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What have I been watching recently?

Those of you who have read my blog will know I have a wide choice of what I like and don’t like when it comes to spanking and the hard chastisement of a naughty errant female. Well, I have been taking a break from being involved in spanking directly on film shoots and due to other work pressures etc am merely an observer for the mo. Even her indoors has rebelled against me recently, I blame that time in a woman’s life when certain (ahem) womanly changes are occurring 😉

Anyway, I’m in a good mood today, probably buoyed by the fact that the weather here at Chief  Towers is rather nice, no rain, mild, even some sunshine and blue skies, I feel a Port and cigar may be required outside to watch the sunset – see for yourself how lush and green England is this time of year “chez” Chief as Autumn slowly creeps upon us and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn red and brown.

OK, so on with the views of something much more familiar as I get back to showing yoru my 2 favourite spanking room mates Kay and Madison are at it again in the very latest episode from – Previous reviews of episodes, as you know, I have raved about these 2 lovely girls, Clare Fonda is one lucky gal having these 2 hot Californian babes doing their “stuff”

Kay's caught playing with herself

Madison gives her nude and naughty roommate Kay a super hard bare ass lashing with the belt to teach her a lesson. Why? OMG, the gorgeous slut is playing with herself naked!!! Click on the thumbs below to see the larger pics from this latest episode.

Madison catches Kay pleasuring herself with a vibrator in their bed. Madison is upset because she is “not like that” and if they are sharing a bed – there must be no “hanky panky.” Knowing what is to come, Kay gets in a few strokes with a belt before Madison bends Kay over and gives her a sound belting, then takes her over her knee for a hand spanking, bringing Kay to real tears!

Wow! Think you get the idea now, eh? This is some seriously good naughty and very sexy girl on girl spanking that this site excels at when these 2 give “hell” to each other!
See this latest episode and all other movies including a special FREE Tour preview with Hi def spanking clips and the story so far only at

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Or if you Prefer – Check out the Special ClareFonda Pass below 😀
Clare Fonda Multi Pass

Next up from the good people of FirmhandSpanking are 2 of my fave girls spanked in a brand new series of films, the Club Class series where these Reps get to be punished and humiliated in front of each other, none other than the fabulous Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen!

Samantha & Michaela

Michaela watches her naughty friend Samantha get a bottom squirming smacking and guess what its her turn next!!! Earl is going to be a very busy man with these two naughty ladies!! Check out the super full size pics from the thumbs below and follow the story. Damn these girls are deliciously HOT!

Talented young night-club publicists Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen are all set for the opening of a brand new venue. But when owner Earl Grey heads off to Barbados for a well-deserved break, they turn preview night into a private party for their friends – with painful results! Sam is first over Earl Grey’s knee for a humiliating red-bottom spanking in front of Michaela… and watch out for some hysterical bloopers with Sam, Michaela and Earl Grey!

Michaela McGowen’s perfectly juicy, soft and round bubble butt cheeks get smacked till they burn!!Samantha watches her naughty friend get spanked, her own sexy ass already sore and stinging from being punished bright red just before her friend. Her soft, round, bubble butt is smacked to quivering perfection as Michaela McGowen goes over Earl Grey’s knee for a sound spanking. Just check out the fantastic slow-motion replays in the move as her gorgeous globes are spanked hard!

FULL Movie and access for members at

click here for the FREE tour pages and MORE

Check out what David Pierson has been up to at Punished Brats – I see he has a new blonde brat over his lucky knee in the form of the lovely Lilly. Though, I have to say, watching her punishment, she deserved everything she got as she squirmed and fought against having her red arse spanked, you can almost feel the heat of the shame coming off those chunky cheeks! Love it! Good work, Sir!!
Click on the images below to see MORE of Lilly’s wonderful facial expressions as she’s given a thrashing

Lilly thrashed by David at Punished Brats

Lilly has certainly changed her tune by the end of the spanking and promises to be compliant in every way. Looks like the naughty girl is having a very painful time as she squirms about and cries OTK to her stinging bright bare red bottom punishment!!!

See more of Lilly and her fellow brats getting what they so deserve here at

brats brats and more bratty girls getting punished here

Finally, I don’t think I had shown you my fave girl Jodie getting a darned good thrashing after school in this Film “Painful Detention” – it was released at and have been criminal in the neglect of getting this beautiful creature’s buttocks revealed to you agan! I love this pic below, you’ll love the remainder as it leads to a FREE Gallery from this movie 😀

Jodie - FREE gallery here
Last but not least, the very latest update at has the mouthy and very drunk Shanelle fall foul of Hubby! I featured her in my previous posts, well, just so happens I found another Promo Clip which is about a minute long and so contains more of the film than the clip which you can already add to the FREE gallery I showed previously. Proving that mature lasses get it too when their guard is let down – I love this movie, members at SpankingDigital, I’m sure, do too!

click to view this FREE Promo Clip

See both these films at their own sites for monthly memberships via these methods:

SpankingOnlineSpankingDigital – or both at the Standard monthly/quarterly SpankPass

Remember, if there’s anything you good people feel I should check out or find, within reason, I will try my best!
Regards, Chief.

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