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Temperature takings & Spankings


This is going to be a revised blog post, as I got the promotional stuff out late, I just wanted to let you guys know that this film at my site AAA Spanking is now out and it is AWESOME! It stars Sarah Gregory in a role you won’t have seen her take on very often… getting her temperature taken, not once, but twice in a film, however, the 1st time she was trusted with taking it orally after she had complained to me of not feeling well. Being the decent sort of guy that I am, I went and fetched a thermometer for her and left her to it as I was actually working online next door… I said I’d come back and check, so imagine how pissed off I’d be if she was trying to fake her illness all because she didn’t want to go to “boring” Bible Class! Hmmmm!

bible008 bible013

bible014 bible015


The film shows her deceit, I come back and look at the temperature, it’s almost breaking the glass at 108f … that is ridiculous, she should be dead!!! I smelled the tip of the thermometer while she wasn’t looking… of course, it was that coffee that I had made for her just 10 minutes ago… the little minx had dipped the thermometer in the coffee, but she wasn’t so clever, leaving it in there too long, no one would be running a temperature of 108f and behaving like she was… I gave her one last chance to admit she had lied to me but she was having none of it!


Basically, I had enough too… and so the only way to tell was to give her a rectal reading and be present whilst I did it… she was aghast at the thought, telling me how gross it was and that I couldn’t penetrate a sick person… however, she wasn’t really sick… as I was about to find out. She protested but I was not going to accept anything, she had lost that right as far as I was concerned! The temp reading came up as normal (98f) and I told her I knew she was faking and she’d get punished, not just with my hand on her bare bottom, I’d get the paddle she hated so much too for wasting my time in such a foolish attempt to bunk off from Bible Class! So this is what you see throughout the rest of the film as I add to her earlier humiliation of taking her temperature in a most unwanted place to a good hard mean OTK spanking followed by her being paddled on the bed with her bottom getting more and more red with shame… matching her flushed embarrassed cheeks. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be caught out in this manner… it really wasn’t very clever of her!


bible056 bible070


bible082 bible101


bible102 bible108


The Finale saw Sarah trying to recite books of the Bible, from the Old Testamant, to be exact… she started off hesitantly … “Genesis, Exodus… Levit… Lev… Leviticus…” and it all went downhill from there as Sarah had clearly NOT been paying attention at Bible Class so this meant in future she would be tested on what she had supposedly learnt at this special class. Check out Sarah’s unique Bible Class uniform too… I found that in a thrift store in LA and just HAD to get her punished in it… I think she looked rather cute, don’t you?

bible113 bible114



This full film is also available in 1920x1080HD-MP4 (at a remarkable 50 frames a second playback meaning it’s crystal clear imagery) – the HD-WMV version is also top quality and looks fantastic on all PCs, laptops and tablets as you should know by now playing at a standard 1280×720 resolution which expands beautifully on monitor screens with little loss of quality. This film is also available right now as an HD1080 MP4 version at the Clips Store – the film is 17 minutes long and just shy of 1Gb… that’s some video file! See image below for this option if you only want to watch the odd film from time to time!



If you liked this, just wait til you see what I have in store for you next week… Casey Calvert makes her stunning debut as a cheerleader who gets the dreaded “Special Punishment” she has heard some of the other girls mention that their coach dishes out when he is really angry with them… this is no simple spanking either. I’m sure you will enjoy what I had been filming in Los Angeles recently!


Back soon with more updates from all across the globe… this will be an epic post for you all… good night & I hope you enjoyed this special early freeview of my latest film now available for members along with the film they can access a stills gallery and the video image gallery too!



  1. Tim Tim

    Looks a good one with your Sarah ,best,Tim.

  2. That Bible Girl film was such a hoot to watch live. I was basically choking as I tried to keep from cracking up behind the camera! 😀

  3. Heh heh… Alex. I had all this planned when I found the shirt in one of the thrift stores. If only the shop assistants knew!

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