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Spanked & Paddled Cheerleader

cheerNot so long ago, Jordana Leigh worked with Sarah & I. Of course I knew her from the archives of SarahGregorySpanking.com and also at Punishedbrats.com known as Scarlet or Brittany depending where you saw her. Well, it’s been a while since she last filmed any spanking content as a spankee/bottom and nowadays, is a successful producer in her own right. But it was nice to finally meet her, and she is a fun young woman who is game for a lot of things and took a much harder than expected spanking and wooden paddling (as you’ll see) when she filmed this awesome and extremely colorful video with Sarah. They rekindled their friendship and talked about old times… and boys (LOL) and how things were going for each other and how things had changed. However, the one thing I really liked about this particular shoot was the uniform we got for her! I just *LOVED* Jordana’s outfit, this was the first time we used it and it suited her perfectly! As it is so distinctive I don’t think you’ll see too many of this costume but we shall see! I would LOVE to have a team of girls kitted out in this uniform… don’t you agree? Oh my!

Okay, on with the  production update, this is a little late showing to you but members of the site can see the full film right now HERE


Rival cheerleader Jordana was caught by Sarah secretly videoing one of her squad’s routines for the upcoming finals. She took her to the office where Sarah disciplined her own girls in her own unique fashion. If Jordana wanted to know why Sarah’s squad were so good then she was about to find out the hard way! This would be a short sharp shocking reminder of how she treated girls who betrayed her trust. Jordana was understandably nervous and embarrasssed that she would get a bare bottom spanking, a humiliating lecture on her sleazy behavior and ultimately the dreaded “Bad Cheerleader” paddle which she knew was going to hurt like hell on her pretty, firm behind! Watch as Joradana took this punishment, panties down, in one of the cutest cheer uniforms yet!

CLS-76-004 CLS-77-040 CLS-77-041 CLS-76-006 CLS-76-008 ch1CLS-76-010 CLS-77-081 CLS-77-089 CLS-76-012 CLS-76-019 CLS-77-094 (1) CLS-77-094 CLS-76-020 ch2 CLS-77-105 CLS-77-107 CLS-77-108


If you love seeing sexy girls in uniform, real cheerleader uniforms and sporting outfits – then this site should be worthy of your consideration. All updates are exclusive with at least one new film each and every week plus tons of beautiful images to add to your library of spanking erotica… check it out – there are loads of free clips to see for yourself on the extensive tour pages. This site is backed by one of the biggest names out there on the spanking interwebz… from Sarah Gregory!


Spanking Crystal Clark’s Buns

Hello everyone… here is a quick spanking image update to brighten up your holiday Sunday featuring a new girl by the name of Crystal Clark coming out any day now from those no nonsense bimbo spankers extraordinaire at Bunbeatingfun.com – I was given a quick sneak preview of this butt jiggling spanking and this tearful girl gets what’s coming to her in their finest tradition of hard no nonsense OTK hand spankings mixed in with some added humiliation, snivelling and timely ass grabbing… Crystal was made for this part… and this perky girl with a very spankable butt is very addictive and must see viewing!

Crystal Clark – the new model spanked at Bunbeatingfun.com

Crystal Clark is a very rude girl

This is what the good folk at Bunbeatingfun had to say about their latest model: She calls herself Sexy Crystal Clark and sexy she most assuredly is. But naughty too she was, as in very, very naughty. She was late, she spoke ill of our facilities and she even insulted the photographer’s dog! But that’s okay… problems are opportunities. And this was one opportunity that was far, far too sweet up pass up!

c01 c02 c03 tight bubble butt naughty girl ear pulled c06 c07 hard hand spanking c09 c10 bare bottom spanking c12 OTK spanking c14 c15 c16 c17 tearful spankings c19 spanking painful spanking wooden paddle spanking c23 c24 c25 c26 c27


sore bare butt

These are the girls that your mommy warned you about. Wicked, wicked temptresses each and every one and not a one here who has saved herself for the marriage bed (her own that is). These are bad, bad girls, the sort who are not only quick to say the “F” word, but do it!  You may rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that tardy though these spankings may have been in coming, each was administered with the pitiless ferocity appropriate for truly shameless miscreants such as these.

You are invited to peruse these samples of their work HERE knowing that you will appreciate the passion with which it was executed.

