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Pandora Blake stars in “Rural Discipline”

The latest update from SpankingOnline
OTK British Domestic Discipline movie.

Pandora is forced to stay at Ms Smith’s countryside retreat.
Now, Ms Smith doesn’t suffer fools gladly and she lays down some harsh House Rules which will be almost impossible for poor Pandora to follow. However, Ms Smith’s calculating lodger points out what Pandora might get if she falls foul of the harsh rules. his is the ultimate unfair discipline, as she’s done nothing wrong yet! There’s some great acting from Pandora – check her squeals as she’s man handled – and some very firm bottom reddening spanking.

At the end, Pandora is forced to do some walltime whilst her red rounded sore bottom is admired. Classic SpankingOnline OTK discipline! A definite favourite of mine recently!

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Pandora Blake in RURAL RETREAT

Enjoy, appreciate your comments if any. Chief.

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  1. glaxo48 glaxo48

    i just love watching pandora would have liked to have seen ms smith playing with her self and the both bent over touching there toes legs apart exposing there pussy and anus getting a sound 12 strokes of the cane each counting the strokes.

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