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More New Updates (and my private stash)

Brand new out today! Amelia Jane Rutherford at
What can I say but be totally and utterly mesmerised by this fantastic set of images, some of which I have made available for you blow (they are reduced in size at the Free Gallery, but you get the idea)
Come see what the lucky SOL members will be viewing today – at the time of writing this update was about to go up – another great SpankingBlogg “exclusive” treat to you all!
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Click on the poster below to get access to the FREE 14 Site SpankPass Gallery that features AJR at this new SpankingOnline update.
Free gallery here


From CutieSpankee – my fave Japanese spanking site comes my hidden gems.
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As promised, check out my Japanese girlies below. From a movie called Loveletters, imagine the shame of having your older sister finding disgusting letters from an old boyfriend of her sent to her younger sis! Well, she soon has this poor wretch over her knee, and the shame of having her bottom spanked and rulered (see the second clip!) is made all the more embarrassing as some of her letters are read out. Thankfully, there are some translations in the full films so you get to understand the gist of what is happening, but, of course, the bared quivering buttocks of a shamed teen spanked needs no translation!!
click to play here 
You can see the letters strewn over his younger sister’s bed as se homes in on her moist knickers, damp with shame and fear.


The second clip here shows the rulering, believe you me, it may not look like much, but that piece of plastic can leave some hurtful welts and stings like hell! Take note of the sobbing, Japanese girls cry so beautifully, don’t they?

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Now remember if you want to check out the very latest updates, there are some great photosets and clips on the CutieSpankee home page HERE

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OK, I have some Domestic Updates for you.
The first from the SpankPass Network features a very lovely woman by the name of Alex – and, I believe, once again, this is a fantastic preview as it comes out later today!
This is the story of a woman who should have known better than to cross hubby when she dolled herself up and was about to have a great night out with the girls when he gets home early!
“Where’s m’dinner? Why aren’t my slippers warmed? Bring me my pipe, woman….AND WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING DRESSED LIKE THAT???”

See the full shame in this preview gallery below – click any image
click here
Alex’s cocky attitude soon changed when her cocktail dress was hoisted up round her waist and her bare bottom caned!
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Blubbing, her tits popped out of her dishevelled dress as she was told to bend over again for the next strokes of the rod!
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Dara oversleeps and pays the price!
Dara gets her full bare ass slapped silly as she squirms like mad in bed! Her ass gets spanked so hard by hand it turns a really bright shade of painful red!!
This was what the Real Life Spankings webmaster had to say on Dara’s behaviour.
“Everyone oversleeps occasionally but if one of our girls do, they know their bottoms will sting.”
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Dara got quite a shock when the covers were pulled back and her bottom given a hard seeing to, still sore from the last spanking. She was then dragged by her ear to the livingroom and spanked OTK!


To see more Real Life Spankings – CLICK HERE for the tour pages…

Back soon with some news just come in.

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