Bun Beating Fun

Maddy Marks hard spanking


There’s a brand new film just released at AAAspanking.com starring the awesome Maddy Marks getting a rather hard, humiliating long punishment at the hands of her irate teacher, Mr Osborne… the full story is below, but suffice to say, this was a hard OTK spanking followed by some lengthy severe strapping and paddling that really stung and you can clearly see this was a punishment befitting her “crime” of stealing examination papers for profit that nearly got her expelled from the fee paying school. It’s a nice Anglo-American crossover spanking film… images below are taken  directly from the 16 minute film.

Maddy Marks

Maddy’s ordeal is about to begin when the truth of her theft is revealed to her!

maddy002 maddy003 maddy004 maddy005 maddy006 maddy007 maddy008

Maddy Marks had been summoned to the school basement at 3am after an exhaustive investigation that identified her as the chief culprit in a massive school examination fraud. Told to report in full uniform she had no idea that she had been found out! She had been selling exam papers to her fellow students after she had discovered which questions were to be asked… now she had delayed the examination process and was close to expulsion but her parents pleaded that she be punished there and then and flown home after to reflect on this, It also cost her parents dearly in compensation so before her flight home she received an almighty scolding from Mr Osborne who then spanked her hard on her bare bottom. This was just the start of her punishment as she received a severe leather strapping and wooden paddle whacking which marked her bottom a deep shameful blushing red. To add to Maddy’s shame, her parents had requested that evidence of her punishment be sent to them and Mr Osborne used his phone camera to record the evidence. Maddy was sent to bed and told to report in a few hours for her flight back home where no doubt she would get more humiliating lectures with more attention paid to her poor bottom!

OTK spanking maddy010 maddy011 strapping maddy013 maddy014 maddy015 spanking maddy017 maddy018 maddy019 maddy020 maddy021 maddy022 maddy023



Available for members to download right now at AAAspanking.com


Or via the Clip Stores (see below) for those that prefer this option.

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore

Severe Spanking Special



Tearful Angel’s Severe Punishment

Sarah filmed one of her most severe films ever at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party earlier this summer with 2 friends in the scene, Angel Lee & Johnny Lake. Below are some screen stills from this dramatic video and the reason why tearful Angel got this once in a lifetime filmed punishment. This is a really special event that was very emotional for Angel and will even satisfy those boring monotone sadists out there that regularly bitch and complain that “some spanking films are never hard enough!” (WTF?) *sigh*


This was the most severe spanking film ever produced to date for Sarah Gregory’s main site: Angel put her life at risk… so in this real life discipline film, her good friend Johnny dealt with this. After some scolding that pretty much had Angel in tears, it was right to the bare bottom punishment for an OTK strapping. Then Angel was made to stand up for the wooden paddle and finally the cane (these scenes are particularly severe). Her bottom marked up and welted severely as she cried. By the end of this, she was one sorry little girl!

0228_tearful_angel_grabs-013 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-016 otk strapping 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-023 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-031 spanking otk spanking wooden paddle 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-069 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-073 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-095 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-099 caning 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-106 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-107


spanking aftercare

sarah Gregory Spanking

This is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass network giving your access to 2 of her premium sites for less using the same set of codes for your added convenience. Check it out HERE or at the banner (below) for full details.

Sarah Gregory Pass


Don’t forget the Spanking Awards 2015 Nominations HERE


& lest we forget: All those that gave down their lives so that we could live our own in peace, respect & freedom of choice. You will never be forgotten! November 11th – Remembrance Day in Europe, Canada & “Down Under” – “Veterans Day” in the USA (though there seems to be less about actually remembering those fallen in the US and more about it being a day to go shopping in some sales as I see it, or am I wrong?)


Lola Marie Spanking Update

It’s a big welcome back to Lola Marie this week at AAAspanking.com as she gets a good hard spanking and wooden paddling from her Homework Tutor for taking the easy route and just copying and pasting work as her own from the internet on her latest work at home assignments. It’s a particularly humiliating and mean punishment with some great scolding scenes. I’ll let you check out some of the promotional images below and provide a link to a short free clip for y’all! Oh… and check out how cute she looks in that cute summer gingham school dress!!!

