught2-61 caught2-71 caught2-41


 wobblesome bottom spanking


I’ve not seen anything of this girl called Marie Lavender… but I have now and she is in the latest full feature vid at Good Spanking – over the lap of Chelsea Pfeiffer. She has a perfect cute round spankable butt that just begs to get her into trouble, though she does that all by herself, as you’ll see!

Something to Feel Sorry Forstarring Marie Lavender & Chelsea Pfeiffer


Poor Marie botched her Chemistry Lab exam and now she’s feeling mighty sorry for herself. She comes home and begins drinking a bit too much a bit too early. Chelsea catches Marie in the depths of her self-pity party and immediately takes steps to end this sad interlude. Marie goes over Chelsea’s knee for a lesson in picking ones self up and getting back in the saddle…along with a stern scolding about the alcohol method Marie has chosen to hide from her problems. One hard OTK hand spanking ensues and continues until Marie’s bottom is red hot and all lessons are thoroughly learned!

006 007 009 010 girl girl spanking 014 spanked by Chelsea Pfeiffer 021 grabbing her ass panty fetish




(My) Sarah had told me that the film we shot together of Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake not so long ago is now up at her Spanking Sarah Gregory site – this was an interesting and often severe film that had poor Adriana’s butt burning by the end of this particular punishment! We told her to be extra sassy to ensure that she got the right painful response from Johnny! #many-ouchies

Punished for Public Indecency – starring Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake


Adriana is staying at a beach resort and there are strict rules about nude sunbathing. She decides to the steal the sign prohibiting public indecency so she can do what she wants and claim she didn’t see any rules posted. Lifeguard and beach guard, Johnny suspects her and goes to her hotel room to search for the missing property. When he finds it, he tells her he can call the authorities or handle this himself. She does’t want the police involved so she let’s him punish her the way he sees fit. She is not happy but that is just too bad. She is spanked on her bare bottom and then strapped.

hard hand spankings 0235_punished_for_public_indecency_grabs-038 0235_punished_for_public_indecency_grabs-044 exposed and spanked 0235_punished_for_public_indecency_grabs-053 0235_punished_for_public_indecency_grabs-067 reformatory strap spanking 0235_punished_for_public_indecency_grabs-077 0235_punished_for_public_indecency_grabs-080 0235_punished_for_public_indecency_gal-014 0235_punished_for_public_indecency_grabs-087 gorgeous bare butt spanking



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It’s so good to see my favorite cougar, Clare Fonda, back getting spanked by those she used to do it to for fun at Spanked Callgirls, payback for the torment she would put her young girls through! Young Kimberly Brix, a new girl at this site, takes no crap and turns Clare over her knee for a memorable spanking!

001 (1)

Kimberly Brix is a young hottie working in the office when Former Madam Clare comes in for an envelope. But Kimberly was instructed to spank Clare if she is to take the envelope. Clare is reluctant but submits and is quickly surprised by how hard this young lady can spank!

003 004 005 007 (1) clare fonda spanking 010 (1) 011 012 (1) 013 hairbrush spanking otk spankings


cougar spanked hard

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In other news, I’m excited to announce that Sarah has told me which film is next at AAA Spanking and it stars naughty Mandie Rae getting a memorable punishment for faking an illness. Only she should have been a little wiser to who she would do that, eh? A rectal temperature taking, a humiliating scolding and ensuing punishment for her lies would be the least she would expect if found out, right?


An already punished Mandie regrets lying about her “illness” when she refused to get out of bed!
This is the next video with extensive stills & video grabs out later this week at AAA Spanking

Mandie has starred in many hot spanking films at AAA already… click on the thumbnail which leads to a full free gallery showcasing that particular film she was in including the awesome Slut Shaming film!

mandie1 mandie2 mandie3 mandie4

Find more ways to view Mandie via the Membership or Clip Store options (below)

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New Spanking Exercise & Discipline

Today’s new film update from AAAspanking.com stars 18 year old Rosie Ann (she was about 18 years and 3 months at the time of filming) and she was keen to show off how nimble and agile she was… so much so that she came up with this discipline and exercise film once she saw the Gym Horse. This is now part of a series of films that AAA shows as part of the “Exercise & Discipline” series. Rosie was keen to film this and show everyone what she could do. This was filmed well over 18 months ago but it seems like yesterday. It was one of the films that convinced Sarah that she wanted to film her for her other sites too once I told her about the lovely Rosie… a genuine lifestyler who also loves bondage and lots more fetish play! Her experience in such matters belies her age, she is very mature in her outlook!!!


Rosie gets ready to do her routine – with a difference!

Anyway, enough of my waffling, you want to see some images and what this was about? Of course you do! It’s an unusual but visually appealing film, lots of tight and intimate angles, and some spanking, leather paddling and a caning at the end while she had to hold various positions in her Gym Routine! I think you’ll understand as you follow the images… either way, Rosie looks absolutely HOT in this film which is out in full and also comes with a full 40 image Stills Set and 130 Screen grabs at full HD1080 resolution…. the images here are all reduced greatly in size!

Rosie’s Routine – the new film from AAAspanking.com

rosie001 rosie002 rosie003 rosie004 spanking Rosie Ann rosie006 taking position for her spanking rosie008 legs apart spanking rosie010 rosie011 rosie012 paddled and contorted rosie014 intimate spankings spanked and exposed rosie017 rosie018 open for her spanking rosie020 caned on the gym horse caning red sore ass

Young Rosie was in training and asked her coach to give her some unique reminders in strength building and holding poses while on the gym horse. She wanted to see if she could endure pain and embarrassment in various positions whilst carrying out her routine. If she could overcome this each time then performing without the distraction would make her a winner. We think Rosie is an absolute star, watch her get spanked and paddled in a variety of different, awkward and very revealing positions – another film taken from our “Exercise Discipline” series.



Check out the 280 films available for download, 100’s of image sets and 1000’s more images from the movies all with one simple membership option of your choice. Go to AAAspanking.com for more information



This spanking video is also available NOW as a full HD1080 download from either of the Clips stores below… just check them out and all the other options via this method, you get to download and keep the film you want to watch, no memberships, no fuss if that is your preference. Click the banners for a direct link to the download pages.

