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As the title suggests… some British themed (& European, if I get the time and they get to today’s stage of events) and I will start today with my friends over at and a redhead theme I hope you like, starting with the lovely Scarlot Rose (below)

NSI110-DSF029 NSI110-DSF032

NSI110-DSF033 NSI110-DSF036

NSI110-DSF038 NSI110-DSF047

NSI110-DSF050 NSI110-DSF054

A Different take on the Travelling Disciplinarian theme, David was a provider of attitude adjustment in the workplace and Scarlot was his assistant and trainee, being schooled in the arts of thrashing sloppy secretaries. With the help of Scarlot, David helped retrain one such individual, by taking down her tights and panties, thoroughly humiliating her and paddling her bottom but it seemed that Scarlot was a little overcritical in her note taking and David felt it necessary… as her Mentor, to correct her most thoroughly over his lap!

In another recent update featuring Scarlot… here’s an interesting scene. Do you know that feeling that everybody is talking about you? Well Scarlot certainly does in this film as you’ll discover below, I like this outdoor scene because, as the weather is changing and starting to behave, I get to thinking about filming outdoors too!




Another cracking redhead is Irelynn Logeen (if you want your Irelynn fix then this is the site to visit) … Stephen needs to keep an eye on her as she just can not be trusted to make him a decent supper… so she is punished instead (I think it was a deliberate ploy on her part!!!)

 NSI086-SI054 NSI086-SI077

NSI086-SI121 NSI086-SI130

NSI086-SI129 NSI086-SI109

Of course, with Paul now living in America most of the time with Alex… the influence of LA based models is starting to creep in (and I approve… that place is a vast wealth of spanking talent) so check out a new trend developing, Alex discovering her toppy side on film as she introduces Ginger to the members of Northern Spanking, this is what Paul had to say about Ginger:

And at last, we have new spankee to introduce to you! We filmed and photographed pretty little Ginger just yesterday in Los Angeles. Hows that for freshness? Here we see Alex having some fun with our new starlet, prior to two films, (one a caning), and a lovely outdoor stills set. Watch this space for more of Ginger!

NSI124-AG005 NSI124-AG011

NSI124-AG012 NSI124-AG015

NSI124-AG021 NSI124-AG023

You can much more of Ginger and all the other girls featured above in full – CLICK HERE


I love seeing Aleesha Fox getting punished and I have 2 great updates I want to show you from 2 different sites. The first is a slightly different take… away from the cells at as prison officers Page & Dodge sneak into her room in the middle of the night and try to extract some information from her… all will become apparent when you see the images and the plot line (below)

aleesha_nicked-0270 aleesha_nicked-0350 aleesha_nicked-0470

aleesha_nicked-0680 aleesha_nicked-0750

aleesha_nicked-0820 aleesha_nicked-0950

aleesha_nicked-1140 aleesha_nicked-2190

Aleesha is just going to settle down for the night, but before she does she makes an urgent phone call to her boyfriend Billy Smith. She warns him to stay away from her because they’re on to him and are likely to come back to her place. She then gets into bed and settles down. The nightmare begins when her bedroom door is pushed open and two prison officers run in. Prison Officer Zoe Page and Prison Officer Dave Dodge drag her out of bed. They insist they need her to tell them where Billy Smith is. She insists that she does not know. For some reason they don’t believe her. Her wrists are handcuffed together behind her back and she is flung face down on the bed. Officer Dodge brings a paddle out of his pocket and starts spanking her with it. All she has to do is tell him what he wants to know and the spanking will stop. She tells him that she can’t tell him where Billy is, as she doesn’t know. Officer Page is eager to have a go, so he hands the paddle to her. But still Aleesha repeats again and again that she doesn’t know. Therefore, the two prison officers are enjoying spanking her and causing her pain – so they take turns. Poor Aleesha’s bottom is looking very sore. To add to her misery, she has to thank whoever is spanking her after each stroke. But all good things come to an end and when Officers Page and Dodge eventually realize the fun is over, they march her off for further interrogation.


