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Mucky & Hard Domestic Discipline Punishments

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good Easter period. I was away for a few days so apologies for not getting back sooner to my blog.
I have some great FREE Spanking Galleries, hopefully I haven’t shown these before as some I felt I wanted to share with you as I watched a couple of movies earlier.
From one of my favourite stand alone sites – SpankingMAGS
Remember this site is in Ezine format and shows remastered content and additional footage and galleries. Therefore you can rely on the content looking great, even if, in some cases, some of the movies were originally from 2003 and 2004!

Spanking Ezines - EXCLUSIVELY HERE

First up, Kara Jane’s spanking and caning at the hands of myself! I forgot how evil I was to her at the time and I remember caning her fine wobblesome cheeks like it was yesterday, even if it was first filmed in 2003! Check out he FREE Gallery below to see more

FREE Gallery - click here

Forgive me for the wallowing in memories, but anyone who has been fortunate enough to have the lovely Kara over his or her knee will concur it’s a memorable moment!

The below Gallery I’m sure I’ve shown before, but it’s such a deviant movie I felt it needed showcasing to those who haven’t seen it!
Called “Tummy Trouble” it stars a naughty lying Jasmine faking mystery stomach pains to get out of school much to the disbelief of her Aunt & Uncle! Jasmine thinks she’s being clever but is easily caught out by her elders and a humiliating & sustained punishment in and out of the bathroom ensures she’ll think about lying like this again! It’s a Classic SpankingMags Remastered Ezine with a FULL Gallery as well as the movie. Click below to see this FREE Gallery

click here for the free gallery

Staying with the home punishment theme, I decided to watch this movie featuruing the very lovely Cat (now sadly retired). I love seeing a girl in her pyjammas gatting a night time punishment so this film was right up my street! Cat could take quite a punishment, oftena  horrible caning and her bottom would welt beautifully! Despite this being a F/F discipline film, she still gets a hard bedtime punishment.
Click on the image below for this Gallery

click here for the free gallery

Lovers of Cat’s delicious bottom will be happy to know that many of her best known have also been remastered. Check out the FetishFlixx homepage, 2 of my favourites, “The Woodshed” and “Belt Slipper Rod” are featured.


Next up is my Pic of the day this time from! It features new girl Zoe Montana about to receive the hairbrush for the first time! Check out the look on her face! Priceless!!!

SpankingBlogg Pic of the Day


Elizabeth Simpson has had an interesting Easter, so I heard, getting totally blathered and making a fool of her drunken self! No doubt this will appear in another of the great “Real Life” series being added to the site recently! SpankMyBottom shows how Elizabeth just doesn’t learn, does she? Check out her home page for some recent FREE movie samples HERE

What you won’t see is the Elizabeth Simpson in Profile which members can download. Luckily I’ve made some of these pics available as Elizabeth shows us her poor welted bottom!

Simpson in Profile

Click on the FREE images below EXCLUSIVELY for this blog!

If anyone is interested, the hugely popular PPV links for a Recent & Past Punishment Films are below. There’s FREE content there too if you haven’t looked so it’s not a totally aimless plug of 2 very good films!  😉

Elizabeth’s Recent SEVERE Movie

Elizabeth’s early movie “Music Lesson”

I wonder how many cane strokes poor Elizabeth has taken in her time in private and on camera!!! Sounds like an idea for a competition, lol! Stay tuned as I plan to run a caption competition soon (don’t know which site yet though!)

Back soon, and Happy Spanks everyone!
Regards, Chief.


  1. klapkaj klapkaj

    Having had Kara Jayne over my knee more times than I can recall your first item today brought back many happy memories. What a fantastic girl she is with a wonderful bottom which is sheer delight to chastise and she makes all the right noises and movements ! It would be wonderful to make some new videos with some of the best models from earlier years who can give today’s new girls a lot to live up to, like Nicky Montford, Victoria and that painfully thin legged girl who you slippered without mercy and then did unspeakable things to her afterwards !

  2. Aren’t we the lucky ones? Sadly some of the girls you mention have retired but we never say “never” in this line of work!
    Oh, and thanks for reminding me about Emily (the painfully thin one I slippered and…ahem, yes – did unspeakable things to)
    I shall have a look at that film again later (when ‘er indoors has gone to bed!) 😉

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