Lola Marie hw002 hw003 spanking hw005 hw006 hw007 panties down spanking spanked and humiliated

Lola had been assigned a new Homework Tutor as she had been cheating her coursework using too much of the Internet available on her phone rather than learning, researching & understanding her assignments instead of copying and pasting content. She continued to defy those in charge of her care so a tutor was brought in with extraordinary powers to persuade this young madam that plagiarsm and wanton copying/pasting from the interwebs was forbidden. His methods were a little extreme but had a 100% success rate which is what we see with Lola as she learnt a lesson the hard way when he caught her up to her old tricks once more when left in a position of trust. She could expect a lot of embarrassing and humiliating spanking positions and nasty punishments as her tutor was Mr Osborne!

sore red bottom hw011 hw012 getting a wooden paddling Lola Marie paddled scolding punishment paddled hard hw018 Lola is spanked

CLICK HERE to view the free HD clip of Lola’s latest punishment at home


This film will also be available later as a full file download at the CLIPS STORE
(for those that prefer to download the odd movie separately)

aaa spanking

Spanking & Panty Wetting

Katie wet and soiled her panties

Katie the schoolgirl temptressPanty wetting and spanking have always been somewhat intertwined (in my opinion) from the days of a nervous person facing a punishment or a bratty girl having fun to “piss off” Sir and so on… it was a fascination for me ever since I remember spanking one of my old girlfriends many years ago and she just peed herself all over my lap and started laughing and apologizing. I’m not one to fuss over such silliness… it just made us both laugh and wonder what other “weird” shit we were both into at the time… which was a pleasant exploration (but that is a long time ago and another story). Now it also happened to be that she was a natural “squirter” well before the so called phenomenon is around nowadays on the interwebz as more and more pornographers look for realistic and diminishing niches in which to thrill and amaze us all with. I remember back in the day she felt strange and upset but I liked it and could see this wasn’t piss and told  her if was a “gift” rather than a hindrance (pity that ATVOD in the UK seem to think it is, ignorantly) – anyhoo, before I digress massively… I do admit to getting turned on seeing a girl wet her panties, especially in a punishment scenario… so when Katie and I discussed a schoolgirl storyline where she’d pee herself with worry and fright, she was game… she wanted to do this and we waited to do this as the last movie of the day and she didn’t go to the toilet once and just drank lots (I mean LOTS!) of water that day until she was bursting! Just how much she’d break that seal we were all to discover as I have NEVER seen a girl pee so much before on camera!

katie's little accident - spanking film preview

Katie Brown looks all innocent (kind of) before her pee and punishment film begins!

So this is the latest new video update that members at AAA Spanking can see right now… Katie Brown, dressed as a (rather admittedly sexy) schoolgirl given a punishment at home and while she waits for the discipline to begin pee uncontrollably for near on 2 minutes non stop! Now I and cameraman Dodgy Dave remember this well as it was his kitchen and instead of filming outdoors (it was already dark by this time) we filmed it inside thinking a little pee on the floor… no problem, clean and disinfect that and move on… oh no! Katie just peed and peed and peed… it was almost exhausting to watch and I thought about the electrics and just how much pee was coming out it as it got that bad!!! Check out the clip below and you’ll see the beginning of this epic pee-pee-athon!

[jwplayer mediaid=”41151″]

Here’s some behind the scenes info, we filmed this and then cut, took some stills and then spent over 30 minutes clearing up the mess and thoroughly cleaning it before the punishment scene. the things we do for our art, eh?

Katie Brown about to be spanked

Below are some more of those pee pee scenes taken from the HD1080 video

pissing her panties piss puddle soiled panties taking of her pee soaked panties

wet panties spanking spanking spanked wooden paddle punishment spanking worried schoolgirl before more spankings schoolgirl spanking katie gets a spanking and paddling hand spanking wooden paddle spanking

Katie had been spanked at school earlier that day for multiple behavioral infractions so she was nervous about a decision she took with her additional home punishment when it was revealed that she had not learnt one of her lessons by deliberately wearing bright pink panties as continued defiance of strict rules. This had infuriated John and he told her to wait in the kitchen whilst he went off to find some harder implements of correction. Poor Katie was so worried and badly needed to relieve herself but she just lay over the table in pure fright, unable to move… and then peed uncontrollably. Her panties were soaked and the floor was a pool of shame! This was the appalling sight that greeted John on his return. His disbelief at this shameful act only meant that Katie got to feel leather and hard wooden paddles across her cheeks after her soiled panties were removed. To add to her discomfort and embarrassment, she had to clean the vast pool of shame she had created and the entire kitchen before being sent to bed early.

