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Asses of Tumblr

As a break between updates and a new film of mine coming out later today… check out what I had been liking or reblogging over at Tumblr. Lots of pretty spankable bottoms. Credits on images are left if they are still there, otherwise go check my Tumblr page, one of many ass, spankable and spanking pages that has a lot of people hooked liking and reblogging images (that they see of each other in their networks of sites that they follow.)

tumblr_n6x8nojxbL1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_n7lyudJ7fv1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_n7smsx6zN21tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_natso5BLMr1s03awmo1_1280 tumblr_nford9pxmd1qf3yvvo1_1280 tumblr_ng5htcMlbS1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_nghn5xgXOn1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_nhpur3ifIN1rdgf8do1_1280 tumblr_ni6humnJtt1r43ttjo1_1280 tumblr_niryib40Dp1qa157wo1_1280

AAA News Update


Thank you everyone for voting – your efforts mean that tomorrow members will get to see an awesome (and very different) Amelia Jane Rutherford film “Spanked and Showered” – the film you voted to see first. The reason it’s a bit special is the spanking and shame factor… I talked through some ideas with Amelia about what we could do that was a little different that she hadn’t filmed before – I felt that this was important to us both as Amelia, as popular as she is… deserves to have something different filmed of her within a spanking genre film. Amelia enjoyed the idea of being punished for being a real brat (some of her replies to me are classic bratty Amelia) and with a believable plot line, her behaviour is just appalling, having been told several times in the past by family members to shower before bedtime… she will get far more than she bargained for, no simple spanking this time, as good as it is OTK… in her cute PJs… she is dragged to the bathroom afterwards, placed in the bathtub and cold showered in her PJs… the wet cloth sticks to her in a most unpleasant way and the cold water numbs her senses and all the while she is scolded and reminded just why she is there! She has no choice but to remove her wet clinging PJs and is punished on her wet bottom with a leather paddle… which hurt far more… leaving her close to tears and very contrite.

This is classic Amelia Jane Rutherford with a humiliating twist… I just know you will all enjoy this HD1080 film! Spanked and Showered








There is also the news that the Special Loyalty Membership is back, it’s a painfully simple membership plan which I have reprised as it was popular last year, the longer you stay on a 3 monthly deal (which is fixed at $32.95 every 3 months) meaning access for just $11/month, effectively. that’s the “loyalty” factor… and there are plenty of members still on that deal… showing that it makes economical sense with a billing cycle of every 3 months.  The only thing is the initial sign up you pay the same price for  1 month… then it reverts to the recurring 3 monthly fee at that same price. Simple! So you can stop the membership anytime… or if you wish, there is an Annual (365 days) Deal available via the secondary billing agent (CCBill won’t do it for this price) – you will see that on the Join Page below the CCBill sign up options! CLICK HERE


I’m also uploading this film to the AAA Clips Store in the 3 formats of choice and this will be available by the time this film becomes available on Nov 3rd for members too! Check out all the latest updates at the clips store if you just like to download the odd film or prefer not to take out a full membership.

or the POV clips store that some people get and love – and of course others who don’t like it (it’s about choice)

& below is a special treat – it’s a Tumblr blog – some people don’t quite understand this concept… it’s not hosted by me personally and Tumblr blogs encourage fellow bloggers to like and reblog images or clips uploaded to either make them popular or viral… it’s an addictive pastime which I had avoided for a few months but every now and then I  have fun looking at the blogs I like within the spanking genre as you can find images that are tagged etc…


I would also like to say “thanks” (as he has asked) to one of my detractors who thought I’d have Clips4sale on my ass for daring to place above banner (it’s now amended) with a certain alleged “underage” girl that he mentioned – I looked up his name of the film he mentioned and guess what… I have found it in full on Youtube straight away on the first page ranking – God knows how or why, I had featured a small image in the banner and had no idea that, as he claimed, it was of a girl under 18 (I’m still skeptical since it’s on Youtube). However, in this game, I have learnt to never mess with shit like this if I had any doubt as the thought abhors me if I was wrong – and it’s just a lousy banner for goodness sake.

