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Classic Spanking Memories – Catherine Corbet

Catherine is one of those rare girls that invite trouble and do so willingly! What I have for you today is a collection of clips and images from one of my fave caning moves with this most precocious of brats. This was filmed in early 2007, and was one of the series of films after the long, much missed absence of catherine. This was a coup for the Xerotics sites, as they had been negotiating to get her back “out of Online Retirement” and so she flew over to the UK from Canada (Catherine being Canadian, of course) and she filmed some rather amazing films over a few days, this one below, a schoolgirl classic IMHO, is simply called “Caning Catherine Corbet”
What I am about to show you here is just some of the films you can download at SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL – and all these are STILL exclusive to this site!

Now if that ain’t a killer sell for SpankedSchoolgirl – check out the content below!

Caning Catherine Corbet – My Classic Spanking Memories #3
Miss Corbet, in her regulation school uniform, is nervous about her appointment with Head of Year, Mr Cameron and in this first clip you’ll see her compose herself with a nervous pee on the pot (note how the dirty minx doesn’t wash her hands afterwards, an instant caning offence in my stern book…


In the 2nd clip shown above, Mr Cameron cuts down Corbet to size for why and what will happen to her. Yes, she’s get 30 strokes of the cane. There is very little warm up in this and Catherine’s buttocks take the rod  severely. I have mentioned this in the past when reviewing Catherine’s other movies (as far as I’m aware I have never gone into this much detail for this movie before) she whimpers and whines like no other girl, and you will see the start of her caning punishment in the clip below!

The movie has some amazing close up angles and shots of Miss Corbet’s derriere and her pouting exposed pussy lips, and a little more trimmed than when she famously filmed in the past, and I swear I could see her minnie winking at me, it was probably quivering in pain as her buttocks clenched and unclenched as the strokes got harder and never ending, Catherine had to count each stroke and would infuriate Mr Cameron who has been known to reset starting points and begin the punishment again! Now what I can tell you is that Miss Corbet gets MORE than the prescribed 30 strokes (hoorah!) and I will leave it at that.
Check out the stills I have cut from the movie below, remember that this movie is only available at SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL – and no where else!


Knickers down and now for the bare bottom caning!!!

OK, there is a final scene I have cut from this 15 minute movie (approx) and it is the lst of her last regulation 30 strokes, see how her buttocks are starting to welt and turn red, bent over in that humiliating position, having to “Thank” Sir for each stinging swat with the rod!

After yet moe vicious strokes, Mr Cameron is swayed by Catherine’s whimperings that she has learnt that insolence doesn’t pay in his school and the film finishes with a marvellous lingering look at her finally being allowed to rub her sore bottom in her “Cornertime” – however, she must reman, skirt up, knickers down and red bottom on show until the school bell rings for afternoon classes!
Hopefully a lesson learnt – and another CLASSIC for SpankedSchoolgirl!

The reason I decided to do this “Classic Memories” with Miss Corbet was because I made this mailer (shown below) earlier, another SpankedSchoolgirl Classic, and a film I know I have promoted here in the past. So I have located the promo clip I made myself so you can see it again, read the blurb below first so you know what the storyline is! ANOTHER Classic which also compliments several other Corbet films at this site, worth the membership fee alone just to download these timeless discipline delights!


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