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“Bradley’s Retribution”
Following the very well received series of films featuring Miss Smith being on the receiving end for some good old fashioned discipline that she normally dished out, now here is a great chance to see a rare remastered movie released at SpankingDigital starring the usually frightening Miss Bradley! She who was – and still is – the curse of many a schoolgirl! Well, in this film, it’s HER turn to feel a stinging ear lashing from her superior then ordered to take her punishment. See her try to talk herself out of trouble like her poor hapless girls before her then admit defeat and remove her knickers for a hard bare wobblesome bottom OTK spanking.

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A pair of womanly cheeks turning red, what a magnificent sight! What’s more satisfying watching this movie is the fact that Miss Bradley is never above the rules by which she uses to punish her girls! Take a look below at some first show video grabs you lucky folk can view of the rest of the film! Miss Bradley even has to do the humiliating “Corner Time” and is told to stay there and reflect on her punishment – just like she has told countless girls previously!


SEE THIS FILM EXCLUSIVELY REMASTERED ONLY FROM SPANKINGDIGITAL.COM I’m hearing some news on NEW sites coming soon or being launched, so stay tuned as when I have the full details I’ll let you all know what it’s about. Til then, if you’re into womanly disciplined buttocks, I can’t stress that SpankingDigital has started to include these with their 100s of excellent films we all know and love!
Regards, Chief.

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