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rosies routine

Spanking Home & Away

I have 2 very different updates that have just come out this week from the sites of the Sarah Gregory Pass and they are, I have to say, pretty darned good! Sarah had been dying to meet Rosie Ann for some time after seeing some of her spanking films from the UK so when Sarah visited the country earlier this year we set up a shoot with Rosie and of course made some fantastic little films. Sarah is very selective about her Momma Spankings website and knows what she wants for that site… she is versatile and enjoys switching between playing a mother or daughter figure herself. Rosie is a “Little” and naturally submissive so Sarah wanted to be the “mother” figure and I have to say she and Rosie both looked the part… as you’ll see!

Rosie’s bedtime Punishment – MommaSpankings.com

Rosie Ann momma-184-007 momma-184-009 Mommy spanks OTK otk spanking spanking spanked by mom momma-184-050 momma-184-059 momma-184-078 naughty daughter spanked momma-184-083 spanking aftermath

Rosie is having a bath and mommy has asked her repeatedly to get out as it is time for bed. Finally mommy has had it with her disobedient daughter and grabs her, pulls her out of the tub, drags her to the bedroom, and throws her over here lap for a spanking. Rosie cries in pain as mommy spanks her wet bare bottom with hand and hairbrush.


sore bottom spanking

Momma Spankings


& away from the home environment… Sarah wanted to film Adriana Evans shaking her beautiful “booty” in a naughty spanking film and she got that – and more – when she thought up this enjoyable romp. She got Adriana to play a sleazy stripper shaking her booty in a private lap dance ina back room at a Strip Joint. Naughty Adriana got caught trying to steal her client’s wallet which ended up with her receiving some rather unusual and humiliating retribution by him… read on!

sleazy stripper lapdance

Sleazy Stripper Spanked – SarahGregrorySpanking.com

lapdance spanking 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-009 Adriana Evans 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-020 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-021 OTK spanking 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-032 bare ass spankings 0223_sleazy_stripper_gal-025 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-057 0223_sleazy_stripper_grabs-066 hand print spanking 0223_sleazy_stripper_gal-041

John is getting a lap dance from sexy stripper, Adriana. He is shocked when she tries to steal his wallet. He threatens to tell management and get her fired. She doesn’t want that, so she agrees to do things his way. This entails an over the knee spanking on her bare behind as well as a humiliating spanking in the wheelbarrow position while she jiggles her big bouncing behind for his enjoyment.

spanking the stripper

See the Free Preview Clip of this new movie

sarah Gregory Spanking


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More Spanking Punishments

Another update post: No waffle… so let’s review 2 different sites you might want to check out! The first is Sarah Gregory Spanking and she has a great new film with Dodgy Dave, who is the uncle of bratty niece, Rosie Ann… who really plays up in her cute pajamas. It took a lot to get Dave riled, but when he was… poor Rosie’s bare bottom took the brunt of his frustrations with a good hard sound spanking (see below).


Annoying Rosie – with Rosie Ann & Dodgy Dave

0213_annoying_rosie_gal-005 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-007 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-008 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-012 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-013 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-015 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-018 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-019 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-026 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-027

Rosie is spending the weekend with her Uncle. He has been nothing but nice to her and she has been a real brat. When he is trying to read she just keeps pushing his buttons until he snaps and gives his naughty bratty niece a bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking she won’t soon forget.


See MORE of many fine punishment films like this from SarahGregorySpanking.com

sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah Gregory Pass


Here’s someone I thought I’d never see spanked again… seems they unearthed the footage of Xela Chaste’s further punishments (at last!) from renowned prison punishment site Bars and Stripes in this week’s excellent new HD film update! I guess it was worth the wait!

Xela’s Solitary (Day 3)


This is the third day inmate Xela spends in solitary and every day she gets a sore bottom. This time it is prison officer Page who tawses her bottom soundly with the stinging two tailed implement.

xela_solitary3_3  xela_solitary3_2 xela_solitary3_4 xela_solitary3_5 xela_solitary3_6

below are some actual screengrabs from this film:

xela_sol3scr_1 xela_sol3scr_2 xela_sol3scr_3 xela_sol3scr_4 xela_sol3scr_5 xela_sol3scr_6


Rosie Ann’s Spanking Chair

Rosie Ann spanked

Finally, I managed to update the latest film released on AAAspanking.com – As you should know by now… I help update all the films on the SG Network alongside Miss Gregory but unfortunately for Sarah… she hates updating my previously owned site (now part of the SG sites) as I had no content management system (CMS) and had just used HTML/Dreamweaver and FTP uploads which made it harder to update for others not used to this method. So I am often left alone to update this site (still) – anyway, it is up, and also available at the Clips Store (in full) and with a new featured HTML5 player option (as all new fully updated films are now shown in for those who use mobile/tablet devices as well as not wanting to download the full films to a hard drive and just stream it). The HTML5 option (not Flash, I hasten to add) is an ongoing process and there’s probably about 60-70+ films updated to include this but I will try to get this completed by the end of this month for the entire members area. Then we will look at Sarah’s main sites too but she has a CMS which makes this option a little harder so will need to contact her original designer for this project.

OTK hand spanking

Okay, on to the more interesting subject of young Rosie Ann’s fab revealing punishment spanking. How could anyone resist looking at cute Rosie getting a traditional OTK hand spanking in that uniform? Especially over white panties and then with them pulled down. The difference is that Michael used a nasty hard wooden hand paddle, they are particularly “ouchie” and feel like a hairbrush/small wooden paddle as they contain far more sting and a thud (if the impact is done right). Not every girl can take this sort of spanking punishment… but Rosie proved she could endure this… as well as the more revealing and intimate “reverse seat spanking” afterwards. It was a very sexy position and something she was asked beforehand if she was comfortable with doing… you’ll see why from the images and vid clip… not every girl would be able to maintain any sort of dignity in this position knowing that her butt cheeks were hanging over the edge of a seat whilst a camera was close by recording her every reaction! I have discovered that it can be quite intimidating… so fair play to Rosie for doing this… and doing it so well that helped make this a really hot, erotic spanking film too!

spanked in her panties panties pulled down otk rchair004 schoolgirl otk spanking panties down spanking