Check out more spanking action of Katie (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41166″]

katie has her skirt lifted for a spanking bathbrush backhand wooden paddle feeling her spanking spanked with the bathbrish schoolgirl leather strapping

Don’t forget that you can see the full film in glorious HD1080 HERE

This video update comes with over 150 screen images & over 100 high quality stills!

Katie arches her freshly spanked bottom

Click here to view the AAA Spanking website trial offers

Don’t forget that you can also view this video in full as a one time download (below)

Katie's Accident peeing and spanking

View ALL HD1080 films incl. MORE of gorgeous Katie in rare and unusual erotic spanking scenarios from the popular AAA Clips Store option HERE

AAA Spanking clip store previews


If you liked this… you’ll LOVE the new film coming out later this week starring Lily Swan & Joelle Barros in the return favor spanking/orgasm film, no gentlemen in sight as these 2 young ladies get it on and Lily returns the favor to Joelle giving her a terrific spanking induced orgasm… oh my! #TrouserArousal is set at maximum!

Coming very soon this week to AAA Spanking & The Clips Store

coming soon to AAAspanking

Interactive Text POV

I put up a film at POVspanking.com clips store yesterday and it is doing rather well… I think it could have something to do with the fact that there is a new style where it makes the viewer’s perspective a little more interactive. I had been experimenting with this style with a few films previously and have now started to improve on it. This film probably has one of the best to showcase the new style, taken from the spanker’s perspective. I have included some screen grabs and a short clip (all images and clips are reduced in size) – this film has delightful Rosie Ann as the very contrite and submissive schoolgirl, waiting for her punishment as she presents the wooden paddle to you… what you’ll see on screen is text – read it and you’ll be directing her what to do and you will see her respond to every question or command. It’s easy to read and you quite quickly get caught up in this idea that you are giving the orders and carrying out the wooden paddling… which, in my opinion, is what POV style films should be about! I have always said this is an ongoing project and it has only ever been available on the Clips Store … I have even removed some earlier clips that were on that Clips Store as they weren’t really true POV even though they might have been interesting to watch… that is not what it is about, is it?

[jwplayer mediaid=”38905″]

The Store also has scolding films and such, I like these, but again, they only work if the “scoldrix” is convincing… so many stores and models try this, and it’s a personal taste thing to find the ones you like or dislike. I suppose that is the only thing about the Clips4sales stores, you never really get enough of a preview… so that is why I have added a clip (above) from the start of the latest film so you DO get an idea of what it is about… and the other screen images should help too! (below)

Images taken from the full clip: “Rosie Presents the Paddle”

rp01 rp03 rp04 rp07 rp09 rp10 rp34 rp15 rp32  rp49 rp52 rp59 rp60 rp62

See all the films from various POV perspectives HERE


Hot Spanking Updates

I have 3 sites from the Clare Fonda Pass network to start with that all have some amazing new updates… and I also have a link elsewhere which features another site of theirs showcased yesterday with another most recent line up… so all in all, between the 2 blogs you should be able to see what is currently on offer at the individual sites, or via the top value Clare Fonda Pass – OK, I would rather just get you the news update to you today, so no more waffle from me today (hoorah!).

Spanking Sorority Girls – I have 2 updates from them today as I had not brought you the conclusion to the last film with stunning Veronica Ricci (the main star of this site) and new pledge, Missy Martinez, who got to try out the Frat Paddle on beautiful Veronica’s behind on the stairs and landing… a visually appealing finale, that I think you will all agree was worth me posting first!


Veronica is tasked with giving Missy Martinez, who is visiting from a rival school, a tour of the sorority. Well of course that means Veronica must show Missy all about the spankings that take place their regularly, and even demonstrates the pledge paddle on Missy’s bottom. Missy agrees not to report Veronica if she can spank her too… & does so while Veronica crawls up the stairs and bends over the railing for a taste of that dreaded paddle.

sorority girl spankings OTK OTK spanking

Groping Ass 006 007 Veronica Ricci is given a hard spanking 009 011 012 grabbing her butt spanked with the Frat paddle

This week at Spanking Sorority Girls – Sadie Holmes spanks Riley in the Nun’s Office


Sadie Holmes and Riley are waiting in the Nun’s office for her to arrive so they can talk about how Riley spanked Sadie. Riley offers Sadie a few dollars to not tell. But it’s not enough and it makes Sadie even angrier. Only one thing will satisfy her, and that is to put Riley over her knee of a sound revenge spanking. Riley has no choice but to agree to let Sadie turn her plump bottom bright red. She even gives her a wedgie.