Check out a free preview clip of Aleesha’s punishment (below)



There is a new film with Aleesha Fox just released today and it is HOT! I love the way Aleesha is held over the table in a most revealing and humiliating way… check out these superb images and the plot of this movie from the often under rated Red Stripe Films website – this site shows you a lot of severe stuff as well as some older films shown previously on this network of sites and I recommend you take a look for yourselves and decide!

Strapped for Cooking the Books!

npp6074023 npp6074025

npp6074031 npp6074034

npp6074043 npp6074045

npp6074049 npp6074054 npp6074055

Aleesha Fox works for Strapped For Cash – a loan company – and she is in front of her boss for cooking the books and unlawfully punishing Nicky Montford one of the company’s customers. She is defiant but in view of the complaint made against her the boss decides she will be severely punished. She has to remove her panties and kneel up on the office table. Once in position her bottom is subjected to a long and painful thrashing with a leather strap. Nicky watches on with delight that Aleesha is being made to suffer so much pain.

See the free clip of Aleesha’s punishment and review the other films HERE


I’m not quite sure what to make of Sarah Bright’s latex nun costume… but of course it’s kinky as hell in a return of the “Unladylike Manor” series… it’s good that Sarah shares this with people she knows well to start with as it’s a “bit out there” then again, plugging Casey Calvert with an anal hook whilst she is dressed as a cheergirl isn’t? (lol – my next film coming soon) – so just ride with it… so coming to the stage this week is Suzy Smart, the victim in this takes a hell of a strapping from both Sarah and Katie Didit… as you will see below:

npp6078019 npp6078036

npp6078044 npp6078047

npp6078050 npp6078068

npp6078074 npp6078078

This is what Sarah had to say about the return of this series: My Unladylike Manor series proved to be so popular that I have decided to continue with the story. The new series ‘Return To The Manor’ The poverty Years follows the family into some new and exciting adventures starting with the enrolment of Lady Suzanne into the household staff. This turns out to be a very painful return for Suzanne, it may in face prove to be the very hardest beating I have ever given out. See what you think.

It’s also best if you see a clip of this (featured below) and it will become clear!



An old school classic is shown at – there are some real gems here from time to time and this old classic deserves a mention… Student Emily Jayne has been caught by the caretaker reading pornography during the break when she should have been outside wiith the other pupils. Rather than risk the cane from the headmistress she accepts a roasted bare bottom spanking from the caretaker.

P8017787 P8017793 P8017813

P8017824 P8017832

P8017834 P8017841

P8017853 P8017859

Don’t miss the full film available to download HERE



Finally today… a “First date” spanking film from Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking website in this nice and very “couple-ly” sort of film that has its own special intimacy… with Nimue Allen and first time spanker, Andrew Shada… who is normally a bottom at this site.


Dating can be nervewracking when you’re kinky. When do you tell your date that you like spanking – and how? Seasoned spankee Nimue doesn’t waste time, and as soon as they’re back to her house she takes the plunge. Andrew is surprised, but not horrified… and as she introduces him to the pleasures of reddening her lovely round bottom, he soon gets the hang of it.

Dreams-of-Spanking_date043 Dreams-of-Spanking_date018 Dreams-of-Spanking_date024

Dreams-of-Spanking_date028 Dreams-of-Spanking_date033

Dreams-of-Spanking_date036 Dreams-of-Spanking_date039

Check out this movie along with a great free clip and all the most recent films that  Pandora has uploaded



At the risk of boring you further, I have decided to stop today, that has somewhat got me caught up, a little… from the Brit’s perspective… if I have time later, please do go check my other blogs as I intend to update these both next and I know that there will be some excellent spanking content and news updates coming your way!

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  • Johnyoung Scarlot and Irelynn and Aleesha are cute girls ,best,Tim.

  • Yes they are, although Aleesha might frown if you call her a girl, lol! She is definitely one of my fave switches… I just LOVE working with her so watch out as I intend to get her back sometime!

  • Oh she might spank me ,young lady then,

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