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FF Punishment – Latest Japanese Spanking Specials

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I have to share the latest update with you out now from CutieSpankee, my fave Japanese Spanking Site!
As some of you will know, their school uniforms and authentic Japanese schoolgirl scenarios are amazing…..
However, this update features a workplace situation, equally stunning, as it involves a lovely Bunnygirl waitress being punished.
The female bar owner is really displeased at the oh-so-cute Bunnygirl’s work rate so spanks and straps her very hard!

I’ve seen the unedited clips and the poor girl’s buttocks turn bright red, all the while shrieking in pain… 😀
Also, the stunning backdrop of the Tokyo bar reinforces why I love this site as their costumes and locations really make it work!
Who cares if she’s babbling on in Japanese at this point? You know damn well that thsi bummygirl is being ritually humiliated.
I have included 8 HI RES stills (which show the punishment and setting off beautifully) and just look at the bunny girl’s arse….oh boy!!!!

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

Also for your enjoyment here below are 2 clips (they are the same of the poor bunnygirl getting strapped) choose your preference.

click to play WMV file  click to play RealPlayer File

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I have some spare time this afternoon so I might make another post before tommorow.
I might take a look at the SpankingOnline Archives, clear the cobwebs off and re introduce us all to some very early spanking pics!

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