More images below from the film including stills images that members can view

Rosie Ann

rchair006 Rosie gets spanked

This unique short sharp shock film stars stunning Rosie Ann, dressed in a cute, very sexy school uniform. It was her turn to be spanked over the chair but Mr Stamp had a special implement that he had decided to use this time… a hand paddle that hurt far more than a simple hand spanking! Rosie’s bottom quickly turned red under her white panties and when they were removed the painful OTK spanking continued. This punishment was far from over, as he had decided she should receive a particularly humiliating end to this discipline session. He positioned her so that Rosie sat over the chair in reverse, with her bottom cheeks hanging out over the edge of the seat making her feel very vulnerable to yet more strokes of that nasty wooden hand spanking paddle! This film contains 3 different camera angles so that you won’t miss a single part of this revealing and embarrassing session that poor Rosie endured!

rchair010 rchair011 spankings close up butt spanked reverse seat spanking rchair015 rchair016 butt spanking rchair018 spanking rchair020 Rosie Ann spanked and spread


See MORE of Rosie’s films archived at AAA Spanking HERE

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Election Day Spankings

libdemor_1I have a couple of really good spanking updates from the SG Group for you today as I contemplate who the heck I am supposed to vote for in the UK… I am pretty much 90% decided as you can see from the badge on the left – this is most probably my party of choice. I won’t bang on about it but needless to say they also have MPs that actually wanted to discuss the unfair Porn Laws in the UK though I am not voting for them just because of that, it was a nice touch. Thankfully I will be back in America soon leaving this nonsense behind me and hoping that there is no far left swing that will knock the UK back decades economically… I’m also looking forward to the better weather too in The States and looking forward to my first visit to Texas later in the month.

Number 10 Downing Street is the headquarters and London residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Who will be walking through this door tomorrow? Hard to tell with the general malaise and perception of politicians in Britain at the moment… more importantly, with so much apathy and mistrust, whoever takes charge should think about building back that trust! “Westminster Rule” is being challenged, the Scots started it, the Welsh are getting more of it and now the English in far parts of this Kingdom demand respect and more autonomy (like the “united” states within America) – they are saying “enough is enough”… less power to the London-centric politics… and I agree, do they really care about what we little people think in the far south west or north east of England or other regions they appear not to care about? We won’t behave anymore… and here is that theme for today… let’s get on with the spanking news while the ballot papers are counted.

– Spanking Update News –

From AAAspanking.com comes a brand new long play film which is broken into 4 distinct parts in the story. It stars one of my fave UK girls, Rosie Ann, I like her a lot and this video shows how far she is prepared to go in a production. She was still only 18 when we  filmed this (which i find incredible as she is so much more mature in her tastes than girls twice her age… I have seen Rosie try out things in the world of BDSM such as needle play (not really my thing) and severe bondage. Anyway, back to this video… this was her idea and she wanted to make use of various things on the set we were filming at late last year… Rosie is very agile and asked if she could hang from the bars while I spanked her (could I? hmmm). Not only that but she had a favorite pair of open crotch bloomers she wanted to wear to mark this occasion.

What Rosie wants upside down spanking exposed and spanked spankings in the face suspended and spanked

This really was just the beginning… & the other things she wanted to do were getting a caning spread-eagled on a spanking bench, (very humiliating), which was very painful as I fast caned her several times! (I have a free clip of that).

caned on the spanking bench hard canings caning Rosie Ann sore red bottom spread and spanked

Check out the free clip of her caning (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”40683″]

Then… Rosie wanted to be tied to the St Andrews Cross next and experience 2 of my most feared straps, one had never been used before, a thick heavy rubber strap I bought years ago from the online Cane-iac store … and it always scared off the girls when I brought it out. So fair play to Rosie for trying it… I don’t think it is something she’d want to play with everytime.

bdsm spanking leather strap strapped on st andrews x cane-iac rubber strap heavy rubber strapping

Finally she had spied that I had bought a new dense oak wooden spoon and we retired to a kitchen setting where she got a thorough whacking with that, it made some great sounds and also left her bottom beautifully glowing red… or as red as it gets! (there’s a free clip of that too!)

exposed and spanked wooden spoon punishment red bottom for rosie bent over and thrashed wooden spoon spanking

Check out the free clip of Rosie’s wooden spoon spanking…

[jwplayer mediaid=”40699″]

The video is about 25 minutes long and members get to see this in glorious HD playback. I am loving our new style of films and so it would appear are new members. I am rather pleased that we are way ahead of the last few months like for like against last year. It’s probably just a statistical blip but it means I can go ahead and make more films like this one safe in the knowledge that there is a genuine fanbase for it out there. So thank you to those that help contribute to keeping the site going and there is much more filming ahead.

See the HD1080 movie HERE with a Loyalty Membership (from just $12.50/month!)

aaa spanking - click here

Rosie’s films can also be viewed as one time downloads from the Clips Store as well.

aaa clip store

Oh, I say this, but I am genuinely interested in any storylines you may have. We also do custom shoots for private individuals and these have worked out relatively cheaply – the going rate nowadays is from $12/minute (fully edited as the cheapest option) minimum 10 minutes. However, if you have an idea of what you’d like to see then let me know, write to my gmail address (it’s located in the about me section if you don’t know it by now). We may even put those into film free if your ideas are feasible and “something! we’d like.


& for something fresh and new from the other side of The Pond today… a new girl shown here for the first time, as far as I can see, before any other site – and she’s a leggy stunner who I hope to meet at the Lonestar Spanking Party in Texas! Please meet Lexi Ellis who was spanked by Sarah Gregory at the recent BBW Party (in Atlantic City). I love seeing secretaries spanked by their bosses, especially a gorgeous pairing such as these two… Sarah was really excited to tell me about her films she did with Lexi… and I have just seen the latest full film here – it’s awesome!

Spanked Secretary – starring Lexi Ellis & Sarah Gregory

secretary long legs spanking

Check out how new girl Lexi gets spanked and strapped (below)

spanked over panties wedgies spankings exposed bare butt on all 4s for her spanking gaping and ashamed ss009 ss010

See the strapping clip (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”40716″]

Sarah opts for the hard and humiliating punishment option as only she knows how… some great “follow throughs” with a leather strapping when Lexi was placed on “all fours” (as you saw above) on the table which must have been particularly embarrassing for her… as well as a hard nasty hairbrush punishment to finish off at the end before being told to “get out!” Images below and a short clip to show you the severity of this!!!

otk spanking with a hairbrush bare ass hairbrushing OTK hairbrush spanking spanking otk sarah spanked lexi

[jwplayer mediaid=”40722″]

Check out the FULL HD Video of Lexi’s humiliating hard punishment


OMG! Look at those long legs and tight ass! Lexi is sure to be a hit!

