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Humiliating Punishment Positions

You’ll notice I haven’t really said anything about Michael Jackson, mainly because this is a spanking blog, but with the public outpouring of grief, I’ll accept he was a major superstar who like it or not shaped many of our memories with some of his outstanding songs – and, yes, his death was a shock, only 50, after all! Controversial to the end! Anyway, I had always rated his album “Off the Wall” above all others when he looked as normal as any global megastar could look in 1980 before his countless and (IMHO) unnecessary plastic surgeries…anyway, “Billy Jean’s not my lover” (what a classic). RIP Michael Jackson.

…and onto a couple of excellent updates this weekend which include seeing girls put through a humiliating punishment, whether they deserve it or not! I have also wanted to do an update on the first girl, Kami Robertson, below, as I really rate her highly, I would *love* to see her work for the Xerotics sites, so I might forward my post to their casting department as this girl would suit their often humiliating and hard punishments as she endured as one of the latest unfortunate inmates at BARS & STRIPES

See Kami stripped naked in the horrible cold prison medical room for a humiliating anal and private parts examination and there to receive a nasty caning!

Kami punished in the Medical Room

You’ll see the prison nurse enjoy spreading cute Kami’s legs fully apart for an unecessary abut welcome view of her gorgeous pouting pussy before making her bend over on all fours as she puts on her gloves for the intrusive rectal examination, and just look at the dribbling lips of the male warden, the shame of it! Click on the thumbnails below and you’ll see the full embarrassing shame poor Kami goes through!

kami01 kami02 kami03

kami04 kami05 kami06

kami07 kami08 kami09

NEW INMATE KAMI: She’s a freelance writer/journalist with high ambitions and a pompous attitude. Looking to make her name in any way she can, she selects The Prison as a prime candidate for corruption. She knows a juicy scandal is the best way to earn herself a reputation, not to mention a fast buck. Against the Governor’s wishes Kami is given permission by the state to write a story on The Prison’s way of life. She uses this privilege however, to delve too deeply into the regime that the staff have developed to rehabilitate the offenders and she secretly meets with inmates in an attempt to expose what she sees as a cruel and harsh environment. The Prison staff discover her hidden agenda and set about “adjusting” her viewpoint in a way that ensures she finds out exactly what it is like to be an inmate.
She obviously wants to know all about The Prison’s regime and methods and the best way to do that is to experience it first hand. It appears Miss Robertson has bitten off more than she can chew…

kamirobertson01 kamirobertson02 kamirobertson03



I find seeing girls spanked in the classic “Diaper Position” to be one of the most satisfying scenes, as I know that many girls don’t like this as it can lead to their private parts being exposed, adding to their shame. Well, silly girls like Betty who endure the wrath Mike from REAL LIFE SPANKINGS shouldn’t be so damned late for work so often!


This is what Mike has to say on Betty’s Punishment (that I know he obviously enjoyed carrying out, who wouldn’t??)

“Little Betty is in trouble again dear members. The little madam overslept a few times and was late for work. I thought it very appropriate that I “schspank” her on her bed in 2 different positions. The diaper position and on her hands and knees. I gave her quite a long bottom warming and afterwards had her in the corner on her knees for an hour while I enjoyed the spring weather outside on her balcony. This video is for those members who requested more diaper position spankings.”

(Ahem, I was one of those requesting this, LOL) – See some images below from Betty’s humiliating but very deserved spanking!

betty02 betty03 betty04

betty05 betty06



Finally, I thought I’d make some MOTIVATIONAL SPANKING POSTERS again, all these were inspired by and if you click onthe posters it’ll lead you to a FREE gallery or Movie Clip, I had watched these movies again this morning and luckily found some galleries to show you – saves me time at least  –  😉
WARNING: will cause SEVERE Trouser Arousal!

Converse All Stars

insolent schoolgirls

what bad girls hear

You can view the FULL Movies featured above  EXCLUSIVE to



Finally before I go, I’d like to salute all the British Armed Forces past present & future (like half my family who were/are in the Navy, Marines & Army) & to those brave lads stuck out in Afghanistan
Here’s to our UK Armed Forces Day – June 27 2009.


Have a good weekend,
Regards, Chief.


  1. I missed the fact that it was armed forces day. Thanks for reminding us. All the best to those who have are or will serve.


  2. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    That last poster was a particularly good one, Brushstrokes 😀

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