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As there appears to be some destructive asshole site ripping Triple A at the moment, which I have to say will harm it no end if he releases every film (I just don’t understand why people do this as it’s not about money although the file sharing companies he’s using have an affiliate system,(I get those deleted quite quickly so they’ll never make their 1000 download  quotas when the links are available which they have to be to make their cut). My security software and company I use for these matters will get back to me about the identity of the perpetrator soon enough and of course CCBill will be informed as I will have the full download logs and any threat of a chargeback or whatever once I have the details of who it was will be used as necessary. Needless to say there is no refund happening with this guy when he’s found out! All I will say is you better hope you’re not based in England, matey! When you threaten my very livelihood, I will come visiting – that, I promise!

Of course there’s always amnesties, if he can behave then so be it, I’m not always vindictive, I would rather the guy write to me and explain why he does what he does as having my stuff shared in this manner will be ultimately self defeating, I just don’t get the behaviour of these people, someone care to explain? I will place more and more films on Clips4Sale and heavily advertise them there and so on: These are things that go through my mind when shit like this happens when I get angry! It is just so upsetting… anyway, I promised myself I wouldn’t ramble on about it and I have, so I apologise.

The guy in question, I’m sure you read this blog, you know who you are, write to my gmail address (eubilling at gmail dot com) or even leave a comment and let me know why you did it. For all I know, your membership might already be blocked as the security company are dealing with it.


& so to an asshole caning, something I have done many a time in private but never on film, although I’m sure that that will change this year if I still have a site unique and worth keeping if it isn’t pirated to hell and back… here is the very beautiful East European girl, Claudie, getting the short sharp shock of an asshole caning, it actually welts her anus and you can see the marks which are no doubt uncomfortable! This is a trademark punishment of Spanking Server – enjoy!

Claudie appears in many updates at

Claudie (2)

You can also see her in top rated image sets from films which also include the usual pussy strappings and such!

Claudie (4) Claudie (5)

Below are video images taken from the HD film of Claudie’s asshole caning, I think you get the picture!

claudie001 claudie002

claudie003 claudie004

claudie005 claudie006

claudie007 claudie008

claudie009 claudie010

See MORE of gorgeous Claudie’s varied and severe punishments at Spanking Server

Claudie (6)


OK, that’s all from me, I just wanted to highlight this post of Claudie for today 🙂

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