Sarah Gregory spanking

This site is part of the better value SG Pass which gives access to MommaSpankings.com as well and for $10 less per month than both together! Click on the banner below to see what you get!

Sarah Gregory Pass - 2 sites for less


Don’t forget time is running out to register in advance for the Lone Star Spanking Party – May 28-31st this month! This is if you want to also reserve a hotel room and spend 2 or 3 days at this event… the website has the full schedule of what is happening including some new things and it promises to be very well attended – especially for an inaugural event! “Thank you, Houston, Texas!”


Lone Star Spanking Party

Tears Spanking & Canings

Mandie Rae's real tearsThere’s a new film available at SarahGregorySpanking.com with Mandie Rae and myself… there were some pretty harsh scenes we shot but one we both wanted to do. Mandie needs to cry sometimes and a good hard scolding and caning will easily do that to her! She got into the mindset of a poorly behaved young madam all to familiar to her… so I had my work cut out to whip this girl into shape over various punishments as you’ll see below. In the end though… in her proper attire, the tears came and she got some reassuring hugs that it would be alright in the end!



Mandie Rae spanked spanking OTK spanked over his knee handprint spanking marks spanked bent over no panties schoolgirl strapping leather belt on the bare bottom caning tearful schoolgirl painful spanking discipline

Mandie is out of control and has been sent to John Osborne, a well know British Disciplinarian. She is to stay with him until she truly feels remorse for her bad behavior and changes her ways. She is made to change out of her slutty clothes and into a proper uniform. She gets multiple spankings throughout her stay, hand, hairbrush, strap, and cane until she is sobbing real tears.

hugs for mandie rae

See MORE of Mandie Rae at Sarah’s site HERE

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Get 2 sites for less - Sarah Gregory Pass

If you liked this Mandie Rae punishment: You may like these featured below

001 002 003


From Northern Spanking – this great caning film of one of my favorite play partners… Rosie Ann. She was just 18 when I first met her and she was this age when this film was made (unbelievable – as she was kink mature beyond those years!) I think that is what I love about her, she is curious about many things and willing to try out a lot as she explores her own identity… and I was present for this filmshoot for Paul Kennedy – He told me this was his last big one in the UK and he had found a mad place in Derbyshire… where many spanking producers, myself included, (in the past) would go. I think it is because the Derbyshire Dales are very touristy and so have more accommodation packages and choice if we don’t film in a private house of someone we know, we rent one out instead. We did this last year (around June, I think)… I say “we” (it was a shoot for Northern and I was just helping).

Paul told me how he had wanted to film here, it was a timewarp of a place, perfect for playing out sets and films of the 80’s… it was a little rundown and the basement was damp, in fact this room where Rosie was filmed getting caned was so musty I think we filmed twice in there and got out quick after (it probably didn’t help my developing asthma at the time, lol). There was a huge coin operated sauna in the room as well… which really smelled mouldy and none of us tried it out! I’d have loved to have filmed there big time as there were so many rooms and the dining area had a massive long table which we didn’t use, as we just plonked all our cam gear and laptops etc there and did some work in between takes. Anyway, I am digressing, this was a perfect set for a 1980’s style theme which Paul loved and Rosie really did look the part as you’ll see below!

A bad place for Good Girls

Rosie Ann

A bus station is a bad place for good girls to hang out! When eighteen year old Rosie Anns parents got a call from her best friends family, letting them know that the girls were caught hanging out among the crowd of delinquents there, Rosy was definitely in trouble. Like most girls her age in the nineteen eighties, she was no stranger to getting her bottom smacked but, this time, she was in bigger trouble than that. This time, she was going to get the cane.

traditional OTK bare bottom spanking

Having mostly been a good girl, Rosie had never been punished this way before, and she was scared and nervous from the moment she saw the thick, rattan implement. Being mostly good, she did not protest against the punishment she knew she deserved. Her round little bottom was soundly spanked until it glowed red through her white school knickers while she grimaced and whimpered. Then she was ordered to kneel up on the bed, presenting herself for the harsher discipline she required for being such a wayward, naughty girl.

spanked Rosie takes her spanking

What followed was a hard caning, with each stroke biting into her tender cheeks and making her lunge forward, trying to escape the pain that never seemed to stop growing. The strokes were hard, and they did not get any softer when she whimpered and cried out: she needed to learn a lesson.

caned on the bottom presenting her bottom

Once Rosie had been properly beaten, she collapsed on the bed, her red and swollen bottom sticking up. Rosie promised that she will not be caught in the bus station again. Hopefully, she will not need another visit from the cane!

canings reassurance aftercare spanking


Northern spanking


There is always a way to stop girls smoking… I hate it – especially indoors! So this stars cute Dutch girl, Sammie. in Mike’s unique aversion therapy… as you’ll see, she isn’t too keen on smoking after this! Images taken from the film at Real-Life-Spankings.com

sammie_smoking_pub_P1010063  sammie_ps4 sammie_ps7 sammie_ps8 sammie_ps9 sammie_ps10 sammie_ps12 sammie_smoking_pub_P1010061 sammie_smoking_pub_P1010065 sammie_smoking_pub_P1010056 sammie_smoking_pub_P1010057

This is what Mike had to say about the 1st part of her punishment: Sammie came to me with a tale of woe. The little rebel went to a pub and decided to smoke which, as we all know, is illegal and when the owner told her to stop, she continued. The result being that he threw her out of the pub. I decided to give her one of my special stop smoking spankings, a sound bare bottom strapping and a sound OTK bare bottom birching.



… Don’t forget. Like this party, everything’s



… in Texas!


Good & Bad Girl Spankings

I still have that post to make that I promised you – letting you know about the movie shoots and our travels, but as we have been rather busy and would rather not sit down for hours going over the images in a hotel instead of exploring or enjoying each other’s company… so that post will wait. I hope you understand. I’m not even telling you where I am at the moment, it’s probably easier to do the post at the end of the trip… so in the meantime, check out these fine girl on girl spanking updates, they are all rather hot… and I will start with a very recent movie shoot that Sarah Gregory did with Chelsea Pfeiffer for MommaSpankings.com called “Inappropriate Viewing”.


