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Last post before I go!

Well, I’m not yet packed, as chaotic as ever. I have been busy uploading content to my own site to ensure I can very easily update it all, I promise you that those that enjoy seeing great girl on girl spanking action will enjoy the next couple of new movie updates over the coming weeks as well as providing access to the next installment of the Submissive Maid series before I return to the UK (where Kami gets a very humiliating and tearful birching!)

So this time tomorrow I will be half way to Newark Liberty airport (NJ) and spending most of my time on the Eastern seaboard between there and Baltimore/Maryland (mainly for a family wedding) but I have also managed to secure some days filming. 3 girls I wouldn’t normally imagine I’d be able to film over here in the UK… so I am very excited about that.

I’m hoping I can get all my necessary cam equipment in the bags (yikes) as I have not packed yet (remember?) I’ll post some pics of where I am in between some spanking updates and such, anyway, enough of me excitedly prattling on… my only regret is that at the same time, the Shadowlane Party is on in Vegas, I am unable to go there, but I have booked time off for next year’s Labor Day weekend and will 100% be there… I haven’t been to Vegas for 20 years… I miss it and probably won’t recognize it at all!

Right, so, I have updated some content EARLY on my site as I don’t want to chance not being able to upload anything for the new film on Wednesday… and it’s Aleesha Fox’s long awaited debut alongside returnee, Jenna Jay… who are both spanked in their pyjama gear over the knee of strict Mistress Zoe (who was also excited to be filming with me again). This was the 1st time they had all worked together… and to mark this, there is a 231 screen image gallery (!!!) which accompanies the movie, each girl is spanked and given the hairbrush for about 8 minutes each… a very nice warm up and start to that particular day’s filming 🙂

Miss Page is a sexy young and very strict Mistress… as we are sure many of you are fully aware! So we were delighted that Zoe jumped at the chance to work with us again when we told her who we were bringing in as the spankee “dishes of the day”. She had worked with them both, but not together at the same time… so please enjoy the fruits of their 1st film collaberation as Zoe got to spank both girls one after the other in and out of their pyjamas over her knee. Yes, we insisted on seeing the girls spanked in their PJ’s and Zoe didn’t mind one little bit as we are sure you will enjoy gazing at the girls bottoms getting thrashed with Zoe’s hand and a conveniently placed hairbrush within arm’s length! Who are the girls? Jenna Jay needs no introduction, just one look at her and you know this mouthy northern English lass needs a good hard spanking to keep her compliant. We are also delighted to finally introduce Aleesha Fox to you all. She is incredibly popular in the “Scene” here in the UK and for good reason… with her classic good looks, a sexy demure accent and a curvacious figure and bottom that cries out to be spanked for the merest of infractions! Watch both girls take their 1st spanking over Zoe’s knee – let the F/F frivolity begin!



The girls get a good introduction from Zoe at the start of their day’s filming at

Stay tuned for MORE of what I have in store for members – Bookmark this link HERE

You can also see Aleesha’s Spanking Punishment as a one off movie at my clips store
It’s already out and the 2nd installment with jenna is due out tomorrow 🙂
Click banner below for the latest films, more will be automatically updated while I am away!


AS I still haven’t packed yet (oops!) My missus is doing her nut, I better keep some choice updates of what I had been perving at to just a few images, but you will get the idea and can check the site links for more info and of course they often have FREE Clips too!

Remember redhead Serena getting punished by Stephen and Roxy? (see below)

They felt that redhead Serena had wasted their time, she was an estate agent who didn’t listen to their briefs about what they wanted, so they took it out on her behind! The continuation and conclusion is that Stephen, egged on by Roxy, caned Serena and then Roxy so enjoyed watching Serena after they got rid of her that she took some intimate punishment too… Roxy looks enchanting, and redhead Serena has an amazing ass… Stephen was a lucky man!