Link to some Q & A HERE that I can’t answer back on one such forum (as I am not a member there) and the link to said offending vid currently available on Youtube (below).

Learning her lesson

I played around with this image, found it on the interwebs but don’t know the actual source… I hope you like it… I imagine this was after she had learnt her lesson about staying out too late, spanked by her angry daddy… she would be more careful and respectful in future… as she cried herself gently to sleep with her burning red bottom too painful to the touch!


Found via my Tumblr blog (click banner below for more spanking and my obsession with beautiful ass/butt related imagery)


Naughty Spankings to start the week!

I’m not sure how many of you follow me on Fetlife or are even aware I have an account there… you can always check me out or befriend me HERE – why not chat to me there, I won’t really refuse a friend request… it’s a nice place for like minded fellow spankos and those into our niche can meet and share ideas, meet up and such… I have only really started using Fetlife properly these past few months so my profile is not as well developed as some but I now have my mobile phone synced so it’s rather funny to receive friend requests at work when I (like so many of my co workers) abuse the company’s free internal wifi hotspot… this site somehow passes our workplace filter (my blog and website doesn’t for example – boo! I’m a pornographer… lol!) so I find it hilarious that I can access some good old fashioned smut (like my Tumblr account as well which passes the filters – yay!) and it’s far more interesting than Facebook or snapchat that my fellow vanilla colleagues seem so pre-occupied with during their breaks! I feel so delightfully subversive on my smartphone… so keep me occupied and send me messages and make “friends” – Ok?

There is also something else you might see on the FL page – it states I am “Play Partners” with Sarah Gregory, well, the cat is out of the bag now, eh? You might remember me saying I was visiting America in December? Well, that… my good people, is my sole purpose of my visit… as I shall be seeing Sarah… and I can’t wait and now I don’t care who knows!!! 🙂

We will also be doing lots of filming, naturally, but I won’t mention who we are filming with just yet (though I promise you she is just AWESOME and as a clue, I have worked with her previously!) so I would still like to tease you that little bit more if you leave a comment here who it is, I won’t confirm or deny if you’re correct… I’m so mean, eh? However, I might just mention it on Fetlife before here… just in case you didn’t get that I’d like to increase my friendship portfolio… lol! But I am really excited about the whole trip, there is so much to do and catch up.

Talking of which, here is my catch up of a few sites starting with SarahGregorySpanking.com – these 3 most recent films don’t have Sarah as a sub, however, when you see who is featuring in the latest films, you will NOT be disappointed at all!

Sister in law takes charge!

sis001 sis002

sis003 sis004

sis005 sis006

sis007 sis008

Sarah is being a sneaky little wife and when her sister-in-law finds out she is not happy at all. Sarah get a spanking from her sister-in-law to teach her to be a better behaved wife.


seconds001 seconds002

seconds003 seconds004 seconds005

seconds006 seconds007

seconds008 seconds009 seconds010

seconds011 seconds012

Daddy has already spanked his naughty girls and told them to face the wall and kneel on the couch. He leaves and comes back to find them fighting again, so it is a second spanking for them both.

The Bad Room Mate

badroomie001 badroomie002 badroomie003

badroomie004 badroomie005

badroomie006 badroomie007


Sarah is not very happy when she finds that her roommate is wearing the outfit she was planning to wear out. She also doesn’t like Amelia’s attitude when she asks for it back. A good spanking is in order for this naughty roommate of hers.


& now to the Fonda group of sites with some cracking new updates recently showing and to Spankedcallgirls.com in this 2 parter that has these 2 new girls unable to behave when they are waiting for an important meeting with their brothel madame!

