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Strict American Spankings

I booked my flights back to America for later this summer today – it would appear my procrastination, for which Sarah has berated me privately, got the better of me as I waited and watched for the best deals only for the last few weeks to go to hell and the prices rise by nearly $300-400 on a return (round trip) multi stop ticket! “Shit!” I thought… as I frantically searched the best of what was left today, checking a few travel brokerages I knew on the phones and they all said spaces were drying up and the last minute offers would be few and far between for my dates… so without telling you just how much I paid for a flight to Boston and one back from Las Vegas (these are not direct either, I have the dubious honour of stopping off, albeit briefly, via Zurich in Switzerland!) – I am also not looking forward to the flight on the way back since it is some sub company of Air Swiss that some of these large airlines now like to run as charters or holiday flights that I will be flying back from Vegas to Zurich on “Air Eidelweiss” … I kid you not! I checked their reviews (mixed) and although my flight is a red eye (so I should try to sleep) I am one of those that like to watch the latest movies on the inflight entertainment screens and also to avail themselves to several free rounds of red wine or Jack Daniels… as one might – but I have a sneaky feeling that the films will be sparse as the planes they are using are older and on a trans Atlantic flight I will have to PAY for my booze which is a bloody liberty (Like I had to with Aer Lingus) – you don’t get that on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic (or even Delta which I have used in the past) … anyway, that’s coming back and that would mean my summer odyssey would be over, I’d not dwell on that so instead to celebrate I thought I’d find some American spanking entertainment you might all like! (well, I did anyway from the memberships and access that I still have at the moment).

First offering today is courtesy of RealSpankingsInstitute.com with a 2 Girl Bare Bottom Strapping


Mr M pauses takes a break from punishing two students in order to make a phone call. They are left on display until he returns. Monica is then bent over with her breasts exposed and takes 50 full force strokes while Lila waits and watches

strapping005 strapping007

strapping012 strapping010


strapping016 strapping018

strapping026 strapping022

strapping024 strapping029


You can see the full film HERE featuring Monica & Lila – 2 girls who can take a very severe strapping!

This site is part of the amazing 8 Site RealSpankings Network Pass (see below)


Greg at BunBeatingFun.com got hold of me earlier in the week and it is only now that I had fully seen his latest film, the short story arcs with the ever bratty models and the shitty agents they used to send him these brats continues with new girl, Alexandria Adair, Greg promised me that this was another storyline arc and if you see the latest film then you will understand… I like it when these sleazy female agents get their comeuppance too at some point!

Alexandria Adair – the latest victim model at BunBeatingFun.com


This punishment film sees this typical model brat “get what’;s coming to her” and I liked the fight in her for a while, squirming and mouthing off, until she was eventually leg locked, stripped and of course soundly thrashed with TMS2’s hard hands and, what I like now, finished off with the hairbrush for good measure…. the added humiliating scenes of making her go get the implement didn’t go un-noticed from this viewers eyes! All in all, another excellent Bun Beating extravaganza – I’m a big fan of the un-PC way in which Greg & co deal with their girls… the “old fashioned” chauvanistic way. (You know it’s all in good fun really!!!) – Check out the images from the film and the short spanking clip you can see!

alex-06 alex-07

alex-08 alex-13

alex-17 alex-18


A blue eyed beauty she be, but sadly one afflicted with a very much advanced case of narcissism. Fortuitously, albeit unknowingly, when Alexandria strutted through our doorway a lasting cure happily awaited her. And though the wench wasn’t too keen on taking her medicine, our devoted caregiver determinedly dispensed it just the same… every last bit of it!

alex-30 alex-31

alex-34 alex-36

alex-40 alex-56

alex-58 alex-65 alex-72

alex-73 alex-75




Hope you had a great weekend… & for no reason whatsoever, here’s some bird on a rocking horse with a cock attached and her riding it and sucking a lollypop for the sake of porn – meh!  Goodnight! *fap fap fap!*


