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I am soooo sorry that I haven’t been here sooner, I have been incredibly busy sorting out things since I got back, and site updates, behind the scenes stuff which I won’t go into as it is tedious and mundane… but necessary. I may also have an issue with my car, so am pissed off that further expense may be required any time soon which is what I don’t need as travelling between here and the States on a regular basis is not exactly cheap!!! Add to that, my only income currently is the site and clips stores… I don’t or can’t do sessions or 1-2-1’s like other models/producers so my overall income is at this moment frighteningly low (I quit my job away from non fetish stuff last month, remember?) and it is now a constant worry to me so when I see some cunt pirating my stuff for their own greed, then that is literally taking money away from me, making it harder for me to pay my loans and mortgage. I know a few of us bleat on about piracy, but it really does harm our sites, this is a tight niche we are in… I won’t elaborate but there is much going on behind the scenes regarding this bullshit… I don’t often swear on here, but I find this subject so fucking emotive, I really do.

It’s why I am not considering opening up more membership only type paysites, I am stuck with the model at (& I love this site, of course) but I am beginning to think the future role models for sites, thanks to piracy, are one off download sites & customs/live webcam shows. To anyone opening up a new paysite… it will get ripped within days, it’s folly as far as I am concerned! The days of sites making vast fortunes like they did 10 years ago are Lonnnnng gone!!!  A Clips Store still gets pirated, but it makes it that much more harder to grab, say, 1000 clips than some cunt accessing the site for $25 and ripping it within a few hours. So those after fantastic value membership sites in the long run, you have the pirates to thank for making producers think about the future of these in a way in which they distribute their stuff… nice eh? I also see customs as a way forward… I will be exploring this with Sarah Gregory… however, customs are not cheap but they are tailored to your exact needs or as close to what we can provide. To give you an example I had done one rather cheaply for a guy, it was my first (you do pay for what you get, I think) who wanted me to film Aleesha Fox in front of a mirror, he wanted her to be able to see the implements and my movement so she would know it was coming. The mirror would catch her reaction and she’d be able to anticipate it… it was a short but clever little film. To make this cheaper for him, we had agreed to keep the content offline and only available to him on a DVD for a year… I am only posting the result of this on the Clips Store so far – and it’s a 5 minute clip, the original is 15… as per our agreement. Total Exclusivity costs more, it’s the way it goes. It will go on the membership site at some point, though. I did take some stills of this and members will get to see that as a bonus update in advance soon in the near future before the eventual release but the film remains only available for now, in part via The AAA Clips Store – see the screen images below and the link to the short film (available in 1280x720HD WMV and MP4)


This is a custom made film that involved the use of mirrors and facial/bottom reactions. From our Store feedback, we had someone request if we could crop a naughty lady in front of a mirror so she could see the punishment unfold in front of her. We thought this was a particularly cruel but ingenious plan so asked someone who would trust us…Aleesha Fox accepted the challenge and volunteered. We also used a carpet beater… well, it was lying around and we felt it could be used too! It’s a lot different when one can see what is about to happen, it heightens the tension and prolongs the agony of the punishment… even if this version is a short sharp shock movie. This film is EXCLUSIVE to our Clips Store for some time, so the only way you will be able to see this is HERE. Filmed in both WMV & MP4 1280x720HD for your viewing preferences

reflections001 reflections003

reflections004 reflections006

reflections008 reflections010

reflections013 reflections014

reflections019 reflections020

reflections022 reflections023

Check out these and ALL the latest Clips HERE


& so to yesterday’s latest film update to be released at Triple A Spanking – it featured Erica Scott making her long awaited debut and I can tell you this traditional grown up spanking film is well worth the wait… printsI have now seen Erica a few times at the spanking parties and she is such a player. Able to take almost any punishment, recently she was sat near to me when she had received 2 almighty hand swats on her thighs leaving 2 very visible hand palm prints on them… ouchie, that HAD to hurt! But the marks did look beautiful. Anyway, I digress… this film shown here very nearly didn’t make it, it was filmed after the Saturday Night Ball of the Shadowlane Party and we had agreed to a 10pm slot… she and her fine fellow, John, had waited patiently outside my suite but I had thought she wasn’t turning up after being there early and we must have just missed each other… to cut a long story short we met up 20 minutes later… her jokingly remarking to me I could’ve been one of those lousy flakes (lol) and me being so apologetic as we had gone to look for her too! In the end it was a great little intro movie, Erica could take a lot more but I was a gentleman, knowing that we were all going to play later that night! It’s still a good hard spanking film with some ouchy wooden implements like the hair and bathbrush added for good measure… check out sassy Erica’s film below!

bar005 bar006

bar016 bar019

bar023 bar033

bar034 bar038

bar044 bar048

bar053 bar056



I promise to catch up with all the other site spank updates across all my blogs starting later HERE – finally I will be able to get back on track with any luck! Until then, here’s a picture of why the internet is so cool 🙂


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  • Yayyyy! So happy to see this up! This was a really fun scene. I loved working with John O. and was extra happy to get to do so again just a couple of weeks ago.

    But… I *cursed* at you?? Excuse me? Oh, I am SO writing a rebuttal! :-Þ

  • Yikes… I shall retract that! That came out wrong… we joked about me being “one of those lousy flakes!” until I guess I redeemed myself 🙂

    & I’ve been watching your Fetlife rant we filmed… *very scary*

  • John I very muchhope you will keep going as a paid site too as it gives meso much pleasure with the lovelygirls here,best,Tim.and manyother members too.

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