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Humiliations & Spankings!

Yup, I’m back – I have been busy updating my other blog the last couple of days at Teen Spanking Blog – I felt it needed some love and attention so check it out, there’s some damn hot updates and freebie stuff there now! To those that only stay here, I hope you all had a great Christmas and to those lucky few that are STILL on holiday – I hate you! 😀

So I have been reasonably lucky not disgracing myself too much in front of the in-laws, no spanking references to the niece even though she behaved like a brat, lol! I just gave her one of the Chief’s stern stares and she saw the darkness within and behaved!!!

OK, so what have I got for you today? It’s a quick few updates, but, boy, are they wunderbar! From HD Spank, for connoiseurs of the very best playback quality spanking anywhere on t’internet, comes this never before viewed movie in full HD! Check out the image below and you’ll get to see the vid grabs and a High Def 6000kbs clip from the movie “The Slipper & the Buttocks!”

click here for the gallery

Yup, the added bonus is that this HD Movie features Katie Leigh, Heather Stanton…and they are punished by Miss Smith! Heaven!! Bonus after bonus, lovers of good hard stern FF punishment would be creaming themselves with this fantastic film.
Fact of the day: HD Spank has been open just over a year and the site contains over 90 Gigs (yes NINETY) Gigabytes of movies in the space of a a few years!!!

click here
There is also a fantastic gallery which compliments some of my sneak preview pics of the current FetishFlixx remastered update starring Joanna Prichart. Click on the poor girl’s Newsletter mailer below which shows you a different gallery to the one sent out (cos my readership are special, eh?)

click here for this gallery

I will also give you the choice here to view this via FetishFlixx only, of course, as this was one of the final 14 Site Gallery promotions.

Monthly membership here starts from about 29 Dollars – check out the 100s of Hi Res only films here (no crap 500 or 700kbs playback movies here at all!)

click here

OK, back tomorrow (I promise!) and I will have a MEGA New Year’s Eve update for you all!

Right, I have a bottle of Vintage Port to quaff…
Disgracefully, Chief.

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