Spanking Roundup & other news…

2011 is looking to be an eventful year for many peoples of the world as they assess what their actions to self determination and that of Mother Nature can bring as they/we all cling precariously to this rock hurtling through space called planet Earth. So as we watch the Middle East political landscape starting to change (who will be next, Jordan, Syria, Iran?). Down under in what many of us Brits consider one of our closest nation buddies, the poor folk of North Eastern Australia, already recovering from the worst flooding for 30 years are now suffering with Cyclone Yasi hitting the coastal areas, and to understand how destructive it is:  it’s a 300 mile wide swathe of 200 mph winds comparable and probably more severe than Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans over 5 years ago. I feel for the residents of Queensland – and they are told more bad weather systems are inevitable for the next few months! Just how humble do we appear when the full fury of Mother Nature takes hold!

As I write this I hear there are gunshots in Cairo as it gets ugly there in the increasingly more hostile demonstrations – the things we do to each other, I sometimes despair, I get angry, “man’s inhumanity to man” – and I could ramble on, I’m sorry, I should have got out my soapbox before carrying on as this is after all a spanking blog and you have come here to escape the depressing news of the above and instead celebrate with me some of the things this wonderful kink of ours can give us back as we escape into a world of some seriously hot spanking and punishment discipline! & I have that for you as my 1st update below has to be one of the HOTTEST movies shot by Ms Law at BadTushy.com in an age and it is an absolute plesasure to introduce this very latest movie as she humiliates her girls in the most explicit and provocative F/F spanking I have seen for some time!

WARNING: The girls discovered the fury of Ms Law is comparable to a Force 5 Cyclone!

Ms Law catches her girls best friend stealing from her pocketbook but instead of calling the cops, she bends her over and spanks her over and over! Everytime she cried Ms Law just smacked her bare ass even harder then more intimately to make it more humiliating for this thieving piece of shit! You will see from some choice images below that this full spanking video is surely one of the hottest films Ms Law has made in quite a while and just look at how red and busted up the ass of this thieving piece of lowlife really got! Ms Law ensures those that cheat & steal get what they fully deserve! Top Karma spankings indeed!




This movie has all the fury and force of a Category 5 Cyclone – CLICK HERE for more!



NEWSFLASH!!! I almost forgot that in Pennsylvania it’s “Groundhog Day” today and Punxsutawney Phil (see below) predicts there will be an early Spring, yay!!! I hope so as I plan to be over that way if things go well! So thanks’s Phil 🙂


Not sure if I had shown you this full movie update from AAAspanking but it’s a cracker, literally!!! As Kami took a real hard belting and of course I will share some behind the scenes info on this movie as well as provide you a little clippet near the end of her leathering and believe you me, between takes when we changed cam angles – she told me to whack her as hard as I could, she’d cry “cut” if it was too much – so I did… she told me she REALLY felt she had to be punished and wanted me to bring her to tears – Now anyone that knows the marvellous Kami Robertson will know exactly what I am on about as she wanted to cry… no, she NEEDED to cry, she didn’t want to act this out and I rarely do so of course we got the required effect when she felt suitably humiliated and sore! Then she reached the point of no return as I continued to thrash her… it’s a great little movie and a believable story – “what would YOU do if your cleaning maid broke one of your irreplaceable family heirlooms?” Indeed!

Click HERE or the image below for my additional short HD clip of Kami’s punishment!

Images below are taken from the full length movie called “Broken Glass”






You can see another clip of Miss Robertson’s punishment…
and more of her work already shown exclusively at AAAspanking.com 

WARNING: Do NOT spank Kami OTK unless with great self control & cast iron underpants! 


Finally today as promised my focus is now on another great spanking site from Japan and the brand new film just released at Hand-Spanking follows from my last post HERE (which ended up being a review of the site) and this again features the very cute Kurumi with those big doe eyes and a very spankable soft bottom!



Click image below which leads to the current free movie clip in Wmv playback

From my last update featuring Kurumi and her Step Mother – The scene gets back to the present time. Kurumi is now given a sound spanking and an enema (members can see this!!!) that she’s been afraid of from her strict nasty step mom! I have also added a few images of the spankings below for your added perusal!



MORE movies of Kurumi & other sobbing pyjama clad girls, schoolgirls and daughters HERE