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Humiliating Punishment by the Bavarian

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You have to admire the poor girls that end up wanting to star in his films.
I find that incessant droning of the German Meister adds to a girl’s total submission.
He deliberately wears them down on top of his usually humiliating punishments that he devises!
Here in this photo set below from my archives we find a typical scenario where it’s wise NEVER to make up silly lies!
Especially over trivial things and house rules such as smoking!
I must say, I have enjoyed looking through this flagship site in the past and would recommend it without hesitation again.
I think I shall have to ask the site owner kindly if I can do a review on this spanking site.
What you get are gorgeous girls, verbal humiliation & interesting severe punishments, too many to describe here.

I have also included a couple of links to other galleries featuring Herr Bavarian and his unfortunate girls, you get the idea!
Enjoy!  Chief  😀


Click Below for these recent 3 extra Galleries from Girls Boarding School

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  1. brad brad

    Just love those naught girls, with their panties pulled down like that. SO cute.
    I love that scenario , would have loved to have seen them stripped naked but oh


  2. klapkaj klapkaj

    It’s always a pleasure to see clips from the G-B-S website. Started by Tom from Düsseldorf a few years ago, initially the pics were all of his young girl friend Sophie being strapped & caned. Gradually he found more girls wanting to be punished and now has what is undoubtedly the next best spanking website to your own around. The standard of his stills and videos is always excellent and the punishments vary from moderate to quite severe which provides a nice variety. Also he has gradually come to understand the uniforms worn by young girls in boarding schools and there are now many series with girls in regulation school knickers which makes them even more authentic. He administers almost all the canings and strappings himself (lucky man) and please feature more links with this excellent website.

  3. Of course I never like to praise the opposition openly, but Tom (the Bavarian), certainly has turned this website into a fantastic girls spanking emporium of delight.
    He runs some others but they are nowhere near as good as GBS (in my opinion). I’m not sure if Sophie still does all the editing now, (I know she used to! poor girl)
    There’s also the VIP Pass that covers 7 sites which I occassionally promote here so you can rest assured I will be featuring far more of Tom’s sites in future.
    I have a lot of content from a few years back which I cover, I haven’t visited the site personally as a member for over a year but from the Free Hosted Galleries and Movie Clips that I’ve seen since, it’s still a top spanking site and worth every cent.

  4. brad brad

    Yes, it is a great site, and the uniforms seem very authentic. I have to say
    personally, I love knee socks, but i think in years gone by most girls had
    socks around thier ankle level?? Yeah, anyway, GBS is fantastic.


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