02 03 red spanked rump schoolgirl spankings hard OTK hand spanking 07 Freshly spanked ass 09 sore red bottom 11

Click here to see sorority girls get a spanking


Next up at Spanked Callgirls (one of my fave sites) a nice double sleazy and sexy spanking pair, Lana & Darla, squabble and spank it out at the brothel, so a good bitching catfight spankfest is in order!!!

Lana Lopez and Darla are fighting over who is scheduled to see a client. Darla warns Lana to leave. When she won’t, Darla puts her over her knee for a sound bare ass spanking. When Lana gets up, she still won’t leave, so Darla spanks her even more until Lana is totally compliant and her perky bottom is stinging oh so much!

12 13 14 15 bent over getting a spanking OTK red hot ass spankings embarrassed callgirl spanked over the knee 20 21 hot sexy spanking red rump show offs

Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Barebottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping, paddling and all the best in adult spanking starring the hottest spanking models on the net. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn. SEE MORE HERE

Click here to see more callgirl spankings


Clare Fonda reprises her role as the pervy Swim Coach – this time she gets to punish and spank her unsuspecting new assistant, as you’ll see… Clare usually gets what she wants in the end!

Clare Fonda and cupcake

Swim Coach Clare has a new assistant named Tiffany (played by spankee newcomer, Cupcake). Clare pays a visit to her office and decides it is time to teach Tiffany a lesson. She puts her young assistant over her knee for a no nonsense, hard hand spanking and finishes off with a heavy wooden hairbrush that Tiffany doesn’t much care for at all after Clare has finished blasting her cute behind!

25 26 27 28 Clare Fonda spanks an ebony beauty black girl spankings Cupcake is spanked hard bare bottom hairbrush punishment 33 hairbrush spanking sore aching bare bottom

See the many varied and LONG PLAY spanking films that makes Girl Spanks Girl one of the best F/F websites out there currently. This site is awesome on it’s own with 3 sections of Sensual, Erotic and Discipline Spankings… you will enjoy them all and this is the home of every “Exclusive Education” series ever made too!

The Home of Exclusive Education


All these sites can  be viewed as part of the Clare Fonda Pass – giving you access to Terrabytes of spanking content for a fraction of the combined site costings – check it out for yourself!


Also check out the other recent BLOG POST on this network HERE


I wanted to finish today with another of my fave sites – Firmhandspanking.com – and feature a new girl, a fellow Brit, who I have taken quite a shine to, as she has a lovely posh accent and a rather fabulous bubble butt that is starting to take quite a lot of punishment, as evidenced by the obvious speckling she got in the 2nd part of this new series with a leather strapping (there’s usually around 10 so I hope she made it!!!) – It was released at the end of last year (well, last week, lol) but I have only now got round to showing you this film update! See for yourself…


Deleting an interview from the newspaper’s archive costs Portia a strapping!

tbs_b003 tbs_b006 tbs_b007 tbs_b009 tbs_b012 tbs_b014 tbs_b020 tbs_b021

She may be a new reporter on Richard Anderson’s tabloid newspaper in “The Big Story”. That doesn’t prevent Portia Marlowe having her posh bottom bared and belted 64 times for deleting an interview from the newspaper’s server and trying to lie about it when caught out. You will see her bottom jiggle and redden before your eyes as this delightful newcomer takes her strapping in the second part of this series!


Click here to view all the latest updates with new free HD style spanking clips


Just to let you know, the latest film at AAA will be available later today and I will let you know more about it then… but for now, here is a teaser image of the lovely Rosie Ann who I have to say, anyone would LOVE to hang out with, she’s a fun girl! I’d love to spend more time tanning her behind… oh yes, he he… anyway, it’s a quirky no nonsense spanking film in a strange “COCK”tail bar that has weird seats and Xmas decorations up after the 12th day in which she she was repeatedly asked to remove them! Oh dear!!! Any excuse, eh?

Cocktail Bar Cock Up! 

