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Domestic Discipline Updates (cold shower warning!)

Douse yourself in cold water, these free spanking and movie updates are f*cking hot and as soon as I’ve written this, I’m off to bash the Bishop good! Why? Check out these new & latest updates below and then you’ll know why I’m hot and bothered!
I love women, I love them in all shapes and sizes, and Amanda, the disgraceful wife in the 500MB Full movie Hi Def update (below) is one womanly piece of flesh I’d love to have at home and over my knee like her lucky but fed up hubby here! This is a special FREE gallery & HD movie clip of a Hairbrush punishment scene, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a winner!!!

wife in disgrace - click here

Now is that HOT or what? Amanda’s has a perfect pair of jiggling cheeks that can get thrashed red raw and she’d only then start to learn her lesson…HDSpank has this movie in FULL HD (the real Hi Def stuff, not the fake remastered stuff some sites claim they have as HD-WMV etc)



Next up from FirmHandSpanking is one girl I’d walk over hot coals for, and then punish her severely for making me do such a foolish thing. Ladies & Gentlemen – Samntha Woodley (the emphasis on giving me “WOOD”)   😀

Check out her latest film as the brat of brats tries her “daddy’s” patience, so much so that he spanks her outside before the neighbours see what’s going on, of course, behind closed doors, where no one can hear her cries, it’s a different story!

OMG! You know it’s wrong, but if she was such a bad girl, you’d have to…right? (ahem) Check out these naughty brat punishment pics from the movie below:



OK, Samantha is punished indoors with her knickers down and red bottom on display, it’s a crap job, but I guess someone *has* to do it, eh?


I couldn’t post hotter pics than that, I’d never get to the end of my blog update today!!! You can, however, catch this latest HOT movie and ALL of Samantha’s films at FIRMHANDSPANKING


Another NEW brat that has caught my beady eye is the delectable Lily Anna, new girl at Punished Brats I have a special update along with the pics below as David showed me a link that allows you all to view a longer Flash Presentation of this film, called “NET GOVERNESS”. Click below and you’ll see what I mean – Net Governess is a software system with “in home” support for parents fed up with brats like Lily Anna trying to use their laptops for anything other than girls of her age, living at home with Mom, should be doing! It’s an excellent film!!!

The actual WMV film is of course in far better quality but I think you get the idea. Lily Anna has a fantastic chubby bottom which I am already lathering over, you can see some screen grab images below and enjoy some of her best bare bottom thrashing moments!



I am looking forward to MORE of Lily Anna EXCLUSIVE to Punished Brats


OK, before I go, I just had to show you this schoolgirl movie and images from HDspank – now that I’m really worked up, I may as well go for the whole ice cold shower treatment! Jodie & Tiffany – hard spankings and bare teen cheeks – gets the Chief off everytime!!!

click here if you dare!

Yup – HDspank covers ALL types of girl punishments including schoolgirls, sorry, just HAD to squeeze that one in, LOL

OK, have a great weekend everyone, and if you’re looking for bargains on what to sign up for at less bucks, please check out SPANKINGONLINE

spankingonline-trial click here

They have a fantastic 2 week Trial Offer, with a difference, you get their LOWEST price ever REBILLS for the life of your membership if you stay on and don’t cancel!

Ok, I’m spent, need cold shower…laters

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    Samantha is a pretty ,young spankee she plays a naughty little girl very well best wishes.

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