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There’s so much data, so what I’ve done is compress it all into 2 pages of Galleries.
The first covers images from some of the stuff we produced with Katie, new girl Belinda and Miss Smith.
I also had a “hand” in proceedings as well with Belinda’s wobblesome bottom!  😀
The second is a series of impromptu pics throughout the day including a couple of Belinda looking glum after I had warmed up her butt!

Actually, tbh, as always, our shoots are hectic but never dull!
They are always full of laughter along with the familiar sounds of cheek thrashing!
I even took a part in a comedy film we did about 2 “spanking entrepreneurs” who have a failed website & employ new model Belinda.
They are useless, using a tiny camera but then turn on Belinda as she mocks them & she gets a damn good spanking & strapping…
I’ll feature this movie in more detail soon when I know where it will end up (probably Spanking Digital).
I actually looked at the many pics we snapped with my smaller pocket camera and some are quite good! (LOL)
I’ll make sure I give you all an EXCLUSIVE SpankingBlogg Gallery of these as always!  😉

So take a look at the 2 Galleries below & you’ll get an idea of what will be coming soon.
I failed to mention Elizabeth Simpson also turned up briefly, the recent Gallery for “American Paddle” was filmed at this shoot!
I haven’t seen the whole movie yet as I was elsewhere filming, but from what I’ve seen so far……..
It’s as you’d expect….HARD Spanking action! 

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The SpankPass will cover most of what we filmed during this photoshoot.
For all other content, some featuring naughty Katie, that will be at SpankedSchoolgirl!

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  1. brad brad

    Wow, Katie is cute! What an absolutely naughty schoolgirl she makes. Very nice,


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