Rosie 033

Coming Next at AAA Spanking

Hello, as I had promised inside the members area of AAA Spanking I said there would be a full explanation of the next film coming out later this week! Well, I hope these (reduced size) images do more than I could waffling away, I’ll add some commentary and explain what it’s about, but as you will see, it stars Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson as 2 very naughty girls who get up to no good after another punishment session from their Mistress… Emma Watchful! The girls fool around with each other and with some floggers that they find under the bed until their Mistress returns – outraged… and decides to give both girls another punishment side by side!

This features some lovely lingerie, sore red bottoms, cream rubbed into soft sore cheeks (well, why not, eh?) and use of hand, crop, flogger and paddle on their upturned asses… F/F lovers will love this new film coming out later this week! Enjoy!

Jenna and Taylor discuss their recent punishment and make out under the bed sheets!








See 2 very naughty sexy girls get a bottom reddening punishment this week at AAAspanking.com


Just for your info, members will also be able to download a HQ image gallery as well as 110 video images (in full size) which will accompany this spanking movie, so this new update will be something special that caters to many of you F/F lovers out there, I hope you will like it, I enjoyed watching it… and just look at their glowing red bottoms! mmm! Toasty!

Oh, and of course, for new members – you WILL get to see this movie in full and a whole load of other films that these girls have made together, don’t miss both Taylor and Jenna getting more spankings HERE

Super Sunday Spankings

Xmas is fast approaching, tis the season of many work related meals, I have another tonight, all the good work I have done by losing 20 Pounds these last 6 months has gone undone in a festival of gluttony and excessive eating these last few weeks! Another reason I loathe this time of year, to be honest. If you know me, you’ll know I hate this time of year. I have just prepared my Xmas film at our site (sigh) and in the spirit of giving, our members will get a massive 25-30 minute film in one go, no broken parts in gorgeous HD, featuring 4 lovelies spanked needlessly in some extremely tacky and festive gear. Danielle was one of those girls… and after her filming came up with the idea you are about to see below! This is also advertised on the front of our site and it was mainly her idea, so anyone bitching about me exploiting the poor lass… think again! It’s also a nice extra and a “thank you” to the lucky winner… what do you have to do? Click below and see how to enter and be a part of the draw.

& this offer is available to ANYONE who has purchased a Year’s Membership, we are reviewing our pricing structure very soon so this annual deal along with the current pricing WILL change as we are now so much bigger than when we had envisaged the site to start with… so if you also want to take advantage of accessing our site for under $20… which, to be honest, is waaaaaay too cheap, then get it while you can as we will be upping the prices very soon! Not because we are greedy or mean, but because we have no choice, being based in the UK, the Dollar exchange rate is killing us, hosting costs more for the extra bandwidth of all our extra films and it covers the costs of wasting time tracking down pirates and costs that this involves as well as funding for new models and such. I have thought long and hard on this and hope you won’t be too upset, so I’m giving fair warning: I will probably raise the monthly fees in a few weeks, but will still seek to encourage those who want to support us with pay per view options and kick ass longer term deals like we have now!

Get it ALL for under $20 while you can – ALL JOIN OPTIONS HERE


& so onto my next fave theme, seeing drop dead gorgeous Japanese girls spanked in mother/daughter type roles and who better to start this off than Cutiespankee.com who have 2 amazing films with this stunning actress who whimpers beautifully when her tight bare bottom is paddled out of her cute school uniform! *swoon*



OK, if you thought this mother/daughter spanking and paddling looked hot (the movie is fantastic, btw) then check out the 2nd featurette as this girl prepares for her punishment when mother calls her for the inevitable!!!



You can see much more of the latest free movie previews exclusive to Cutiespankee.com


Staying in Japan, I loved this role reversal movie and can imagine this happening in such economically challenged times… it’s called “Stupid Office Worker” and stars a real hot cutie called Anri who threatens her boss she and many others will leave for better paid jobs unless they get a pay rise… but the boss can’t do that and offers up her ass instead as punishment (done in typical Japanese style which I absolutely love! The female boss really looked ashamed!)



However, boastful Anri sent an email to her boyfriend about making it all up and foolishly sent it to the company’s chief exec who forwarded it to her office boss who exacts a suitably humiliating payback spanking!



Click HERE to see the latest special free movie previews & more!


I have had some requests about Samantha Woodley recently, and she filmed a ton of content at FirmHandSpanking.com – even though it may have been filmed a few years back… it still hasn’t been released until now so to all intents and purposes, it is of course “brand new” and unseen… I have to say, her latest bratty episode they are showing during breakfast in her “Learning Curve” series was one of the sexiest punishments I’ve seen – with her spanked with a wooden spoon in the kitchen, with her tight pink panties still on… all this for not being able to make coffee and burning the toast! Enjoy her humiliating & sudden hard breakfast spanking as you’ll see below!




