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Friday’s Spanking Updates

Here’s a few spanking updates and stuff I’ve been looking at recently.

First up from Katie Leigh’s site is this where Katie becomes angry

click here to view the clip

This latest update has Katie on the other hand dishing out a punishment to her friend Jemma.
She’s so excited by it all that this UK slut dips her fingers into her swollen pussy (yet again!!!)

Check out the FIRST FREE pics available anywhere of this movie below


From one of my fave minxes in the UK to one of my faves in the USA!
The latest sexiest FF update (in my opinion) at is a corker!
This new girl Mel, with her reddened ass paddling and spanking Amber is do damned HOT!
See the FREE Gallery of this EXCLUSIVELY HERE

click here to view the FREE Gallery

Sticking with the FF theme, my fave Japanese spanking site has a great update.
It’s a schoolgirl theme so I’m very happy with that of course.
There’s FREE pics and a Free movie clip if you click on the image below (and what an image!!)
Just check out how this little cutie cries so beautifully as she is being punished! Awesome!!  😉

click to see the updates here

CutieSpankee has a few more free Pics and clips etc so CLICK HERE for more

SpankingOnline might have some cracking new updates but never forget these vast archives are amazing!

click to see Sarah's caning HERE

The latest film from FetishFlixx is another classic remaster with Angelina getting the hiding of a lifetime.
I remember this film well, and her bottom takes a very stinging caning!
I’m not ashamed to admit it was very erotic watching her cry out as her buttocks welted under the rod!
FetishFlixx is a great site as it literally has 100s of spanking movies – all in Hi Res quality playback, a great place to start a spanking collection!
See for yourself in this FREE Gallery what happened to Angelina when she turned up late for Gym!

I think there is also a FREE Movie clip of this film available on the home page HERE

click to see the FREE pics of this latest update

Finally, I quite like this site as the Warden (Mike) gets to abuse his charges as well as punish the sluts.
That will be RED ASS TEENS then! lol
I guess this panders to many older gentlemen’s fantasies, and I have no problem with that at all.
Fair play to the fella, he’s got some pretty nice girls who do as he says! 
See the clip that I have edited which shows Jayna and Diana do as they’re told when caught out!
More clips are available on the excellent tour pages showing you what is available.

red ass teens - click here


click for more stuff here

What makes this site a bargain right now is there is a special Trial Option (less than $5 I think)
Check it out HERE

click for trial offer here

Back soon with some brand new updates as I will receive the latest data on our first film shoot of 2008 which I hear was a cracker!
New girls and more red bottoms!


  1. brad brad

    I have never been a fan of “women spanking women” and i think Katie should be
    spanked TWICE as hard after spanking Jemma. Just watching Katie sitting there
    thinking she is the strict one, well if i were there……guess what?…lol


  2. Indeed, I know what you mean about Katie, she thought all her birthdays had come at once!
    Her ass will pay no doubt! 😉

  3. Chief, as for Red Ass teens, are there more movies and girls that what they
    show on the advertisement? It seems like a smaller web site or is it decieving?
    I think all the girls at Red Ass look pretty cute, not like some sites…ie: Eng Spankers!..wink wink


  4. It’s not the largest of sites but there is stuff there you don’t get at those other cheap sites as it is serving the niche of spanking humiliation and punishment.
    Some of the girls are hot, and some of them are abused as the clips suggest, I think the warden even pees on one of em for goodness sake! lol
    For about $5 it’s worth a perv for the weekend, definitely! 😉

    I’ll chance it for that price, just watch out for the distracting crap of these multisites (there’s no other spanking etc) and cancel immediately, that’s my policy!

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