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*** NEW SITE Katie Leigh’s ***

Oh boy…I’ve had to keep this secret for a while but this site has just been launched today!

Here it is!

Those who adore Katie Leigh will LOVE her new site as it is all about HER!

She has a hand in it too, which is nice, and of course all her new movie updates coming out will be in HD as well as Hi Res playback!
HD, as I’m sure you are all aware by now is pure High Definition….I know I harp on about it, but it needs to be seen to be believed!
When other sites say they have HD, they are often misleading you, if they don’t have HD equipment, then they can’t even begin to say they have HD, can they?
This site is the first I know that is dedicating itself to HD as well as providing the extremely viewable FULL Screen 1500kbs playback as standard.
There’s so much extra you’ve never seen before as well, her teen slutty side that even we were shocked with, this is one hot chick I can tell you!!!
I have just been perving around the Members Area and can tell you this is one HOT little spanking submissive slut!

Take a look at the extensive FREE Home Page tours, download her trailers and you’ll be hooked like we were!
We loved her so much we made a website for her! LOL  😀

Click HERE for the FREE Tour Pages

Want me to tease you?
Click on the 2 pics below for full size HOT images of Katie!! Goddamn!

Katie More of Katie

Stay tuned for more updates that I’ll bring to you FIRST!
However, you can be amongst the first to view her new site –!


  1. @@! oh my!

    This is a capital idea. jolly good! as Katie is quite spankalicious.


  2. Hey! I’m definitely going to check this out!

    ~~Thanks for the FYI & Link!

    xx,Will (BottomsUp!)

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