004 005

006 007

008 010 012

014 015


Vicki Chase and Giselle Mari are two new girls who both are scheduled to meet with the madam at the same time. These are two girls with attitude, so a spanking fight breaks out and only stops when they see a shocking event (that will continue in the next episode). See the latest film HERE

& over at My Spanking Room Mate the spanking soap opera continues this time with Kay Richards and Rose who annoy the hell out of Mr Ford who has to step in and give both these girls a damned good thrashing… the reason is explained below after the images!

msr-p151-0301 msr-p151-0311 msr-p151-0321


msr-p151-0011 msr-p151-0131 msr-p151-0181

msr-p151-0211 msr-p151-0221


Mr. Ford needs to get into the cabin for a photo shoot, but his new assistant/model Veronica Ricci says she doesn’t have the key and he should try getting it from Kay Richards (played by Kymberly Jane), who he must spank in order to discover that Rose (Ashley Rose) took it. So he bends Ashley over a pool table and spanks her round bottom then canes her with a pool cue.

Then there is the 150th episode which stars the gorgeous Isobel Wren, looking for a new roomie… only she finds this prim and proper “churchie”, Kitty… who disapproves of her wanton ways and decides to spank the love of Jesus back into her… images and full story are below:

003 007 008

009 013

014 015 016

Isobel Wren is slightly promiscuous and desperately needs a new roommate to share her one bed apartment. Kitty is a prim and proper religious girl who is compelled to spank Isobel for suggesting they share a bed. Isobel gets her revenge by spanking Kitty’s big bottom, even if it means she will be without a roommate.

You can see all the roomie episodes right HERE

both sites are part of the best value Clare Fonda Pass

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


Don’t forget what is still coming to my site over the next month or so… these are HOT updates and I shall be bringing you news of film upgrades starting with my most recent filmshoot as I have been working out a way to bring you the highest quality spanking films at a rate and resolution that is practically blu ray quality at no extra cost! Stay tuned, folks! It’s exciting stuff, and you will hear more of this on Wednesday with the release of the new film starring naughty Katie (below)


the following are films (in no particular order right now) which you will be able to see before the end of the year!!!








You may also want to know that some of my older films uploaded as one offs for those who don’t want to view a whole membership site can now start to download even more HD Quality films at 1280×720 MP4 and WMV playback… most notably the latest was one of our most watched and also one of our faves to make with feisty Donna davenport caught watching spanking porn on her boss’ laptop… oops! It’s 16 minutes long, contains some great spanking and caning scenes and I loved the banter too… now available as a low priced MP4 HD download… see below:


Triple A Spanking Clips store

Something Naughty n Nice!

Sorry about my infrequent appearances here recently, I have been unable to spend as much time on mt blog as I’d hoped for due to some near impossible workloads put upon me from my day job… I have been thoroughly miserable these past few weeks and hopefully next week will see those higher up realize just how difficult it’s been for me to give them their 125% whilst I try and maintain at least some sort of presence here… so please forgive me if the blog has taken a back seat: it… and my site, are ALWAYS on my mind!!! I have some spare time to bring you a few updates today and I have a couple of days away from the day job too… so you should see me cram in some many movies and updates I like that I have been unable to until now… so enjoy the ramblings and images that I will be bringing you!


Firstly… one girl couple who own one of the best spanking sites out there  (in my opinion)  – and who had never worked for anyone else but her own site, is Amber Dawn of “Spank Amber” infamy. The site has been going strong since Feb/March 2007 and the network of her sites has amassed a colossal archive that will keep you happy for ever and a day! All that for a starting fee of around $30? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

amber02 amber03

amber04 amber05

amber06 amber07

Here’s a fantastic example of the couple, Amber… and her Daddy, (doing what looks like a private cam show and filming it for members too…) in a lazy OTK position, slouched over his lap…. with panties pulled down, bottom slapped… then a trouser arousing WHEELBARROW type spanking… Daddy gets to grab, paw and play with Amber’s most intimate and exposed lady parts in her pleasurable  act of total submission! *fap fap fap!*

amber08 amber09

amber10 amber11

amber12 amber13

CLICK HERE to see the latest updates and check out for yourself the amazing films you’ll get to see!