See Serena and Roxy get the cane – and so mush more – from

You might also be interested to know that Pandora and I feature in one of their latest updates… Pandora in the tightest pair of Daisy Dukes I had the pleasure to see close up! I forgot how tanned I was, having recently returned from a quick break in Turkey at the time – this was at the place of my very first filmshoot when Pandora filmed for me… Paul obtained her services too and I duly obliged (hmmm, how could I not resist?)

Why did I not star in any of my own productions at this 1st film shoot? The reason was because at the time I didn’t want my ugly mug plastered all over the design of the site as it was supposed to be a “secret” from my ex employers who I feared would interfere if they knew what I was up to… of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing and they were more interested in trying to sell off their ailing network and get out of the biz and become telephone psychics exploiting more vulnerable people (I kid you not… Christ on a bike!) I genuinely pity people who are SO desperate that they feel a need to call these “psychic card reading lines” – all for about £1.50/minute (2 Dollars 50 a minute)… it’s just mean, seriously, how can turning some cards really predict someone’s future? I despair! – Anyway…. did I digress?  (LOL)

Some teaser images below (Dave from Cherryredreport will blow a gasket!)

Incidentally, he awarded the “Mishka Fantasy Spankings Series” his highest accolade!
I was quite “chuffed” with the  Cherry Award – click on the award for more info…

Now where was I? Ah, yes, the lovely Pandora Blake… and my cane… and “THOSE Shorts!” 🙂

“NOT the cane again! OK…OK… I’ll turn around and let you spank my ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts!”


For all the latest spanking shenannigans – CLICK HERE


A couple of movie updates now from the excellent – and of course, if it stars Amelia Jane Rutherford… then you know this haughty madame gets everyting she deserves… and in her 1st outing as a waitress at Mike’s 50s Diner… she doesn’t disappoint!



A customer came into the diner just before lunch and ordered a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The waitress Amelia decided to taste the cake before bringing it to him and of course the customer noticed. Mike, the owner and Chef, was called over and both he and the customer decided that a good spanking was in order. She went over Mike’s knee and she got a sound spanking and after apologizing to the customer, she bought him a fresh piece of cake and coffee from her own tips.


See Amelia Jane punished in this cutesy little outfit only at

Another recent movie with Amelia (dressed as a nurse) – *swoon* – is shown below, if that doesn’t get the temperature rising, what will?




Mr Van Dijk, a patient suffering from asthma, was admitted to St Elizabeth Hospital. His nurse, Amelia, diagnosed that he must have had a serious tropical disease so she put him in quarantine for two weeks. When he came out and Dr Johnson went to check up on his progress, the truth came out. Nurse Rutherford was brought in front of the patient – & as this was her third strike, she got the cane. Bent over the bed she ended up getting 18 hard stinging strokes and was put out in the corridor, bare bottom on display, for all to see.

You can check out MORE of all of Amelia’s humiliating punishments HERE


Finally  (for now) check out some excellent galleries that showcase the last site network that I wanted to share with you before I log off for a few days…

Enjoy! Back soon (safe flight permitting!)

Click on images below to grab yourself some cool galleries of some of my favourite sites!




Above galleries are taken from the Exclusive Education & Naughty Tutor series full length films

Courtesy of



The naughtiest girls & hooker babes punished by their pimps, madames & clients at




& finally showcasing new talent and 1st timers such as  (at the time) brunette Ashli Orion and blonde babe Missy Rhodes courtesy of

All of the Clare Fonda sites shown above can be viewed with the Multi Site Pass (banner below for full details)


& while I am away, don’t go doing anything stupid… these staff are looking out for their customers 😉

Likewise, I will be online very soon so any customer support will be dealt with fairly quickly! Bye Bye now… miss you already! *rushes off to pack*

OK… I’m really going now


“Bye Bye!”


  1. tim tim

    John have a spanking good time ,plenty of cutebotties to spank ,look forward to seeing this ,best,Tim.

  2. tim tim

    Great to see young Zoe spanking again on your site ,3 gorgeous girls and Zoe talking to us at the start before spanking the girls ,best from ,Tim.

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