Of course, this site isn’t just about featuring some of the hottest Sam Woodley films… oh no, even long established players like Alison Miller with probably the jiggliest, wibbly-wobbliest bottom that can take a really hard thrashing still features on a regular basis… and that’s good news, as her films are amongst the most popular and for good reason… watching Alison getting spanked on her bare bum is an event in itself… check out the images below then check out the short preview clip I’ve cut which covers the slo-mo action replay of her spanking/paddle brushing and you’ll fully understand what I mean!




Warning for my gentlemen viewers: Miss Miller’s jiggling bottom WILL cause severe trouser arousal!

More fantastic jiggly ass spankings can be viewed in full at FirmHandSpanking.com


Here’s a site I haven’t featured for a little while, keeping it to myself again (lol) and this headmaster is stern as hell, as he always is, taking no crap off any of the girls at Spankedcoeds.com and this tearful girl has yet another semi naked spanking across his lap as he reminds her that this pre bedtime punishment is for her own good (ahem!) and there will be more of this when she wakes up (how awful!) – Please do check out some scenes bel0w which showcases what she endured!




More hard spanking action from the Headmaster can be seen HERE


Finally today, I thought I’d feature a model I hadn’t seen in ages, and so I decided to peruse her section inside Northern Spanking and here area few choice images taken of Samantha Johnson… one of my all time fave English girls in The Scene that I would *love* to spank personally…

below you can see some of her many films she starred in at NorthernSpanking.com – Enjoy!






Check out the many films of samantha and of course so much more from one of the longest established spanking sites from the UK! NorthernSpanking.com


Have a rest if you are not working on the Sabbath and enjoy the countdown to Christmas that is under full steam here in England, as I am sure it is wherever you are (well, unless you’re in Saudi Arabia, The Emirates and suchlike… and I’m sure my site is blocked there anyways!)

I’m off out for my meal – I have the special “Cakeboy” pantaloons on for added comfort 🙂

Unseasonally HOT Weather & Spankings

Bloody hell, it’s hot here… it’s supposed to be a bit chilly as the leaves start to fall from the trees, but as Briatin basks in its warmest ever September day (and I’m guessing tomorrow will be the warmest October on record) here is an example of how we last celebrated such unseasonally warm weather… way back in 1895!

The Victorians. They really were quite prim and proper in those days… compare that to the image taken and circulated yesterday in our newspapers of a girl sunbathing in London’s Hyde Park… with hardly anything on (nice view by the way!) They could have shown an ass shot too… bah!

Of course this is a spanking blog and I should be getting you some updates at least before I head off to my film shoot we’re doing tommorow, but before I do quickly give you an update, why not feast your eyes on our fine ladies and cracking images as we “swelter” in near 90’s heat… I “love it”

Cambridge University students take a punt on the river Cam

A beautiful sunset after a warm day on the beach!

Typical awesome beach ass we see nowadays when the weather is nice

“Typical awesome ass we see on the beaches nowadays!” *sigh*


OK, here is a brief update, I have also updated my other blog HERE if you wanna check out some classic stuff I really enjoyed viewing again late last night (ahem!)

Someplace where it is always warm and sunny is LA in California and I got to checking out the latest developments of Clare’s awesome EE6 series, the 1st classroom mayhem scene, which in itself is an epic spanking story, has been completed and available for download and currently the new cheergirl is being taught a lesson for being late… but if you haven’t seen much of it then why not catch up withthis great compilation clip that you can view immediately, I have ensured the quality is as best as it can be for Flash Player playback… but all in all, it looks pretty damned good and is representative of what members are viewing right now!

Liked that? You can check out the FULL film HERE

If you liked that, you’ll love what is coming with what I think is the meanest looking paddle, I asked Clare about this and she was a little intimidated by it’s heaviness and power at the time and you can see why as it doesn’t take much of a swing to get that to crack on a poor girl’s bare bottom… needless to say, I have been reliably informed that Ten Amorette took it as a personal challenge to get a good whacking…. this is possibly Ten’s finest hour in spanking and she looks simply stunning as you’ll see below! These HQ images are available to view for members and accompany the ongoing EE6 series which will make it the BEST (in my opinion) ever!

