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As promised, here are a few more noteworthy updates and some honourable mentions for films that I had missed at the end of last year from sites not always featured on here, although I should really change that… as the films, when I review them, are awesome… so ahead of even my own site update news (after all, I did show you that earlier this week) let’s pay a visit to Chelsea Pfeiffer’s excellent GoodSpanking.com website and one of the best F/F OTK spankings I had seen all year from America with blonde bombshell Stevie Rose getting a red bottom blistering spanking over Chelsea’s knee!

Warning: 1st image contains doggy poo! (yukk!) – The reason Stevie gets a whackin’

doggydoodoo01 doggydoodoo02

doggydoodoo03 doggydoodoo04

doggydoodoo05 doggydoodoo06

doggydoodoo07 doggydoodoo08

Yup! Stevie’s little dog was big on poo and this brat of a neighbour had it coming when the out of control dog crapped on Chelsea’s driveway! That was it, she confronted Stevie and gave this brat what was coming to her… one of the best OTK hand spanking and hairbrush punishments one lady could dish out to another! By the end of this film Stevie was looking very sorry for herself and near to tears as she carressed her sore aching bum! Chelsea let herself out of Stevie’s apartment… now THAT was the way to deal with a brat living next door to you! Images are taken directly from the film and are all courtesy of Goodspanking.com

doggydoodoo09 doggydoodoo10

doggydoodoo11 doggydoodoo12

doggydoodoo13 doggydoodoo14

doggydoodoo15 doggydoodoo16

Check out MORE fantastic movies with bubble butt Stevie from GoodSpanking.com


 Just one update today to feature from Firmhandspanking.com and it’s a cracker as Beth Thompson takes her turn for a hard tear jerking bare bottom punishment! Everyone seems to rave about her sister Carina getting thrashed? … but after seeing Beth’s wobbling sore buttocks in this latest short film, I am very much in the mind that I love seeing BOTH girls get it equally – heh! I also have a small exclusive clip for you to enjoy which really shows just how mush punishment she had taken and couldn’t take much more. I have suddenly become addicted to this girl’s ample behind getting a much needed correctional spanking!

paid_j001 paid_j003

paid_j004 paid_j006

paid_j012 paid_j015

paid_j022 paid_j024

“My bottom was so sore after being punished the day before, this spanking set me off big time,” admits Beth Thompson as she explains her yelling and cussing in Paid in Full. Patrick Bateman pays off her credit card debt with a spanking, but what a fuss! Candid bonus hot tub scene at the beginning of this movie too alongside Kat St James! Check out the clip below showing Beth with a very sore botty!



Sometimes you just gotta check out the archives and replay some great vids, like this one of a girl I hadn’t seen much of in spanking but she is stunning, a tall redhead better known in porn as Phoenix Askani – she made her spanking debut in a series of re enactment films at Spanked Sweeties

001 004

005 006

007 013

14 016

Of course the latest girl is hot too… a new lovely called Annika Albrite. Her smouldering looks are matched by how HAWT she looks in those tight Daisy Dukes she’s wearing… and of course, the cameraman just has to play the father figure (ahem) to give this brat a good 1st online spanking! (lucky guy!)

002 003

004 006

008 013

014 015

This was what Dennis the Big C had to say about Annika: Anikka Abrite is a blonde cutie known for her curvy bottom. She was spanked often by her step father and we re-enacted one of those spankings. She also spanked her younger sister, which we recreate with the assistance of Ashley Rose. We also re-enacted one of her birthday spankings (featuring Ashley and Kay Richards).

click here to see her first show films only from Spanked Sweeties

& remember… this site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass Network


PS. That’s it from me on this blog today, I am about to write up 2 further great new updates at one of my other blogs HERE if you wanna take a look at what I have been checking out – one involves some serious “schpaaaankings” and the other is a fantastic new film from one of the Clare Fonda sites… which one? You’ll have to click this link here to see both updates, won’t you?


PPS. Before I really go, at my site the new film Spankers Guide is now out, click images below for 2 special galleries, as I said, members get access to 200 video images, a 55 set HQ gallery and the movie with Zoe and Jessica! I also got you a special long play clip from this movie, it’s delightfully naughty and in the realms of my mad fantasy world… I hope you like it too! Zoe was crackers!

aaa1 aaa2

Click here for more details on this fantastic naughty new film

* Now also available to download IN FULL at the clips store HERE


Goodnight all! Chief

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