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Flexible Models in Schoolgirl Punishments

Kirsten – Gorgeous and knows how to bend right over! 


I was just sifting through some of the archives of (as one might…) and was just dribbling over a particular photoset with Kirsten. I was lucky enough to meet her a few times when we did a lot of work with her a few years back and she really could take a damn good thrashing. What I liked about her was her quite lithe, athletic body which was one of the most supple and flexible I’d seen in quite a while. She could easily bend right over and rather than just touch her toes (that was easy for her)….she could lay her hands FLAT on the floor.
All in all, the fact she could bend over like that, knickers down, showing that delightful, soft, downy tuft of pubic hair (a nice change nowadays in this world where many girls overly trim or shave…not that I’m complaining). I just notice a nice crop “down there” & pay more attention to what’s hidden away in that dark crack when embarrassingly bent over and exposed!
LOL, what a horrible perv I am… 😀

Not only that, her facials expressions were a peach. Take a look at this one, click on this thumbnail below for the FULL size image.


To see just how flexible she is, check the 2 stills below. The pics don’t do her justice as the movies show the true extent of just how much of the cane she could take, horribly bent over exposing her cheeks with only the mercy of the Lord to protect her from the rod’s onslaught!  










She was truly a great model to work with, a smile for everyone, she’s still involved in spanking I believe but I’m not sure, if anyone knows then leave a comment. Anyway, most of her work with us could be found at whether as a submissive schoolgirl or a nasty Mistress or Teacher we could always rely on her to produce quality content!
Bravo Kirsten! Take a look at the gallery I found below of her, sorry it’s a tease but I think you get the idea of what she’s about!!! ;)  Chief 
GALLERY – KIRSTEN With 2 SchoolGirls Punished


  1. I worked with Kirstyn recently for Spanked Cheeks. She’s definitely still working, and as lovely as ever!

  2. That’s good to hear! I had heard she was only working privately nowadays, people on the Net need to appreciate her talents.

  3. Remus Remus

    She has done several great videos with Christina Lee at Spank-Christina. She has a lovely cute accent besides everything else.

  4. I have found some great content of Kyrsten so I willbe showing this VERY SOON! 😀

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