Ten takes all of the wooden paddle – to the surprise and delight of the teaching staff!


& of course many of the other girls are going to be taking this most evil wooden implement too!




OK, You may have seen me rave on about new blubbering girl Claire from BunBeatingFun most recently (Greg gave me a good heads up on her – producer to producer, as I had been helping him with some behind the scene issues we all suffer from recently) so, as I showed you some images from his amazing new film, they really didn’t do Claire and her punishment any justice at all…. so check out this snippet below I made…. tell me that seeing her bawl her eyes out, mascara running down her cheeks, seeing this real life brat get a good hard bare bottom thrashing doesn’t get your juices flowing! This really is one of their best films (and I said that last time bratty Charity came online, lol!) Well done Greg & co for making a top OTK spanking film! See Claire get what’s coming to her….

For all the images you can easily check my previous post below that showcased Claire, as that is all I have time for today! Gotta go pack and be on my way! I’ll let you know how my shoot went (and if the neighbors are nosey or not… gulp!)

Have a great weekend and to my readers in Britain… enjoy the unseasonally warm weather! This is our last blast of the year before winter gloomily approaches!
Regards, Chief.

Midweek Spanking Updates

A quick trawl through the internet today, since my connection seems to be behaving again today! I have plenty of things on my mind as I prepare for our next filmshoot, the things we go through, I’m actually scared about this one as I could get rumbled by the owners of the place I’ve rented as they live next door… how the hell did I mess that one up? (I thought I had it all sorted, different area codes for phones etc… ) This is gonna be fun as I arrive Friday night and assess the situation and the girls and crew arrive Saturday! Do I spank quietly? Will the walls be thin? I shall be checking the house to see if I can hear anything next door the previous evening and then discreetly getting the stuff in the next day. This could go horribly wrong, but the location inside has some great rooms and the girls I’ve got coming… well, I’ll just let you wait until it’s done, but one is a popular girl back by demand and another is a newbie to my site who I know will be extremely popular! I just hope we get to film what we want to do!

In the meantime, members at AAAspanking can now download the latest movie update with sarah Gregory spanked and hairbrushed for the very first time in authentic Dropseat Pyjamas… I love this film… I am sure you will too! Click image for access to a free spanking clip!


& so to my 1st look around as one girl I have always admired, Caroline Grey, gets a wake up spanking in the latest uniform episode from Spanked-in-Uniform.com in the Army cadet section. I just know Mike who owns the site just *loves* dressing up and barking at the girls… I don’t blame him one little bit and getting Caroline to do some humiliating exercises and punishing her is the perfect way to wake up a lazy bones cadet, don’t you think?




This was a bad day for senior cadet Caroline Grey. She overslept and her commanding officer rudely awakened her and gave her a sound spanking over her bed followed by a brisk painfull special drill caning. Then she had to do some PE before being sent to breakfast. Later that afternoon she was on motorpool duty and she had to clean 3 of the trucks but her work was sloppy so she was soon in the office getting a sound paddling with the heavy leather paddle



In case I’ve missed any movies recently  – You can check out the latest updates right here!


As for spanking crushes, I’m sure you all know how I feel about Kat St James, so pretty and petite, yet able to take a hell of a thrashing when required and at Firmhandspanking.com she proves again just how darned good she is, being able to take a rather sustained and nasty paddling, both with the stingy Lexan and then the evil wooden paddle! Eric Strickman is the paddler so you’ll know he takes absolutely no crap off Kat when he punishes her for leading his daughter astray. Why? She was asked to take her out for an evening… and NOT to come home stinking drunk at 3am! Witness some of what is in store for gorgeous Kat below with these amazing images, I promise you this film is one of their best recently!!! Members can download this now HERE!




Click here to preview the free wooden paddling clip


OK, before I go (I have to go and do my vanilla job… lol) I have just been sent this amazing free set from English-Spankers.com of a classic from a now retired spanking model CJ, in this double you see below she is a feisty girl fighting back against her twisted tormentor who overpowers her and gives her a hell of a thrashing with his hand and a thick cane! I have just watched the movie on their site and it is awesome! Click on both images below which lead to free galleries and really give you an indication of what is about to happen! Enjoy!

I loved that image above, it shows the struggle… and below this gallery shows the caning!

Check out the FREE Movie Clip of the above scenes HERE