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Classic Spanking Memories

I was checking over some old Elizabeth Simpson movies this morning, as you do, and forgot just how womanly she actually is, yeah, I know she’s a god damn female, very alluring, I might add, but perhaps because I have often been in her company you forget just how erotic some of her punishments are! I know she’ll occassionally read my blog, see what I am saying about her, so I have dedicated the 1st part of my spanking memories to her today!
Enjoy, Elizabeth!!!  😀

Now, I can tell you, she is not always ladylike and has a hell of a mouth on her when she wants to argue back (I sometimes pity her partner – with a fearsome temper like hers!) but she’ll eventually know her place and revert to her usual submissive role, anyway, the 1st clip shown below was from way back in 2003, I think, and was remastered (the full movie is a corker).
This, to me, is one of the most erotic and hard OTKs that I think Elizabeth had taken, and just from this short clip below you’ll understand her added humiliation!

Elizabeth's OTK spanking

The way her cheeks and privates are pulled apart, the utter shame of it! I know this is the worst type of punishments that Elizabeth fears, and you usually see these only when she’s really been bad!

Now the next memory of Elizabeth was partly the precurser to the REAL LIFE Series that have been so popular recently. Taken from around 2005, Elizabeth had to “act” as if she was a stroppy model – well, those that know her can confirm this wasn’t really much acting at times (LOL) and there started the ideas to roughly imitate life as art, only really starting to show more and more on film from early last year!


Diva tantrums, turning up late, tired, unwilling to work for the photographer, hmm, Miss Simpson was a natural when she was told this was what was wanted from her for this movie, which would of course reslut in her fabulous bare bottom getting thrashed! You can see the pics below which I have cut from the movie!

smb02 smb03 smb04

smb05 smb06 smb07

smb08 smb09 smb10

Elizabeth is all woman, as you can see.
To view ALL of Elizabeth’s amazing movies – CLICK HERE
(if you’re really lucky) – you might find the TRIAL OFFER still available HERE or via the SPANKPASS


Another site, another look at the classic series of Firm Hand’s Discipline Series

Check out the series of images below of possibly my 2 fave models at that site – Samantha Woodley & Abigail Whittaker
WARNING: will also cause severe trouser arousal (hence I’ve kept the best pics to m’self…heh heh)

fhs01 fhs02 fhs03

fhs07 fhs08 fhs09

fhs10 fhs11 fhs12

fhs13 fhs14 fhs15


2 of the hottest girls to appear together on any spank site

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