Mom is not happy to get a bill from the cable company for over $100 dollars. Sarah has been using mom’s credit card to pay for pay per view female prison shows and movies. Mom is very upset and has her naughty daughter strip for a spanking and strapping. “Isn’t this how they humiliate the woman in those shows, make them strip?” says mom.

momma-156-002 momma-156-004 momma-156-006 momma-156-009 momma-156-012 momma-156-013 momma-156-014 momma-156-015

See this full long play spanking movie HERE


This film was inspired by the fact we both love watching shows such as Orange is the New Black and, more recently… Wentworth, a fantastic Australian show remake of the old “Prisoner Cell Block H” series from the late 70’s. Wentworth is darker than “Orange” but both shows are gripping to watch and of course have overt sexual themes and violence and you really engage with the characters on both sides of the bars!


Which kind of leads me onto the following new film from Bars and Stripes – with Lola Marie being the star of this particular prison style punishment…

Intruder Spanked

lola_intruder_spanked1 lola_intruder_spanked2 lola_intruder_spanked3 lola_intruder_spanked4 lola_intruder_spanked5 lola_intruder_spanked6

After Lola was caught breaking  into the prison Prison Officer Paul Kennedy decided to give the little madam a sound spanking. When her bottom was spanked red and sore, Miss Zoe Page showed up and She told Lola to strip naked. After which she was strip searched thoroughly.

intruder_spanked1_5 intruder_spanked1_6

See MORE of this punishment spanking of Lola Marie HERE


Rituals, hazing punishments and lesbianism are rife at the following Sorority… thankfully. This can only be involving someone like the delightfully pervy Veronica Ricci who stars in over half the episodes I counted… and this time she is opposite a fave of mine, Pheonix Askani (I love her name as well as seeing her spanking and getting spanked!) latest pictures taken from the long play film from Spanking Sorority Girls


Veronica & Phoenix mess around…

02 03 04 07 09 11 12 13 14

Veronica Ricci and Phoenix Askani are fooling around playfully when some spanking breaks out. They are battling over who should be the next sorority leader, and Veronica proves to me the more dominant pledge.


View the full film HERE or via the popular 5 site Clare Fonda Pass – giving you up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost.




Finally today… Britney spends time in the Principal’s office… or rather – over the knee of her principal, Audrey. Images from the film taken at Punishedbrats.com

office1-1 office1-2 office1-3 office1-4 office1-6

Brittney was sent to see Principal Audrey after being caught cheating on a test. She was stunned when she learned that her punishment was to be a bare bottom spanking. After a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking, Brittney was subjected to several hard swats with the school paddle. She promised to never cheat again.

office2-1 office2-4 office2-2 office2-3 office2-5 office2-6 office2-8

Click here to see this full film, full membership still only from $17!


At AAA – the final conclusion to fantasy or reality is available to members today! It’s quite a finale as Rosie gets a nasty wooden paddling (what she imagines for a second time) followed by what actually happened to her during her realtime punishment – an authentic and traditional over the panties 12 stroke caning that the purists might prefer! Definitely a “Fantasy or Reality” moment wake up call for Rosie! Reminder of the images of what is available there from today!


This is a schoolgirl discipline film with a difference. Rosie is waiting for her detention punishment & has no idea what it will be…so she imagines two scenarios: The first is erotic & about as far from reality as possible when she gets turned on imagining that she gets a “good girl” hand spanking & a riding crop used on her intimate parts (well, it was Rosie’s weird fantasy punishment!). Then as she snaps out of that daydream, she fears that it is actually something far worse, & probably closer to what she is about to get… a hard, painful wooden paddling on her bare bottom. This she doesn’t like at all & as she comes back to her present predicament of waiting for her punishment… in walks her teacher with a heavy cane who promises Rosie that she will feel 12 hard strokes which you will see is done in an authentic & traditional no nonsense “matter of fact” way! You’ll see this punishment film develop from Rosie’s strange daydreams & fears to what actually happens over the space of the 17 varied minutes!


013 014 015 016 019 020


This film is also available as a one time download from the Clips Store HERE



Updates across the SG Network!

I have been so busy filming and sightseeing that I have not had time to even  think about doing a full industry update – so I’ll let you know what has been released closer to home this week at the following sites… I have also not had time to let you know who we have been filming with… but when I do get a spare moment then I will let you know about the amazing shoots that both Sarah & I did for the SG sites these past 2 weeks with Chelsea Pfeiffer (a first for me), Christy Cutie, Casey Calvert, Alex Reynolds and not forgetting Lily Swan & Joelle Barros when we were in freezing New England… I also got to meet the face behind ATP and he took some great image stills from our most recent shoot we did (after all, he is Christy’s Daddy!) – there are plenty more shoots coming soon from us both… so I better try to find time!

Sarah & I also filmed for the Clare Fonda sites with “The Cameraman” … who I liked a lot… he is incredibly calm and I understand how girls love filming with him! There will be some pleasant/unpleasant surprises for some… LOL!

Sifting through and deciding what images to choose takes too long but I promise to do an update on that including a lovely surprise belated birthday party thrown by Alex for her man, Paul Kennedy, you’ll know from Northern Spanking. I miss those guys.

Just so you realize how busy we are, later today we meet up with Clare Fonda and we’re filming some fetish trade content and we’ll be hanging out with her later too… can’t wait. Clare is incredibly funny in person!!!


OK, on with the updates – just released at AAA Spanking – a great new long play film with Rosie Ann in an unusual film that opens with her waiting by the lockers for her punishment detention to begin. While she is waiting, her mind wanders to what might happen…

f001 f002 f003 f004 f005 f006 f007 f008

She daydreams about 2 possible scenarios, the first is erotic and inappropriate as she fantasizes that her teacher spanks her with his hand more intimately than a punishment and also uses a crop to “punish” her… these thoughts soon disappear when she has a darker fear that he could use the heavy wooden paddles that she has seen…

f009 f010 f014 f015

These are nasty and she imagines what this might be like! The finale of this film sees a traditional caning punishment… I suppose in the real world, it could appear “boring” as the cane was applied 12 times, without feeling and given quickly when the time came and her [panties were not not pulled down for this punishment… she was made to stand int he corner of the room after the caning…

f019 f020

Rosie and I discussed and came up with this interesting and quirky film. We hope that you will enjoy it, it is now out for members to download as well as being available to view via the Clips store as a full film straight away!