If you know me by now, then you will know I have a thing for cheerleaders and volleyball girls… looks like dirty Den, the cameraman, from the Fonda sites does too as the latest films at Spanking Sorority Girls caters to that… and with Veronica as the spanked volleyball girl… and Sarah Gregory as the dominant cheerleader in a gorgeous green and white Titans outfit… this is one of the more outstanding films recently to show (well, they all are, to be honest, lol!) see for yourself below *fap fap fap*

ssg-p46-001 ssg-p46-005

ssg-p46-008 ssg-p46-018

ssg-p46-028 ssg-p46-029

ssg-p46-036 ssg-p46-037

ssg-p46-039 ssg-p46-040


Check out the latest movie previews HERE

Or view via the top value 5 Site Fonda Pass at a vastly reduced collective price!


I have to say, after my last encounter with Sarah at the SL Party… I have had quite a thing for her (hence the lovely update shown above with Veronica… BLISS!) but equally, I am sure you’d LOVE to see her taken down a peg or 2… right? Now, fortunately… knowing Sarah, as I do… when she utters the words “You’re such a bitch!” – you know she’s losing the battle and is probably learning once more to be contrite… oh look, yup… once again, Sarah has to learn how to behave, this time, courtesy of Alicia Panettiere!!! This is a fantastic F/F film I know many of you, myself included… will get off to! & of course, just look at Sarah’s spanked booty (or should that be WHOOTY?) … O-M-G! *fap fap fap* (heh heh!)


Sarah’s Boyfriend was right, his sister is a bitch….or at least she becomes one when she is called one. Alicia finds out that her brother’s girlfriend is not planning to attend his graduation ceremony after he flew her out there. She is not happy and confronts Sarah. Sarah calls her a bitch and that earns Sarah a trip over Alicia’s knee.

0136_youre_such_a_bitch_gal1-018 0136_youre_such_a_bitch_gal1-028

0136_youre_such_a_bitch_gal2-009 0136_youre_such_a_bitch_gal2-013


0136_youre_such_a_bitch_gal2-022 0136_youre_such_a_bitch_gal2-027


Check out MORE of  Sarah’s wonderful unique site HERE – fortunately she NEVER learns her lesson 🙂


Image  below is courtesy of my Tumblr blog … enjoy my many varied postings, reblogs and likes.
It’s quite an addiction as you’ll see, and some very nice images and animated gifs!!!

Hit the image below and you’ll see the entire archive of pictures month by month, 5000 or so of my own, sourced or re blogged imagery of spanking/asses/whooty and booty and sexy lady things! That’s not to mention well over 7000 images and such that I like which you can view for free too!!! With virtually no ads… go on and waste some time checking out some perv-tastic images!!!  You know you want to:)


That’s it from me tonight… I will be back with MORE updates and news on my site tomorrow (I am just updating the site as I type this!!!) Adios! See you on my Tumblr site, heh heh!

It’s All About the ASS #88

If you haven’t checked out my Tumblr blog then I suggest you do for a whole series of images like the one below, click on the archive section on the blog – or click HERE and you will see what a busy addicted boy I have been… collecting images I think worthy of reblogging which includes my fave subjects such as spanking, ass pics, redheads, Japanese girls, real women, girls next door and lots more very sexy, erotic imagery that I think makes for a very interesting diversion for you all! I’m also adding my own collections and images that are sourced from AAAspanking.com and they are not always shown on my main blog so it might well be worth checking those out at the tags #aaaspanking or #aaa spanking.
There’s also a section on the blog page that shows what I have liked and if you can be bothered to scroll through them, there are about 4000 images, gifs and movie clips that I have “liked” so far! It’s on the top of the liked images (the arrow) on the right hand bar… or you can click HERE directly and see all the images… if you have time!!!

When you get to see images like the beautiful girl below baring her oh so spankable ass for us to view… it’s all worth it, don’t you think?



All About the ASS #75

I have had some internet issues since I have been back but hopefully they are getting (kind of) back to normal. I have finally updated my site this week and added 2 updates to complete the week including the new film with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone as “Bad Volleyball Girls” – I shall bring you the inside info and the making of that later today… but in the meantime, do check out this fine piece of booty and clicking on the large image leads to my current addiction which I am sure you will love 🙂

back later… enjoy!


If you have a Tumblr account, please feel free to Follow me or reblog/love my entries 🙂