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Lucy Bailey – Model Review

 This is one spanking actress I have a lot of time for and want to see more of her work! This guide here today comes from the Chief’s Strictly english section of the  Spanking Theater this is where I’ve seen her work with Strictly English is some of their excellent long play movies. Not only can she really act, some of the best “banter” I’ve seen has been with her answering back, but also she has the most sexy moans and yelps when she gets spanked strapped or caned across that fantastic bare butt of hers. Take the movie called The House (parts 1 and 2) and the basic plot is around a house share where in the first part one of Lucy’s housemates is voted that she gets spanked by the lucky David (see the FREE bonus gallery below for this) – in the second part Lucy gets what’s coming to her by tricking David out of his bathtime, taking the last of the hot water, but he finds out she cheated him and all hell breaks loose, a better explanation is below. I’ve also included a special SpankingBlogg FREE bonus clip of this to explain how he finds out she cheated him! It’s a classic!!!  😀

click here for this amazing free clip

OK, an amazing free clip of Lucy getting her wet bottom spanked hard! I just love the way she struggles and complains, trying to hide her shame as David pulls down her knickers! So does anyone want to see how it got to that? 😀 😀
This explains how Lucy’s deception was found out! She had used her mobile (cell phone) to call the main House phone, David unwittingly went to answer it as he was about to take his bath, then she snuck and locked the door to enjoy the last of the hot bathwater whilst he was downstairs in his towel trying to answer that false call! What a sneak, no wonder she gets what she deserves!!! See how her deception is discovered below:

click here

Finally, as I promised, see how lucky David got to treat one of his messy housemates and get to spank and rub some soothing cream into her red cheeks afterwards, lucky fella!

bonus gallery from the movie - The House

OK, so back to some of Lucy’s fine works at Strictly English, I had featured these movies many months ago so apologies to those who may remember this, but it’s definitely worth showing again! Lucy starred in a great domestic movie called “Washday Blues” and there are a few clips below you should check out from this old classic. You’ll see Lucy yelp, moan, watch her bottom turn red and wish YOU had the chance to discipline her personally, I wish I could. Gorgeous bottom, long lithe legs and a cute accent, she is a spanking aphrodisiac!

click here

click here 

click here

It’s not often I notice girls wearing stocking and suspenders, I don’t know why, but I certainly noticed Lucy and it just suits her long legs in this movie and the one below as you no doubt will agree! The next film is what is happening to me as I contemplate my Sunday cold shower writing this.

It’s called – Temperature Rising!
It’s a naughty long play medical spanking film as the good Doc gets to spank foolish nurse Lucy over his knee! These are some of my fave scenes too as she really yelps and stuggles so beautifully, I’m off to cool down myself! 🙂 Take a look for yourself at the clip and the free pics from this movie

click here

Back soon.

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  1. A beautiful flogging of a naughty housewife, who displeased her husband wishes on washday. Displaying an erotic garter-belt and stockings outfit.

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