Check out the free clip & don’t forget you can still view the site from just $12.50/month!


See “Fantasy or Reality” at the Clips store (below) – OUT NOW!



I ‘m running out of time and our hotel connection is a bit iffy at times  (though I did manage to upload over 3 Gb’s worth of data earlier, lol) – so here are the latest updates from SpankingSarahGregory.com and MommaSpankings.com

Drunk on vacation – Again! at Sarah Gregory Spanking

002 003 004 006 007 008 011 018 019 022 025 032

Sarah and her cousin Whitney are at it once again. While on vacation they stay out late drinking and getting up to no good. Daddy isn’t happy to find his daughter and niece at this same naughty behavior once again as in the previous film, Drunk on Vacation.


Finally, from Momma Spankings  I helped film this a few weeks ago… Lily Swan was Sarah’s old girlfriend (for real), and although they remained friends after their break up a while ago… Sarah still felt awkward being the dominant one here since originally it was Lily who was this way in their original real life relationship…. however, Lily loves age play and loves playing a little and is actually naturally submissive… and can take quite a spanking (as you will all discover over the next few months within the SG network!)

Here is Sarah’s 1st film with Lily (together) in “Lily’s Dropseat spanking”

001 003 006 008 010 011 018 022 023 024

Mommy is not happy that her daughter has been misbehaving. Lily has been drawing on the walls at home, running in the house, not putting her toys away and bullying the other kids at school. Mommy spanks her naughty daughter over her drop seat Pjs and then pulls the drop seat down to spank her on the bare with hand, hairbrush, and spoon.

View either site, they are unique and have masses of content, but you get a deal with the SGP – getting both sites for less with one set of codes… SEE HERE for more info!


Bye from LA for now… (panoramic view below from the Griffiths Observatory)


Interactive Text POV

I put up a film at POVspanking.com clips store yesterday and it is doing rather well… I think it could have something to do with the fact that there is a new style where it makes the viewer’s perspective a little more interactive. I had been experimenting with this style with a few films previously and have now started to improve on it. This film probably has one of the best to showcase the new style, taken from the spanker’s perspective. I have included some screen grabs and a short clip (all images and clips are reduced in size) – this film has delightful Rosie Ann as the very contrite and submissive schoolgirl, waiting for her punishment as she presents the wooden paddle to you… what you’ll see on screen is text – read it and you’ll be directing her what to do and you will see her respond to every question or command. It’s easy to read and you quite quickly get caught up in this idea that you are giving the orders and carrying out the wooden paddling… which, in my opinion, is what POV style films should be about! I have always said this is an ongoing project and it has only ever been available on the Clips Store … I have even removed some earlier clips that were on that Clips Store as they weren’t really true POV even though they might have been interesting to watch… that is not what it is about, is it?

[jwplayer mediaid=”38905″]

The Store also has scolding films and such, I like these, but again, they only work if the “scoldrix” is convincing… so many stores and models try this, and it’s a personal taste thing to find the ones you like or dislike. I suppose that is the only thing about the Clips4sales stores, you never really get enough of a preview… so that is why I have added a clip (above) from the start of the latest film so you DO get an idea of what it is about… and the other screen images should help too! (below)

Images taken from the full clip: “Rosie Presents the Paddle”

rp01 rp03 rp04 rp07 rp09 rp10 rp34 rp15 rp32  rp49 rp52 rp59 rp60 rp62

See all the films from various POV perspectives HERE


More Spankings for Friday

To those of you who adore the weekends because it actually means you have 2 whole days off, I’m very pleased for you! To the rest of the working population, I hope you get to chill out and not get jealous at your friends (tell yourself their 9-5 weekday jobs suck and pay less) – I suggest to prove this that you go out and buy a huge pointless car now that gas/petrol prices are much lower and will remain low for the next few years with any luck!

I had been toying with the idea of getting a larger engined car knowing the prices are likely to remain low… anyone living in Europe will know just how expensive it can be to run a car that greedily guzzles fuel. Mine is a Turbocharged 2 litre engine which I guess is about mid range and gets about 35-38 miles to a gallon (a UK not US gallon). Newer cars are being advertised as more fuel efficient with measly 1.1 to 1.6 engines maxed out to get better performance out of them and are taxed way less – it’s all about the “emissions” (said the bishop to the actress!). Now… my car, being rather elderly, is pretty poor on that score so I get penalized severely when it comes to tax and insurance. Fuel is mid range and will make some difference but I will probably stick it out as if I do have things go to plan I will be spending far more time in the US than in my native country… so getting a newer car would be an expense I could do without and if I did it would be some cheap runabout until I would be counting down the days ’til I left! Anyway, I have waffled on long enough, you’re here for girls bottoms getting spanked, not about engine sizes and other male machismo BS.

My fave spanking couple from FirmHandSpanking.com are featured first today from their “Truly madly Deeply” series – welcome Jonny & Stacy Stockton:

Going to a Bar with her bare bottom on show means a spanking for Stacy

tmd_e001 tmd_e002 tmd_e005 tmd_e003 tmd_e009 tmd_e011 tmd_e016 tmd_e018 tmd_e019 tmd_e020

Stacy Stockton dresses to thrill as she heads off to a bar in a bottom revealing skirt! Husband Jonny is not happy at her assets on show in Truly Madly Deeply. Will 100 smacks with a leather paddle on those jiggling bare cheeks make Stacy think again?

