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Happy Canada Day & other spankings

In celebration of Canada day, for which I haven’t forgotten…. the only amazing Cannuck spanking model I could think of… off the top of my head, was the very beautiful and very spankable Catherine Corbet…. long since retired, but not forgotten. One of my favorite films she starred in was a bonkers movie with a great cast as she played alongside Pandora Blake and both girls were punished by one of Pandora’s fellas, the excellent Master Tom Cameron, who looked every part the religious nutter he portrayed! A mad, bad storyline of 2 girls playing in what can only be described as a “cult” and are caught by their “pastor” who then instills his own brand of corrective therapy to get his girls back on the path of… hmmm… righteousness! I think it’s a darn good excuse to see both girls play with each other and then get spanked and this is available as a special one off download (with a great free preview clip) HERE from pay per download specialists NaughtyBottom

Check out the full listings of all the films including this offering HERE


OK, the rest of today’s update has nothing to do with Canada but perhaps we should return again to the colonial roots on our small island that seems to sprout so much deviance, which I like…. so many naughty ladies and who better to demonstrate how English girls can take a punishment, wheteher they like it or not… is Amelia Jane Rutherford in this latest movie now out at

Remember I said English girls do NOT like the wooden paddle yet find our American chums worry about the cane odd? Well, here we see Amelia not like the school paddle, she took some damn hard smacks with this in the ongoing “Definitive Guide” series (some select images below).

Don’t miss the blistering free preview of Amelia’s paddling HERE


A chance to download one of my fave movies with the slipper should be around the time this post goes live at the new AAA Spanking Clips store – the latest addition is the slippering punishment of Kami Robertson in that hot red flamenco dress! This was one long excuse to tan the tushy of a girl with one of the most spankable bottoms around! Now you can just download this movie as a one off cheap payment for those that for some reason hate memberships or the idea of them! Reminder images are below of what lucky members of (check out their NON recurring deals, these are some of the BEST around) have been able to view as part of their membership for months, a great film of Kami!!!

See MORE & be able to download this film and check the full listings of the other clips HERE


Before leaving … I had to share this latest naughty but fun movie at - Basically Old man Stern had gone on vacation leaving Sarah in charge and she’d be able to do as she liked (like spanking Clover her village spanko friend) but the mean old man had left their troublesome housekeeper, ol’ Katie to keep an eye on any shenannigans!  Sarah even tried to involve katie but the old bat had threatened to get straight on the phone and tell his lordship of her behavior so sarah and Clover concocted a cunning plan to get rid of her so they could spank each other in private as they had before… they set up Katie, getting her drunk and left her in bed with a naked Clover with all manner of rude strap ons to suggest she had been up to no good! Oh my… you can see what happened in this naughty but fun spanking film below:

The FREE movie clips of what Clover & Sarah get up to is available to view HERE

OK, have a great weekend everyone, I know there is that little holiday also coming up just south of Canada very soon so I’m sure many of you good folk reading this will somehow be involved enjoying get togethers with family and friends – have fun… oh, and to the people of Canada… thanks for making Wills & Kate feel at home, aren’t they just an adorable couple? (excuse me… I have something in my eye) *sniffle*

See Clover go naked over sarah’s knee for a good hard sexy spanking HERE

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