Stacy Stockton – OMG! No wonder she came joint 1st as the Hottest NEW Spankee last year. See why in ALL of her exclusive films to this site HERE




Here’s something that is about to be released, I got a full film sneak preview off Greg at BunBeatingFun.com with his new troublesome model kicking up hell at Red Hot Video, Miss Charlette Webb. She’s not protecting a piglet though… (sorry, couldn’t resist) but she is one of those models that at first, my own prejudices would get in the way. I couldn’t hire overly tattooed girls as a rule, though Sarah pointed out to me recently that a girl who I had first dismissed for having HUGE angel wings on her back (much like Charlette does here) looked incredibly cute when she was dressed up as a cheerleader and her tattoos were practically gone and only then did I realize just how strikingly pretty she looked. Well, the same applies here with Charlette. However, I soon warmed to this girl once she wore her second outfit, stuck out her bottom and I thought “there is more to this girl!”. She had a very perky body and an ass that screamed out to be spanked… judging by what happened next, I am guessing she gets a spanking at home and is used to it! (I hope!) oh my – and she got a good OTK hand spanking as you will see!

charlette-49 charlette-50 charlette-51 charlette-4

The film typically starts with the model showing off lingerie (after arriving late!) but it didn’t last long as TMS2 (Rick the mystery spanker) soon tired of her antics and ear pulled her over his lap and started to spank her in one of the cutest outfits I think I have seen a model start to get spanked in at this site!

charlette-9 charlette-18 charlette-21 charlette-23 charlette-26 charlette-36 charlette-39 charlette-40 charlette-42 charlette-46 charlette-48

The spanking is good and I was surprised at how submissive Charlette became, I think she was letting onto us more than the other girls in fact she could take the spanking, or so it seemed and, even… dare I say, suffered in reasonable silence (I think she was getting used to it once the endorphins were kicking in). By the end, her bottom was a proud shade of crimson and Rick had her go face the wall and stick out her bottom so he could admire his handiwork and take some pictures – while she contemplated her new found contrition after this hot spanking.


That’s when there was a nice surprise at the end, which I hope they do more often… as Charlette’s agent knocks on the door and freaks out when she sees what they have done to her bratty girl. I can guess where this is going for the next episode. I love these little story arcs. Well done guys, I can’t wait to see Nikki getting what is coming to her! A brief end of film clip with the teaser for Nikki – with permission of Bunbeatingfun.com


If this viewer plug-in “needs permission” then right click where the video clip would be and choose the option to allow it to run… It should be available on most browsers, I know it works well on Chrome, IE and most mobile devices that I am aware of too.


Sarah told me about this film… and how good it was and I can’t remember seeing it as she said she had fully remastered it (so I’m not sure it was ever up before) but it was perfect for MommaSpankings.com – one thing I have asked her to do, after seeing how much unedited content she had was to get it together and get it out there edited to the best quality possible. I know for certain that she is now reaping the dividends of that as the Momma site has become wildly popular these past few months with some great spanking scenes with legendary Dana Specht… this film, for example, is an early one (in my opinion the spankings are waaaaaaay harsher too!) but after this editing job, looks like it was done last week! These were on tape, luckily HD1080 VT, so well done to sarah who i think edited this herself… this is another triumph and this site deserves to do well! (proud of you, baby!)

Spring Break Spankings (in Atlantic City)

momma-151-001 momma-151-009 momma-151-019 momma-151-025 momma-151-041 momma-151-042 momma-151-044 momma-151-051

Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment. In the second part of this video, Uncle Richard meets up with Aunt Dana and Sarah for dinner. First of all Sarah is not ready when Uncle Richard arrives, and secondly, she is being very rude at dinner. When the three of them get back to the hotel room, Sarah is in for three spankings. One from her uncle, another from her aunt, and a long and hard one from both together.

momma-153-120 momma-153-141 momma-153-151 momma-153-155 momma-153-168 momma-153-170 momma-153-172 momma-153-179

See why MommaSpankings.com has become so popular!!!

Or view it as part of the great value Sarah Gregory Pass (pay less for the combined sites and get to use the same codes) check it out and see what you get!


Since I was showcasing Dana Specht it would be churlish of me not to remind you that her 4th and final installment of her scolding & punishment series is out for download at POV Spanking – this time, it’s the dreaded cane. Dana is fearsome with this implement and will swing it wildly and severely at your bare bottom. She is mad at you alright… she is really pissed at you this time and is showing you EXACTLY what is going to happen and when she has you trembling and with your pants and underwear pulled down, she then cruelly swishes the cane a few times as you bite your lip bracing for impact! But nothing… she enjoyed tormenting you… some more legendary scolding before the dreaded “six of the best” are unleashed as you grip the side of the sofa and take what you had coming. This is totally filmed from your POV (point of view) perspective and you’ll get up far too close (and uncomfortable) in this exclusive clip now showing. Images and a scolding scene are below.

danapovcane001 danapovcane002 danapovcane003 danapovcane004 danapovcane005 danapovcane006 danapovcane007 danapovcane008 danapovcane009 danapovcane010

Free clip of Dana’s legendary scolding before she canes you!


Part 4 of 4 available HERE



& news just in… the 2 parter of Rosie Ann’s punishment at Bars-and-Stripes.com is now available for members to download in full HD along with 2 image stills sets. Check out what happened to her when the Guv had her doing mundane lines as part of her punishment…

Rosie_punishment_lines1_Rosie Scene 2 - 01 lines2 lines4 Rosie_punishment_lines1_Rosie Scene 2 - 19 lines9  lines10 Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 68 lines11 lines12

Inmate Rosie Ann was called in by the Governor to write a report but instead of writing, she doodled. The Governor soon noticed and told her to write 50 punishment lines while he strapped her insolent 18 year old pantied covered bottom. Then after that… Rosie has to lower her own knickers and the strap and small leather paddle continue to sting her bottom while she has to write the remainder of the 50 punishment lines.

Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 75

Check out the all new Bars-and-Stripes.com website for yourself


If you STILL want to see more blogging content, then check out my other post earlier today featuring lots of sexy girl/girl spankings HERE

Cocktail Bar Cock Up

This is the title of the new film from AAAspanking.com starring the lovely Rosie Ann in her first full feature with me, she had appeared in a couple of shorter films a few months back, most notably the excellent wheelbarrow film she did as part of the last WN Festival (that film she did, is STILL the top seller on the Clips Store – which I am not surprised about) as well as a short featurette which we experimented with a short sharp shock film with a difference (released in the summer)

Rosie Ann’s Wheelbarrow Film released late last year…

022 019 023 024

Caught Short – Rosie’s 1st film at AAA

002 005 007 011

What you will see over the next few months are some quite unique and wonderful films with this amazing 18 year old who had a far more mature head on her than you’d expect from one so young who was genuinely into the scene and many more aspects of BDSM. I feel honored that I gave her a start in this niche and helped find other producers for her outlet despite not putting out much of my own stuff, as to be honest, right now, there is so much data that I’m not that obsessed with putting new stuff before others as there is supposed to be some order to it all. I have a backlog of about 4 or 5 unseen girls at the site, all edited and ready to go… one which you will see next week (I will let you know more on that at the end of this post). Still, I think it is about time some of these start taking priority but there are still films from over 2 years ago ready to go too… maybe I should just put some of these up early on the clips store? It’s a possibility.

So to today’s film update – Rosie Ann gets an almighty strapping and paddling session for being lazy when placed in charge of the bar area she works at by the sleazy nightclub owner that prefers to take time off and blame others when something he asks goes wrong or doesn’t go to plan…


Rosie had been left in charge of the cocktail bar of the private adult club that she worked at. The owner of the club came back a couple of days early to find the place was a mess not long before opening for that night & could see she had been ignoring his emails about ensuring the Xmas decorations were down since it was well into the New Year. The club had many interesting quirks, the cocktail bar had phallus chairs as “cocktails” were never actually served… & all manner of sex toys incl. BDSM/Spanking implements were sold to members as well.

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The owner decided that Rosie was about to test out a few of the leather straps that were on sale to members as part of her punishment & he wasn’t going to use them lightly on her either! She had to feel the various intensities & ranges of the leather implements so she would understand a little more about what happened to naughty, lazy girls that didn’t do as they were told!

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This latest film from AAA Spanking is now also available as a one time download at the Clips Store – in various formats of your choice, all in 1920×1080 playback resolution!



I think I will put out a few films early at the Clips Store, since I have so many, so watch out for them when they come up here… there’s some interesting ones! Anyway, closer to what is coming out next week, I can confirm that Isobel Wren makes her appearance next week with Johnny Lake who is a spanking producer at the Fetishcon event who decides if she can take what’s needed to appear in one of his productions – I can tell you now these two have a great chemistry and I loved making this film… some really GOOD spanking action – you will LOVE it too!





Results out tomorrow – followed by the final poll for BEST site closing on Monday 12th!

Spankings & Hangovers

I trust you all had a fantastic time celebrating the new year with friends, family or however you wanted to… I have had some catching up to do with site updates and such so in the meantime before I bring you news of my latest new release check out a few other spanking sites and what they’re currently offering members right now!

I helped Paul film this before Xmas with the lovely Rosie Ann and this conclusion to his Xmas film is pretty awesome with some good hard canings of a girl that can take pretty much take almost anything we could muster… & her power of recovery was astounding. She is quite rightly proud of that! here is part 2 of the “Christmas Cracker” film with Paul & Rosie – out in full from NorthernSpanking.com

Christmas Cracker

Rosie is a promising dance student during the day. Three nights a week she has a work experience placement… in a strip club! The owner has taken a shine to little Rosy and recognised a promising little submissive, if not a wonderfully talented dancer. Here we see part of her education and punishment, resulting in a Christmas routine with cane stripes upon her bottom!

Christmas Cracker Christmas Cracker Christmas Cracker Christmas Cracker Christmas Cracker Christmas Cracker

Check out what else is available at NorthernSpanking.com



From another site nominated this month in the running for BEST Spanking Site – GirlSpanksGirl.com – comes a new long play film with a girl I have always admired even though each time I see her she sports another tattoo (which isn’t my thing but Californian girls dig it). That is Paris Kennedy, she is certainly not shy and I have always felt she had something about her and so it’s a pleasure to see her back over the knee getting a spanking on that perfect bottom. The film is called “Russian Discipline” so the “Russian” is played by Amelea Dark… (who is naturally of Russian heritage). Check out what these 2 get up to! It’s pretty hot for F/F lovers!

002 004 005 008 009 011 012 014

Paris Kennedy is traveling with some suspicious items in her suitcase when she is detained by a strict Russian Officer (played by Amelea Dark). Amelea decides to teach this privileged American lady some strict Russian discipline and spanks her hard.

002 004 005 010 011 012 015 016

But Paris is no passive USA chick, she is tough and knows how to fight back. She spanks Amelea before running out of the detention office. Only problem? She is caught again and brought back in hand cuffs the next day. Which of course leads to a more severe punishment which you will be able to see and download very soon in the third part of this long play film series.

See Paris K getting spanked & then getting her own back on the sexy Russian officer HERE

This site is an important part of the Clare Fonda Pass network which gives you access up to 5 sites of your choice offered at a fraction of the combined cost of them all – it really is a cool way to watch your fave Californian based F/F spanking materials with one passcode – and of course you are helping producers make more films with your support with legit memberships 🙂



This picture of Ela Darling – shown by Dana Kane at her great site (another contender in, I think, most improved website?) – was from her blog where she was searching for an amazing image, this is pretty good, I have to say…

Auntie Dana’s Naughty Nieces Ela Darling and Christy Cutie spend the weekend in Las Vegas


Dana’s two grown nieces have come to spend the weekend with her in Las Vegas. While big sister Ela and her younger sister Christy think that they’re there to party,  she had other ideas. These sisters have never been disciplined before, and she was going to spend the weekend teaching them how to be Good Girls. This included going through their luggage to “see if there’s anything appropriate to wear” – The girls were made to change into “Good Girl” clothes and sent downstairs for their Saturday morning chores… Auntie came to tell the girls goodnight on the final evening of their weekend visit and they were grateful to Dana for helping them learn to behave, but Auntie reminded them that they still had a bedtime spanking coming for their misbehavior earlier. Lovingly, Auntie Dana climbs between the two girls in the bed and, while they lie on their tummies, spanked them with her hairbrush while making them say “I am a Good Girl.” Sweet!

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With excellent bonus materials – membership of DanaKaneSpanks.com is a pleasure


Finally… (yet another contender in the Best spanking Site) at SpankingSarah.com there is another new girl getting introduced and spanked – she’s quite a looker and members will be able to see this film and no doubt plenty more of her soon. Welcome Bonnie…

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This is what Sarah had to say about her new girl:
Bonnie Bellotti is another new young lady I am introducing to the spanking scene. This young beauty contacted me and said she quite liked a spanking from her boyfriend and had seen some of my films and wanted to give it a go. I threw her right in at the deep end with a good solid storyline and a good hard spanking on her delightful bare bottom.

See more of Bonnie and more new girl spankings excluisvely HERE


back laters…. and FAO my young lady –  “hey, you!” (This is how you do it, Sarah G … heh heh!)




(keep practicing with the English accent!)